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Locking Down Those Locks PART 1: Finding the Right Bridal Hairstyle for Your Wedding Gown

For the everyday bride, hairstyles are something that come secondary to gown choice. She picks out her dress and, afterward, begins to think about how she’ll wear her hair. But, for the La Di Da bride, we think finding the right bridal hairstyle is just as important as your dress choice. This means you should begin thinking about your hairstyle before you buy your dress. Today, then we’re kicking off our three-part dress-and-hairstyle guide with a look a list of four main things to consider when dress shopping:

Things to Consider

Consider Your Comfort Level

For so many of us, a large part of our identity (our surface-level identity at least) lies in how we choose to wear our hair. If you’re only comfortable with your hair a certain way, then you’ll want to consider this going in to your first dress-shopping appointment. If you always wear your hair down and are uncomfortable with it up, for example, then you won’t want to choose a gown with a killer back or a high neckline, as your hair will cover up (and compete with) the most important aspects of the gown.

Complete, Don’t Compete

Keep in mind that your hair should tie your entire look together, rather than compete with it. As brides-to-be, we tend splice together Pinterest images in our head—this gorgeous hairstyle and that gorgeous gown!—but we don’t stop to think about how they complement (or compete with) one another. If your dress is top-heavy in detail, you may want to give your hair some lift in the form of an up-do with soft curls, for example. If your dress is simple and elegant, your hairstyle should be simple and elegant as well.

Don’t Forget About Accessories

Consider whether you want to wear a veil or what type of jewelry you’ll wear. Short hair looks best with birdcage veils, as longer veils tend to overwhelm short locks. Necklaces look best with hair up, as they often get in the way of (or can get tangled in) an all-down do.

Overall Aesthetic

Think about the overall aesthetic of both your bridal style and the wedding as a whole. A boho-style wedding calls for locks that are long and free-flowing, with pulled-apart braids incorporated throughout. Or, for short-haired boho brides, we love the idea of adding a flower crown to give your locks some height and dimension. A country-rustic affair calls for soft curls peppered with tiny loose flowers throughout; an elegant affair calls for elegant styling, etc.

Overall, hairstyle is such an important part of a bride’s Big-Day look. The aesthetic of your wedding and your look should be one in the same. From venue to flowers to—our favorite part!—hair and makeup, your event should have a consistent and cohesive look and feel. You want to create an entirely separate world that you’re inviting your guests step into. Whatever that world looks like to you—rustic, boho, elegant, contemporary or chic—you (and your bridal look) should be the absolute star of that world.

That’s what we’ve rounded up for you today, beauties. Remember to keep each the above four items in the forefront of your mind when trying on all of those stunning gowns. (Psst…Be sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3 of this blog series to help you make the absolute best decisions and find the right bridal hairstyle for your personal style.)

Photographer // Christie Mumm- JLM Creative Photography

Makeup // La Di Da Beauty artist Laura Garcia

Hair // La Di Da Beauty artist Marie

Venue // Nisha Hallet – Nevada Museum of Art

Event Coordination & Design // Candy Buffet, Cake, and Chalkboard Display – Donna Putnam of Forget Me Knot Events

Floral & Design // Alicia Brown – Green Apple Events – with collaboration from Brandie Chisholm – B&B Designs

Gown // Blue Garter Bridal & Tux

Linens // Creative Coverings

Menu Cards, Candy Bar Tags & Placecards // Jessica Nicely – The Stylish Scribe

Rentals (tables/chairs) // Deisi Gonzales – Camelot Party Rentals

Lounge Furniture Rentals // Julie Nobis – Red Carpet Events

Styled Session Coordinator/Producer // On the Go Bride


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