The La Di Da Beauty mission is three-fold:

1. To empower, inspire and uplift clients by providing premier hair, makeup and skincare services through our on-location beauty teams and in-salon industry experts.

2. To share our passion for beauty in all of its forms with each of our clients.

3. To provide an exceptional client experience through personalized services, unprecedented attention to detail and extraordinary customer service.


We value teamwork: We are committed to working together as a cohesive unit in order to provide an exceptional—and unforgettable—client experience to each one of our beauties and brides. We are a tight-knit community of artists, and we have eachother’s backs day in and day out.

We value education: From continued technical training to keeping up with industry trends, our artists are always on the hunt for educational opportunities. While our individual backgrounds and experience varies, we all have one thing in common: we never stop learning.

We value quality: Whether in the products we recommend or in the client experience we provide, we tend to avoid the mediocre. From the superior skills our artists possess to the tools they carry in their makeup bags and store at their stations, we believe in providing our clients only the highest quality beauty services and products. Because you deserve nothing less than beauty’s absolute best.

We value passion: Whether it’s a brand-new you gotta try this! product, a crazy-vibrant hair color, a style trend we can’t get enough of, or the way the sunlight hits a bare face first thing in the morning, we’re passionate about beauty in all of its many forms. And we’re even more passionate about sharing that passion with our clients (that’s a whole lotta passion).

We value lasting relationships: From busting out our wireless speaker and putting on a party playlist to calm your nerves as you get ready for a photoshoot, to breaking out the bubbly and pouring a glass for your bride tribe, there’s not a single thing we wouldn’t do for the brides we serve and the beauties who visit our salon. We are committed to exceeding your expectations when it comes to both everyday beauty services and your special-occasion hair-and-makeup needs—because we want to see that pretty face of yours again…and again…and again.

We value professionalism: From respecting your time to respecting your individual needs, we are committed to giving you the best treatment possible. We believe an amazing experience starts with respect, time management and competent communication, and work daily to polish these ever-important skills.

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