Do you wear glasses? That doesn’t mean you can’t find a quality set of 10X42 binoculars at a reasonable price; you can. So if we use a sporting event like baseball, cricket or football as an example. That's why it's easier to locate the bird with the lower-power binocular. By the end of this article, you should know exactly which size will be the best fit for your purposes. Plus, you can usually find them for a better price than their higher-magnification siblings. This can make it quite difficult to stay locked on a target to observe the finer level of detail that the extra magnification gets you.

Well, not so fast.

Transmittance & Glass ThicknessHigher magnifications require thicker lenses, which in turn means less light passes through them.

When this happens, if the exit pupil of your binoculars is smaller than the size of your dilated pupil, the image you see will appear to be dark. Most of us can probably deduce that 10X is more powerful than 8X when it comes to magnification. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. In the case of 8X42 and 10X42 binoculars, both will have a lens that is 42mm in diameter. On the other hand, when you’re very zoomed in, every tiny movement or shake of your hands will also be magnified. Often, 10X42 binoculars have shorter eye reliefs than 8X42 binoculars.

This means that when you look through them, you’re seeing less total area, though you’re seeing a more close-up and detailed shot of the area you’re looking at. Interestingly enough, the smaller, lighter-weight 8x32 version often has the widest field of view of all.

Think what that can mean for watching hummingbirds at the feeders on the other side of the window. Vortex Diamondback 10×42 Vs 10×50 Binoculars-Detailed Comparison & Analysis Magnification and Objective Lens Diameter. Jeśli szukasz kompetentnych informacji z tematyki foto-optycznej to trafiłeś we właściwe miejsce. In a forest setting where your subject is difficult to spot, this can be a really important factor. 8X42 binoculars tend to be easier to hold steady with better low-light performance.

Comparatively, you’ll often find higher-quality 8X42 binoculars for the same price as lower-quality 10X42 binoculars. Contact Me | About Best Binoculars | Privacy | Sitemap |    Copyright © 2020 Best Binocular Reviews | Do You Want to Review Binoculars & Write for BBR? So the more you magnify, the more the image is jumping around. With 10X42 binoculars, the exit pupil is 4.2mm.

8x32. Most of the time, lower magnification binoculars will have a larger field of view.

This is called the exit pupil, and its size in relation to the size of your pupil can make a drastic difference in the brightness of the image you see. Eye relief is the distance from the eyepiece where your eye will achieve a full field of view and clear image. And it focuses close on the birds just 6 feet away! Unlike binoculars that have different sized objective lenses (eg 10x42 vs 10x50), the disparity in the size and weight between an 8x42mm and 10x42mm binocular is extremely minimal and really not worth worrying about. 10x42 binoculars work best for normal to good light conditions over mid to long distances.

This isn’t true 100% of the time, but it’s true enough of the time to take it as a general rule.

This can make it much easier to actually find your target!

I recently completed an article where I discussed the main differences between 10x42 vs 10x50 binoculars which I got a lot of positive feedback from.

Whilst not always the case and it varies between brands, 10x42 binoculars can be a little more expensive than the equivalent 8x42 model from the same brand in the same series. Magnification is a measure of how many times closer an object appears when viewed through a particular lens. If you’re shopping for the lowest-priced pair of high-quality binoculars, you’ll likely find them in the 8X42 size. Using Tripods with Binoculars & Spotting Scopes: Height & Eyepiece Angles! Vortex Crossfire vs Diamondback Binoculars: Which is Best?

Since 10X42 binoculars are more powerful, they’re always the better choice, right? When viewing very far off objects, the lower magnification might make it more difficult to see the detail in your subject.

The 10×42’s have an objective lens diameter of 42mm while the 10×50’s is fitted with … How to Hold Binoculars Steady: Tips & Tricks, a good, general purpose pair of binoculars.

When shopping for a quality set of binoculars, you’re likely to notice that two sizes are commonly used: 8×42 and 10×42. Image quality, detail, brightness, low light performance, field of view and price. Both Binoculars have the same magnification i.e. The table below compares the field of view (in feet, at 1000 yards) of some typical binoculars, in 8x and 10 powers.

If you do wear glasses, then unless you're prepared to pay top dollar, for a Zeiss Victory FL, it's a good idea to consider an 8x42 binocular.

But as I say the amount is really not worth considering as a factor in making your choice between the two.

This is particularly important around times of low light, such as twilight. Zeiss doesn't really fit in this chart, because the Victory FL's eye relief is good even though it's listed as 16mm.

Ease of UseA larger exit pupil/shaft of light exiting the binocular is also easier for you to line your eyes up with and thus the 8x42 configuration is more forgiving making it easier to achieve an image without black rings on the edges of the view. To help you decide, we’re going to discuss the differences between these two binoculars, breaking down the pros and cons of each. Obviously 8X magnification is less than 10X. But if you pay attention, you can find 10X42 binoculars that will fit you as well. As both 10x42 and 8x42 binoculars have 42mm objective lenses and assuming they use the same quality glass and coatings, the light-gathering ability between the two will be the same.

But 10X42 binoculars have their place as well.

If either of these apply, you might prefer an 8X42 set of binoculars. Because the exit pupil on a 10X42 set of binoculars is only 4.2mm compared to 5.3mm on an 8X42 set, they don’t allow in as much light.

When you’re looking through a set of highly magnified binoculars, you’ll see less area in total, which can make it difficult to find a single bird among the trees or any other small target in a large area. As the sampling below shows, this is not always the case.

8x42 or 10x42 Binoculars: Which is Best for Novice / Older Child? For most people, eye relief isn’t going to be an important factor to consider when deciding between binoculars.

Here the larger exit pupil created by the 8x42 configuration is a definite advantage and means they will often look to have a brighter image than the 10x42 equivalent.

For instance, an 8X magnification means that the objects you’re viewing appear eight times closer through the lens than with the naked eye. At first thought, it seems as if 10 power would be better than 8x, but that's not necessarily true. How Different Configurations Affect a Binocular, 7x50 vs 8x56 Binoculars for Astronomy & Daytime Surveillance, Shootout: 5 of the Best 10x42 Binoculars Compared. Many expert birdwatchers insist that they see just as much detail, or even more, with an 8-power binocular as they do with a 10-power. Though they might seem closely related, the differences that set them apart might make one preferable to the other in certain situations. Ive narrowed my search down to the Nikon Monarch 5's (I have a spending cap of $300.00). Here are the ways that an 8-power binocular can give you more than a 10-power binocular. Before we start dissecting the differences between these two binocular sizes, it’s important that you understand the terminology used to describe them. © Copyright 2020 Optics Mag. The Talon 8x42 binocular, from Vortex Optics, offers an open bridge design. Thus under these conditions, it is often impossible to notice a difference in brightness between the views of equal quality 8x42 and 10x42 binoculars. The field of view is how wide of an area you can see through the lens.

Red Dot vs Holographic Sights: Which Is Better? Size-wise they will be the same as they will almost certainly use the same body, however, a 10x42 is often a fraction heavier than an 8x42 as they need slightly thicker glass to create the higher power. Understanding these core distinctions will enable you to then understand which option is more ideal for what or how you specifically use your binoculars. In most binocular models, the eye relief is greater on the 8x42 version than on the 10x42 version or the 8x32 version is there is one. This isn’t always true, but it usually is. However, when the ambient light level drops, like when operating in a forest, or what you experience just before sunrise or around sunset, the pupils in your eyes expand to allow them to take in more light. However, they also make for larger binoculars that are bulkier and less compact.

OpticsMag is reader-supported. That is why many people find that they will actually see just as much detail with the lower 8-power magnification. Seeing the Big Picture: Field of View Thus if you get more image detail or are able to see further with a 10x binocular, you may be then be thinking why would you the ever opt for a lower-powered 8x binocular instead? Each person will have their own preferences.

A 10x binocular may provide you with a better view of the batsman or person on the ball, but you won’t be able to observe what is going on all around them and thus in many cases, an 8x binocular with a wider view will be a better option as the best binocular for sports. So it stands to reason that most people will assume that the more powerful a binocular is, the better. But in reality, the best binoculars also carry the highest price tags.

8x42 and 10x42 are the one of the most commonly. If you divide the diameter of the objective lens by its magnification, you’ll get the exit pupil size. In the photo below, the magification is greater on the right, with 10-power binoculars.

But compared to a similar set of 8X42 binoculars, you’re probably going to save some money going with the lower magnification. As we’ve seen, the 8X42 binoculars have some worthwhile features and even a few advantages, but that doesn’t mean we should write off the 10X42 binoculars. You usually get a wider field of view with an 8-power binocular than you do with the same model in 10 power. In the Leica Ultravid HD, the 10x42 has slightly longer eye relief than the 8x42. However, I have also had a lot of people asking me to compare other configurations against each other and so I have decided to create a series on this, beginning with the one I get asked the most to compare: 8x42 vs 10x42 binoculars and which is best for different uses and users. So, which size should you be searching for? So whilst it is true that they need a fraction more glass to make the thicker eyepiece lenses for the higher magnification, this is not really the reason for the price difference, so what is?

For glasses wearers, 16 mm of eye relief is minimal, but it's better to get a binocular with 17 mm to 20 mm of eye relief.

More magnification seems to cost more money.

8x magnification means that objects are eight times as large when viewed thr… Best Telescopes Under $300 of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Spotting Scopes under $1000 of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide.

However, it can also make it harder to find your subject in the first place since you are seeing less total area when viewing through the lens. But notice that more of the scene is in the left picture.

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