Both flight recorders ceased to function when the 737 broke up in mid-air at 9,000 feet above sea level. It also maintained both a maintenance and simulator facility at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. It discovered a large amount of wreckage in the area, which was considered to be all that remained of the aircraft. Immediately thereafter, as the airplane began its final dive, the shotgun-like sounds of engine compressor surges and the overspeed "clacker" could be heard along with two background voices screaming in terror, and shouting out the name of God. [13][14] The two-hour flight, scheduled to arrive at Sam Ratulangi Airport, Manado, at 16:00 local time,Template:Ref label was as expected until the plane disappeared from air traffic control radar screens at Makassar, South Sulawesi, with the last contact at 14:53 local time (06:53 UTC). On Sunday, August 2, 2009, while carrying fifteen people over Papua, the aircraft went missing en route. [101], On 16 April 2007, the American Federal Aviation Administration [102] responded to the results of the new airline survey by downgrading Indonesia's air safety oversight category from a 1 to a 2 because of "serious concerns" over safety. On 24 January, the British ship MN Endeavour joined the search. It operated scheduled domestic services to more than 25 destinations in Indonesia, as well as scheduled international services to East Timor and Malaysia. [80] The flight recorders were recovered in August 2007, without which it would not have been possible to discover the cause of the accident. They have explained that, as a result, they are suing Boeing and Parker Hannifin, the valve's manufacturer, although airlines using the 737 have been warned about problems with the rudder control valves.
[90] Most notably, several complaints were made that the flaps, which modify drag and lift during take-off and landing, were jamming at twenty-five degrees upon landing, and two complaints that the weather radar was faulty. [94], Vice President Jusuf Kalla described the disappearance as an "international issue. [21][22], Template:Wikinews [102] Although this was in response to a large number of aircraft accidents, it was mainly in response to this accident and the Flight 172 incident.
[ citation needed ] All Indonesian airlines, including state-owned Garuda Indonesia, were told they would need to make some improvements, with none of them receiving a level one ranking. [34], The head of the National Search and Rescue Agency told the Associated Press that he believed the aircraft was probably lost at sea.

All the accidents involved Boeing 737s. [65] [66] [67] Nonetheless, Adam Air signed a contract with Phoenix International for the recovery operation. [106] The other six airlines involved were Batavia Air, Jatayu Airlines, Kartika Airlines, Manunggal Air Services, Transwisata Prima Aviation and Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines. On 21 February 2007, just 51 days after the loss of Flight 574, Flight 172, an Adam Air Boeing 737-300 aircraft (registration PK-KKV) flying from Jakarta to Surabaya had a hard landing at Juanda International Airport. This means it views Indonesia's civil aviation authority as failing to oversee air carriers in accordance with minimum international standards. It operated scheduled domestic services to over 20 cities and international services to Penang and Singapore. [114], In early August 2008, a five-minute-38-second digital recording allegedly retrieved from the plane's cockpit voice recorder was widely circulated on the Internet and transcribed by the media. The crash, coupled with Adam Air Flight 172, which snapped in half during a hard landing, and Garuda Indonesia Flight 200, which overshot the runway in Yogyakarta, killing 21, prompted the European Union to add all Indonesia's airlines to the list of air carriers banned in the EU. [103] Indonesia also introduced a new system of ranking airlines according to their safety record, with a level one ranking meaning the airline has no serious issues, a level two ranking meaning the airline must fix problems, and a level three rating forcing the airline to be shut down. All Indonesian airlines, at one time, had been banned from flying into the European Union several months after the crash.

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