After reviewing the facts, I believe that an amicable settlement could’ve been reached if people were being sensible and not reactive.” This unleashed a flood of commentary—many applauded her thoughts, and just as many threw out insults, calling her “stupid,” and “money-hungry.” “It’s time for us to reexamine what yoga has become instead of sit there and hate it,” Smyth tells YJ in response to reactions to her posts. On December 6, 2017, Cody, Inc. sued Falsetti in the US District Court of Washington for breach of written contract, alleging that Falsetti “broadly announced through her social media accounts that Cody had been acquired by another entity”—information that was not public at the time—and for trade libel for the content of the post, including for saying that Alo “perpetuates body shame, the brand is elitist,” and is a “club that only some can be in.” The post also said, according to the claim, that there are “sexual harassment/assault allegations against one of the owners,” and that the brand “lies.”, A month later, on January 9, 2018, ALO LLC sued Falsetti in the Los Angeles Superior Court for defamation/trade libel for the same post, this time noting exclusively the sexual harassment/assault clause, and that Alo “lies” in the claim. in response to Macgregor’s article. She has created yoga tutorials and courses for Cody Inc.’s website and is the influencer who was sued by both Cody Inc. and Alo Yoga. Alo Yoga did not respond to Jezebel’s request for comment. You’re probably familiar with this story by now: On December 6, 2017, Dana Falsetti was at home when she was served legal papers by Cody Inc., an online platform that sells video training programs and had just been acquired by Alo, LLC, a yoga apparel company. Other than that, live and let live.”, “I have nothing against them or any of their ambassadors. It is that, kind of, but also so much more: It’s a story of the modern battle between spirituality and capitalism, of broken alliances, of an outraged community, of the fight to define what yoga even means anymore. From an influencer perspective, the controversy brings to mind the problematic relationship history between YouTube influencers and, . The acquisition, Cody wrote at the time, would allow the service to offer a “more diverse library,” add more instructors, and support AloGives, Alo’s nonprofit arm. Instead of letting the relationship terminate, they continue to use my name, likeness, and my teachings to promote their brand even though there is no agreement in place between me and Alo Yoga.. Kino Macgregor: Though not directly involved in either lawsuit, Macgregor (@kinoyoga) is a yoga influencer who has become an outspoken supporter and advocate of Falsetti in the months following Cody Inc. and Alo Yoga’s decisions to sue Falsetti. “Falsetti knew when she made these statements and communications that they were false,” the claim reads, “or did so with reckless disregard of the truth, and did so without engaging in any or sufficient verification or fact-finding prior to said publication.”. On our publishing date, MacGregor was still in negotiations with Cody and Alo regarding her contract and content use. “The foundation of a yoga practice is that we need to be listening to the experiences other people are having,” she tells YJ. In the post, MacGregor encouraged consumers to “vote with your dollars and boycott their products” if they see big companies “monopolizing the message of yoga.” The post also mentioned the Instagram accounts @YogaInspiration, @YogaGoals, and @YogaChannel—all of which include images of yogis wearing Alo apparel. Though Falsetti hasn’t acknowledged the fundraiser or the lawsuits explicitly in her Instagram posts, she lists the link to the fundraiser in her Instagram bio. “I don’t think anyone should be suing anyone. The 13 Biggest Influencer Marketing Trends To Know For 2018, A Marketer’s Guide To YouTube Brand Safety: How To Avoid A PR Nightmare, 6 Of The Biggest Influencer Marketing Scandals Of All Time, Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo: What Marketers Need To Know About IMCX, Instagram Reels Vs TikTok: What Top Influencers Are Saying [SURVEY], Influencer Marketing Webinar: A Strategic Approach To Drive ROI In 2020. Just like Dana, I simply do not want my teaching being rolled up in the Alo Yoga/Cody App subscription service. March 24, 2018: Macgregor announces that her Instagram account, and Falsetti and fellow yoga influencer Mabel Butler’s (@inversionjunkie) Instagram accounts were frozen for the span of a few hours. He claims that after Macgregor severed ties with Cody Inc. she started competing with the company and stealing core elements of its website. They matter. ), MacGregor continues: “Dana’s first act of resistance was to speak out publicly in an Instagram ‘story.’”, While the initial Instagram story is no longer accessible, that recounting is confirmed by two separate lawsuits. When you see something that angers you, sit back and reflect and think critically before forming an opinion or stance. 9.5m Followers, 284 Following, 1,111 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Anastasia Karanikolaou (@stassiebaby) Instagram account has 1.3 million followers. But on March 16, Kino MacGregor, a yoga teacher and Instagram influencer, sparked renewed interest in the lawsuit with an article on Elephant Journal entitled, “When one Big Company picks on one Yoga Teacher,” in which she lays out the history of the acquisition of Cody, the lawsuit, and her own personal involvement with Cody and Alo Yoga, characterizing the situation as that David-Goliath situation, a “loving battle for the heart and soul of yoga.”, In her article, MacGregor writes that Falsetti resisted the acquisition “because of Alo Yoga’s large commercial presence, marketing campaigns featuring the thin and athletic elite, and the modus operandi of this business. I told them that I am running OMstars and their offer didn’t take my channel into account.”, Tension between Alo and MacGregor may have been the catalyst for a blog post she wrote on her own site in December that discussed subliminal marketing and brand transparency. If the leggings we wear don’t stand for something more than hotness, youngness, skinnyness, or richness, what are we doing on our yoga mats? We have chosen poses that in regular yoga practice are not connected together often, and will ask all participants to think of the most creative way to connect them. On December 8, Alo also filed a lawsuit against Falsetti for defamation and trade libel. "Kino MacGregor was negotiating the sale of her yoga platform to Alo in late October for more than a million dollars," an Alo spokesperson tells YJ. The controversy has caused ripples throughout the yoga community, with other Alo Yoga ambassadors having acknowledged it via Instagram posts—often without saying much. This isn’t entirely related, but it’s funny how the “yoga community” doesn’t have one single Indian. Javid writes that once the acquisition was finalized, he contacted all Cody’s instructors, including MacGregor and Falsetti. December 8, 2017: A day after Cody Inc.’s announces its acquisition, Alo Yoga sues Falsetti in the state of California for defamation because of statements made in her Instagram Story that “there are sexual harassment/assault allegations against one of the owners (multiple counts)” of Alo, and that Alo “lies.” According to the suit, Falsetti’s allegedly defamatory statements in her Instagram Story have damaged Alo’s business. It wasn’t just Falsetti and MacGregor who receive insensitive feedback; several prominent Alo ambassadors (who were listed in the Elephant Journal piece) were shamed for their partnerships with the clothing company. Alo does own all three accounts, but only @YogaInspiration’s profile mentioned Alo, and while @YogaGoals had an Apple app store link to the Alo Yoga Poses app, it did not mention Alo explicitly. “We want to cultivate community, not create community through hate.”, When MacGregor started the conversation regarding the Falsetti lawsuits, her hope was that if people chose to speak out, her call to action would be handled with maturity and responsibility, she tells YJ. what happens when a supposedly spiritual practice is commercially dominated by only a few gigantic brands, like Alo Yoga and Lululemon?, “I cannot find a single inch of diversity. Normally it’s the opposite. Key Players Involved In The Controversy. There is … However, when Dana used her platform to make blatantly false statements as part of what appeared to be a deliberate scheme, Alo felt the need to protect itself. The petition has accrued 11,200 signatures out of 15,000 (as of this posts publishing, April 9, 2018). 5.3m Followers, 2,662 Following, 2,369 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Rowan Blanchard ( ‿ ) (@rowanblanchard) In the meantime, Falsetti posted the initial post to her Instagram. She started

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