Lamprophis swazicus - Swazi Rock Snake Lamprophis fuliginosus - Brown House Snake (aka African House Make sure you purchase an accurate hygrometer and check the readings periodically. With their relaxed temperament and low-maintenance care requirements, these snakes are a great option for beginners. Hatchlings are 5–7 in (13–18 cm) upon hatching. With patience and care, your African house snake should settle down and become a pretty calm pet reptile. In fact, we believe these snakes deserve more attention from the herp community. A level of between 30 and 50 percent should do it. You can also use newspaper or paper towels, but if you’re going for a really natural look, then woodchips are nice. Expert Tip: If you have a hatchling, it will do very well in a ten gallon tank. Expert Tip: Don’t forget to add some flat rocks to the bottom of the enclosure to provide the belly heat they crave. Lamprophis olivaceus The primary species available is B. capensis, with the others being harder to acquire. That will help you make adjustments and customize their care as needed. This condition is treatable, so make sure to take your snake to the vet if you’re concerned. Your African house snake, like all snakes, needs to physically change its location to either increase or decrease body temperature. The African house snake doesn’t require a high level of humidity within the enclosure. Lamprophis lineatus For some reason, most African house snakes don’t like to be picked up behind the head. A few authors still place this species in the genus Boaedon, but I will use the more widely accepted classification of all house snakes into the genus Lamprophis. Just make sure that whichever one you use, has a sturdy, escape-proof lid and has plenty of ventilation. Despite this, captive breeding of house snakes for color and pattern continues. The African House Snake is one of the most common and widespread snakes in Africa. There are several options for heating the enclosure: Heat Mat – a heat mat covering 1/3 rd … African house snakes are common in the exotic pet trade. It’s usually caused by stress or unsanitary conditions. You shouldn’t have any trouble catching them in action! One thing to take into consideration when you’re setting up your snake’s enclosure, is how you are going to create different temperature zones. There are so many ways to set up your snake’s habitat, that you can get quite creative. Always wash your hands before feeding your snake. House snakes should be fed alone; their often violent feeding response may cause cannibalism. Lamprophis geometricus - Seychelles House Snake Species of Lamprophis exhibit a wide variety of pattern variation, and may be spotted, striped, or solid in color. Locate a reptile or amphibian business by name:® is a registered trademark© 1997-. They are named "house" snakes as they are frequently found around human dwellings, feeding on the rodents that congregate around human waste. The African house snake (Boaedon fuliginosus) is a harmless snake found in sub-Saharan Africa. Snake) If you have questions about anything we covered in this guide we’d love to hear from you. See the reproduction page for more on growth and maturity. Feed babies one to two times a week. Always make sure to keep the water bowl on the cool side of the enclosure, so the humidity level stays fairly low. They are known to store sperm and lay up to six clutches per year in captivity, but it rarely happens in nature. As mentioned above, it’s important to keep a bowl of clean, fresh water in the enclosure. They came onto our radar…, Ackies monitors are definitely one of our favorite lizards, and many other owners agree. Lamprophis maculatus Our business directory lists some of the most popluar herp businesses in the world. Because these snakes like to climb, make sure that the tank you use has some good height to it. Adult snakes get fed weekly. Designate one side of the enclosure as the warm side and the other as the cool side. Lamprophis is a genus of medium-sized, nonvenomous snakes commonly referred to as African house snakes. Note that some This snake gets its common name from the frequency with which it is found around human dwellings, where it feeds on the rodents that usually live there. The presence or absence of this stripe has been used to taxonomically distinguish certain populations in the past, but is now simply regarded as part of the snakes geographic variation. If you notice redness around the mouth, pus near the mouth or lots of mucus, there’s a pretty good chance that it’s mouth rot. However, hatchlings and juveniles can sometimes be a bit of a handful. You can add a UVB light source if you’d like to, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. We always like talking about snakes with our readers! African house snake care is rather straightforward and can be managed by anyone. So if you don’t want a potential bite, avoid this area when handling them. Lamprophis erlangeri If you’re having trouble establishing just how much you should feed them, talk to your veterinarian about proper feeding habits. Diet is one of the easiest parts of African house snake care. This is a nocturnal snake that is the most active at night, but will still move about the enclosure from time to time during the day. African House Snake Care: Everything You Need To Know Species Summary. Make sure to change the water frequently, and keep the bowl very clean. There are a lot of interesting subtleties and accents especially when you take a closer look. While some people consider these snakes to be a bit on the plain side, we really enjoy their look! Females attain larger adult size than males. African house snakes are a fantastic species that can make very good pets. This guide will help you master African house snake care by covering all of the fundamentals in great detail. It is so common in some areas that its absence from an area is more noteworthy than its presence. This quickly turned into a deep passion for these animals that she has to this day. This size difference between males and females is not uncommon for snakes, and you’ll see it in a multitude of other species. The African house snake page On,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 17:35. Lamprophis arabicus Their popularity has declined in recent years due to more interestingly colored snakes, like the corn snake. The correct humidity level can be achieved through a light misting of the enclosure and/or by always having a water bowl in the tank. The map to the right shows the approximate range of the species in Africa. Hatchlings are typically around 20 cm long. Lamprophis virgatus. Lamprophis fiskii - Fisk's House Snake This makes them very appealing because with good care you’ll be able to build a lasting and meaningful bond with them over time! Due to the temperature gradient you’ll be setting up, more on that later, it’s best to give them hiding areas on both the warm and the cooler side of the enclosure. As far as woodchips go, you’ll need a layer that’s several inches thick, so your African house snake has plenty of room to burrow.

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