Next, we pit subsonic rivals against each other before stretching the legs of this CQB round out to 600 yards from a short 9-inch barrel. Comes out easily though having gloves on makes it a little difficult. The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! The .300 Blackout is here to stay, and we take some time to look at new technology surrounding this cartridge. So, that round wasn’t used at the time. Approx 1.5-2” entry hole and 1” exit hole ,he was quartered to me. I built and upper out of quality parts. The .450 BM definitely is and improvement over the 30 caliber in power and Muzzle energy. Hello, I’m not sure if you realize that the 5.56/M16 was not put in service until Vietnam. Fact is that most helpful hunters don’t shoot past 300 yds. ballistic charts and details about our 450 Bushmaster ammo. What did you think of it? Hornady’s Subsonic .450 Bushmaster load hits 9.5 inches lower than the company’s 250- and 260-grain loads, and it would not cycle the LAR-15M’s action. They just weren’t that common. This thing I s a cannon, love the power, but it fails to feed constantly, and in all different scenarios. More likely to get a pass through and also makes it easier on longer shots with much less bullet drop vs the stock Hornady ammo. The .450 Bushmaster wasn’t widely used until recently, and now, the round is being produced by major manufacturers including Federal, Buffalo Bore and Remington. Thanks for sharing. With as much energy as this cartridge generates, you’re going to get a larger range. If you go with a bolt action gun you can really step up the performance, but even with toned down AR you can get Barnes 450 TTSX BT 250gr factory. Broke the upper right front leg. Using the Ruger American and the Encore, I can load to 460 S&W specs.. I would not suggest a 0 power EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic, you need a decent 3-9x. My gun has been around for 25+ years, and had given me similar results. Hornady says it’s “silent and stealthy.”. Not sure.. Otherwise very interesting article. The small arms ammunition in use for rifles in WWII And Korea includes 30-06, .30 carbine, and .45 ACP (Thompson machine gun). I’m loading it with Hornady XTP Magnum 300 & 243 grain hollow points, which have worked terrific on game with my .45 colt carbines at these velocities. You WILL want to fit your rifle with some sort of muzzle device if you want to keep your shoulder in working order. setTimeout( Yea the 450BM is a nice round for Deer in Michigan. Bullet passed through all 5 jugs and buried in the hill behind. The next (and MOST IMPORTANT) thing I did was change out the mags. Have you tried the .450 Bushmaster cartridge? I’ve been wanting to get more info on this rifle round. I sighted in 2″ high @100yds. Hell maybe ill just buy both. What would be the cost of turning my Bushmaster .223 into a .450 Bushmaster and what parts will be needed? For most hunters probably 200 yards and under, the wind can really move them. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I will try your mag suggestion. Bolt Action and Break Action Single Shot Rifles Only, AR rifles and Break Action Single Shot Rifles Only, dogngoose The AR ammunition will fit all AR and bolt actions with standard 2.25″  length magazines 2.25″. I’ll have to try out a new scope for it too, seeing as the optic I had for my 5.56 wasn’t really cutting it. The first thing I did was pick up a .450 Bushmaster upper assembly. Hornady notes that functioning with subsonic ammo is totally dependent on the gun’s gas system. 269-979-4331 He was facing almost head on at 103yds. Hornady’s Subsonic line also includes .300 Blackout, .30-30 Win., and .45-70 Gov’t rifle cartridges and 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP handgun chamberings. But compared to my 308’s, the 450BM is not accurate. I was shooting Hornady Black 250gr and Remington Premier 260gr. Pace that out to 200 yards, and I was still getting some great accuracy. Do you think Ruger would consider making a .450 Bushmaster in semi auto just like the .44 magnum they’ve made for years? The Bushmaster is based on a sawed-off .284 Winchester case. With as much energy as this cartridge generates, you’re going to get a larger range. Caliber: .450 Bushmaster; Bullet Weight: 240 grains; Sold in packs of 20; For ballistic coefficient and velocity, select platform below; The HV ammunition is designed for short action rifles with full length magazines (Ruger -American, Christensen Arms Mesa, Bergara H-14 HMR, Remington 700 customs), or single shot rifles. I doubt that Colonel Cooper had much contact with 5.56 rounds during World War II or Korea. Winchesters .450 Bushmaster ammunition is a great choice for deer hunting. Week-In-Review News Roundup: October 25-31, 2020, Easy to build from an already-owned AR-15. Considering how popular the .270 Winchester has become, it's a great mystery why more .270... A half-century in the making, the new DGX Bonded is Hornady's best-ever dangerous-game bullet. If you don’t already own an AR and still want to get in the .450 game, I highly recommend the Ruger American Rifle Ranch that is already set up and ready to go for .450 Bushmaster cartridges. timeout Boom. 48 That was a lot more accurate than my .45-70’s were getting. With its high BC + velocity it adds 100 yards to the range and still has 1400FPE at 400 yards. Just noting a historical inaccuracy in the article. I’ve eyed the 450 BM for a little whilr but keep coming back to the .308. It’s loaded with the company’s 395-grain Sub-X (Subsonic–eXpanding) bullet that is designed to expand and penetrate but not break up. LeMag Firearms took his idea and ran with it, creating the .45 Professional cartridge that was later turned over to Hornady so that they could mass-produce the cartridges for Bushmaster’s AR-15 rifles. AR-15 Quad Rails: Best Practices for Upgrading. So, when he got back home, Cooper came up with the idea of a cartridge similar to the one found in his .45 ACP pistol that would work for a wider variety of firearms. |   The .450 BM is also very reasonably priced. The HV ammunition is too long to fit in the magazine and the action of the Howa Mini action. Thanks for the polite correction (not all comments have been as cordial). The average range for deer kills is 125 yds. Bought 5 different magazines, because of all of the trouble people have posted about feed problems. The .450 Bushmaster’s dimensions come in just under maximum legal limits, maximizing power and distance. I shot two one at 195 yards and other at 140 yards. The listed factory velocity is 1,050 fps from a 24-inch barrel. I am not a professional just a hunter trying out this combination because I have been looking for a new deer rifle. The 223/5.56 NATO was accepted by the U.S. Military in 1963 well after both wars. The 5.56 NATO round wasn’t adopted by the US military until 1963. Savage Axis action using a Rhineland 16” barrel with 1/16” twist. Will the parts have to be sent to a FFL or can they be shipped directly to me? Faxon 18” barrel, Aero precision XL upper receiver, Faxon bolt carrier group, buffer spring and buffer recommended for 450 BM. Right now I don’t think Bear Creek has any true competition in terms of performance. If you don’t do this, you can get some massive misfeeds and a lot of headaches. I’d love to get it dialed for hunting. A unique load for the .450 Bushmaster is Hornady’s new Subsonic offering. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! ); Maybe I’m a terrible shot. The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. Col. Cooper was dissatisfied with the .233/5.56 x 45, and helped with the development of what eventually became the .450 Bushmaster, but it was for its use on Large Game out to 250 yards, not its use as a battle rifle. Yes, I would like to receive offers and newsletters from Cheaper Than Dirt. Speaking of scopes, let’s talk building. Now, the .450 BM is one of the most popular straight-walled cartridges on the market. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval. I had one with ZERO blood no exit. Oh it has a kick and it’s very loud even with the muzzle break.  =  I found this was definitely true for the .450 Bushmaster that was giving me between 1.5 and 2.5-inch groupings at 100 yards. I hate to tell you this, but 5.56 rounds were not used in WWII or Korea. Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { 1” at 100 yds for the FTX and 1.4” at 150 yds For XTP. The result of this collaboration is the .450 Bushmaster. Anyways, thanks for the article, Your email address will not be published. function() { Revolver vs. Semiauto Pistol: A Ballistic Oddity, Danger Tamed: Hornady DGX Bonded Hunting Ammo, Shooting Times Father's Day 2019 Gift Guide, Berry's Bullets: Reloading Equipment, Shooting Accessories & Bullet Accuracy Tests, Winchester .350 Legend Rifles and Ammo Available Right Now, The Future Of Special Operations Small Arms. I have been on the fence about my next rifle purchase. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. Sub-MOA is not at all unusual. A relatively new change in gun laws makes it so that hunters in the Midwest can now use straight-walled cartridges in their semi-auto weapons. Certainly did the job. Is It Safe to Carry a Handgun Fully Loaded? Rock River Arms makes a great assembly that I’ve been very pleased with, but any assembly that fits a 5.56/.223 receiver will work. My gun’s range is excellent for a saddle gun, and there are few large game that have walked away once I got a bead on them. (verified owner) – November 26, 2019. At 65 yards a perfect between the eyes. If you have a Mossberg Patriot 450 or a Savage Apex you will need a standard detachable magazine (.308, .243..length) to use the HV ammunition (Mossberg  P/N 95347). They did not see use until Vietnam. Accuracy, in real world, off the shoulder, I’m good for 75 yards, maybe still needs to break in the barrel. Would the .450 BM with a .450 grain bullet be effective in hunting Bison, thanks. We're taking a look at what the Army's Elite Units are using for service rifles and what the future of SOCOM sniping looks like. It also maintains much greater downrange energy than other rounds like the .223 Remington, which makes the .450 Bushmaster a great choice for competitive shooting as well as hunting. The .45-70 Gov’t and .450 Bushmaster are both called straight-walled cartridges. It’s great for clean, quick and humane kills on medium-sized game like deer, elk, hogs and some bears. Hornady’s Subsonic .450 Bushmaster load hits 9.5 inches lower than the company’s 250- and 260-grain loads, and it would not cycle the LAR-15M’s action. James Tarr runs through the 3-Second Headshot drill. display: none !important; He jumped hard to the left and disappeared into the brush. Get notified when 9mm, .223 Rem., and Other Popular Calibers are in Stock & Ready to Ship. That’s for five rounds measured 10 feet from the gun’s muzzle with an Oehler Model 35P chronograph. When he turned slightly and opened the right shoulder I shot. The 450BM is an excellent “brush gun” caliber as well. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Let us know in the comments below! The average distance war time kills of soldiers is less than deer. ( I have not tried your recommended magazine combo). A posse of medium-game hunters that were itching to use their AR’s flocked to ammo shops and many ended up choosing the .450 Bushmaster because of its reasonable price. FTX load. The HV ammunition is designed for short action rifles with full length magazines (Ruger -American,  Christensen Arms Mesa,  Bergara H-14 HMR, Remington 700 customs), or single shot rifles. 's blog. i shooting 450 bushmaster with winchester 250 g bullet,,how high at 100yds to be on at 200yds?1830 fps at 100 and 1510 fps at 200? All Rights Reserved. I also want to state that is great for subsonic work. This cartridge packs a serious punch, but what about its range?

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