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Airbrush Makeup: An Insider’s Guide

Airbrush makeup is one of Team La Di Da’s all-time favorite secret weapons for weddings. If done properly, it looks amazing, offers a dewy finish, and doesn’t streak from sweat or tears. Determining whether or not to airbrush, though, can be a difficult decision for brides-to-be. After all, trying something out on your face for the very first time on such an important day can be an intimidating prospect. So, to help you decide if you’re ready for this new-age makeup application process, we’ve broken down the ins-and-outs of airbrushing with our founder and principal artist Laura Garcia below.

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is simply a lightweight makeup applied through an air-gun machine that sprays a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very soft finish if applied correctly. Basically, a small amount of a very thin makeup designed for airbrush use is put into the chamber of an airbrush gun. When the machine is turned on and the trigger is pulled, a light spray of makeup comes out in a fine mist.


Are there different types of airbrush makeup and, if so, which does Team La Di Da use?

There are tons of different airbrush makeups available. We’ve tried nearly all of them, and we love MAC Pro Performance HD Airbrush Makeup, which is a silicone-based and OCC Water-Based Airbrush Makeup. Silicone-based airbrush makeup is water resistant, which makes for a much dewier finish than with water-based makeup (which is totally matte). You can dance the night away and not worry about sweat ruining your makeup. You won’t get tear streaks if you start crying during your best friend’s speech. After years of being in the business, I’ve found it really is the best airbrush option for special events because it wears well and photographs beautifully.

Conversely, water-based makeup is totally matte and comes off with water. It’s not waterproof, and if you cry or sweat it will streak. When it streaks, there’s nothing you can do to blend it back. We carry it for photo shoots when we want a super matte finish, but our team doesn’t use it for weddings/special event makeup.

Why do you recommend airbrush makeup for brides?

There are a ton of reasons! First, the fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. I can mix foundation colors for a perfect blend to custom-match skin tones. Plus, since it’s such a fine mist, your true skin tone still shows through, which makes it look so much more natural and not caked on (if applied properly).

Second, silicone-based airbrush makeup does not transfer onto clothing, which not only keeps the bride’s gown clean but also keeps the groom’s collar free of cakey makeup streaks (you’re welcome, guys). It’s also waterproof (bring on the waterworks!) and won’t go anywhere until you wash it off.

Another amazing benefit of airbrush makeup is the way it comes across in photos. Hi-Definition cameras have really caused makeup artists to be much more aware of their application methods. Every line from a brush or sponge, if not blended well, can be seen in detail through HD. With airbrush, you don’t have to worry about streaks or brush strokes. Since it’s sprayed, the fine mist mirrors the pixels in a picture, so brides look flawless and photos require minimal edits (so photographers love it, too!).

Are there any special tips a bride wearing airbrush makeup should know?

Yes! Be sure you don’t wipe away sweat or tears. Instead, you’ll want to blot. This will help guarantee your 12+ hours of wear.


Is airbrush makeup for everyone?

No, it’s not. We discuss with each of our brides whether or not it’s a good option for their skin type. Airbrush makeup needs to be applied to smooth, moisturized, hair-free skin. Traditional makeup needs pores to adhere to; however, airbrush makeup can adhere to smooth surfaces. If you have any facial hair, it will adhere to each individual hair and can make a bride look like a fuzzy peach. The same is true for dry skin. So brides definitely will want to nair, wax, exfoliate, get dermaplaning done, etc. in order to see a flawless result with airbrush makeup and microbladed eyebrows. If you’re not comfortable with that, then we usually recommend traditional makeup instead. (We also recommend checking out our complete guide to hair removal here.)

Which foundation should you choose?

In the end, though, don’t stress too much! It all depends on your personal preference. If you can’t decide between the two, book a bridal preview appointment with both and decide what’s right for you. Remember, we’re here to help you look and feel like your most beautiful self on the day of your wedding, so don’t hesitate to talk to your makeup artist about determining the right makeup application techniques for your skin type. We are more than happy to chat!


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