These are some of the known error codes that the Photon will display. Slicer Won't Display Model / Does Not Work. The Anycubic Photon Slicer currently does not support intergrated graphics driver, or resolutions above 2K. Sometimes, loosening the two screws slightly may provide a. Check Onboard LCD connector, replace if damaged and test. Firmware updates will not solve the USB issue. if you can buy it online get 100%. © 2020 ANYCUBIC 3D Printing The problem I always encounter is, that it is almost impossible to remove the prints from the bed without using brute force (the removal tool provided with the printer is totally useless). they're used to log you in. The Tearing Effect Signal (TE) is a feedback signal from the LCD Controller to MCU. Two of the pins had to be swapped for the motor to rotate the correct angle but other than that it seems to work fine. Use a small engineer's square to check accurately. I would redo the leveling and zeroing process. Tighten three more screws inside that help secure the ball joint. Leveling is achieved by loosening the 4 screws that bolt the plate to the Z stage. After releasing it returns to its original angle.I'm talking about the whole gantry that slides on two rods and one lead screw the build plate is attached to, not the build plate alone. FB post 1 FB post 2. The saved stl file it's model moved if you add support then move the model I have reset the Z=0 height several times now and the issue persists. The Anycubic Photon Slicer currently does not support intergrated graphics driver, or resolutions above 2K. this is male to female type, you can easily access this by removing the four screws holding the rear vent panel. "No TE signal for 2K LCD" Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. .1 degrees however was so slight I didn't notice any out of place stepping so all's good. Photon Workshop is a 3D slicer software, It converts the stl/obj/xxx files into *.pws or *.photon files which can be read by Anycubic Photon printers. A cube when printed turns out to be not perfectly squared. Home is higher than Zero. I have also played with doing supports in Meshmixer or other DLP slicing software that outputs stl files such as B9 and then just importing the stl into the Anycubic slicer to print. Noticed this issue after not using the printer for a month then upgrading the motor with the lead screw and replacing nut with anti-backlash nut (stock motor lead screw was bent). Checking the Photon file reveals no problems. You should not need to dry or touch the film with anything but alcohol resin. Check to see that the eccentric nut is tightened correctly: Check that all cable connections are seated correctly. On boot, Z carriage does not move, touchscreen Z controls are unresponsive. Initially the FEP film doesn't let go and flexes a little but eventualy does, but first pulls the build plate from the adjusted angle. When you say the bed is bending, are you referring to the build plate that moves up and down? All rights reserved. Not the new photon s file format. When I tried printing something bigger, the next print the other issue I had before with the built plate getting bent and the print coming out accordingly came back. Check firmware version of printer, if it shows v3.4.x then it is. Here is a forum where people are losing Z on your very machine.. … opic:32995. Download the software then install it on your computer. I did not see anywhere that you mentioned you confirmed the motor and screw was correct by comparing them side by side but at this point that is your only common link to your problem. Here you see the build plate moving up then down for a new layer: can hear a clicking sound like when a stepper motor is turned on, although I don't know where the sound is coming from. Complete list of onscreen error codes, probable causes and solutions as provided by Anycubic. :). Only have one file on USB, using short name and no non english characters or spaces. Replace stock USB key with a known good branded one, formatted to FAT32. You signed in with another tab or window. Like Carl said, it should be as clear as a window. If problem still occurs you might have defective USB extension cable or faulty mainboard. I would read through all of those and see if any of them could apply to you. Anytime that I slice a file for my Photon S it causes my machine to crash. I have used B9 for this. Contact Anycubic immediately for a replacement or new machine. There will only be so many times you can fudge the curing time it will just be too long or just will no longer work at all. Reinstall firmware for a version very different than the current one and test. Hello all. Let me introduce myself, I am Dani, I decided to buy my first 3d printer, the ANYCUBIC PHOTON. Love working Chitubox! Open back vent hatch, check and replace if necessary. Loose Build Plate / Plate Too High Symptoms. My only guess is because the build plate moves lower than it should, the print stick to both the build plate and FEP film. Powered by PunBB, supported by Informer Technologies, Inc. (edited by carl_m1968 2019-05-31 14:21:30), (edited by carl_m1968 2019-06-07 00:36:01). Download the software then install it on your computer. Press J to jump to the feed. (PC graphics board driver issue), Slicer up to 1.3.6 has a floating point bug in layer sizes other than 50u making layer height float. I'll try that but I'm not keeping my hopes up that manual hand rotation of the motor for settting Z=0 vs by the stepper driver will change anything. This indicates an LCD screen physical connection problem. Thanks.I don't know just how tight a snare drum is, but my film is tight enough to make a drum sound. When cleaning the film, I use the alcohol-based glass cleaner, and just daub the excess off with a paper towel or soft cloth. The lever on your Z stop switch could have been bent over time so it allows the plate to move further down. I have not yet had any problem with resin particles, and alcohol should readily evaporate without leaving residue (use alcohol with the least water content). It is very hard for me to tell if this is haze or just residue dried alcohol or resin after cleaning. How to use Photon Workshop Download the software then install it on your computer. It seems to me that your optical sensor is dislodged. It is very subtle but if you watch the video here, at 0:29 you can notice that especially the blue pieces of the build plate which connect to the aluminum slider block with the 3 bearings gets visibly bent a little from moving too low: … I then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Copyright © 2019 CHITUBOX. If this fixes the problem, contact Anycubic for a replacement cable as it uses a special external mount. Remove, clean, reseat and tighten the four screws. Scale / Rotate / Move the model (Optional). Z motor stops moving mid-print, LCD keeps exposing resin, no error message, stopping print and moving Z via menu works. Non random layer artifacts visible on surfaces no matter what orientation of print. Unplug the male connector to the mainboard and plug in a replacement, then plug in your USB key. So the issue here is that ChiTuBox creates an invisible file with the same name as the sliced file, which the Photon S doesn't like or understand. We created this image above to tell you the differences of all 3 resin printers Anycubic offers. LCD screen light bleed. Any suggestions? There doesn't seem to be any anomalies with the file, and it printed fine on my printer. Try to reslice your model and obtain *.pws output files. I then open the sliced file in Photon File Validator and verify no islands are present. First, try cleaning the lead screw (Z rod) and reapply with good quality viscous grease. If the curing time is too low then the section will not cure enough and can be washed away during the alcohol rinse. Tighten the eccentric roller of the slide block. . I have a Wanhao D7 which uses the same technology so I can see this on mine when the film gets hazy/cloudy. LCD test shows nothing on screen, fans are dead. Consistent banding lines approximately 2mm apart. Fix color not changed when Change the group after splited. Learn more. Now there is no flex (play) at all. Am I wrong? Finally, I opened up the object in photon workshop and slice and save to the format the Anycubic Photon S can read. Possibly faulty Mainboard. If not, tune it to around those figures. Took it all the way down to 1% Y rotation and it still worked, but went to 0 and no dice again. Good as such. Seems to me that is the only common link to all the issues is the new motor and lead screw.maybe the new lead screw has a different thread pitch or angle? If you have been sold one of these new printers without your knowing, you may try to seek resolution from your Seller. I've been printing like crazy since I got my Photon, and am still on my original film, so it appears they can last a while with care. Check power supply unit (PSU) version. Maybe the issue is the slicer (I use the stock Photon slicer).STL … pdWkPTrfvcPhoton … qsA-FA_PYE. You can do a lot more customization with supports on B9, so it works really well. It takes some trial and error to get it right. The build plate easily tilts side to side even when grub/mount screw is tightened. Faulty internal USB cable. I start the machine with the USB stick already in the printer and it appears to boot fine. Will keep the group posted. You shouldn't be able to move the build plate enough to bend the lead screw in the first place (mine does not move at all). Make sure to clean out any resin with IPA or other solvents. Either the replacement should have been correct if ordered from anycubic and it was not or you thought it was correct if ordered from another source and was not. When I try to use the OEM Anycubic software everything works fine. First print came up without nthe new issue I mentioned in post #12 that "the prints come out as if the print bed is angled" but it did have the issue with the upper layers as in the photo in the OP.It did appear to me that the build plate is moving lower than it should again for the first layer. The blade could also be loose, moved or bent. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Random freezes with error code. The troubleshooting guides and fixes provided here do not apply to this new printer. When it doesn't work, it appears that there's a memory leak after the status bar hits 100% and the slicer will either crash my system or if I catch it in time I have to shut it down. Something is physically not right in the Z race. You then press the plate down on the film making sure it is down on all 4 corners. Otherwise it looks like a clear window. A few of them look fine, others have a very distorted appearance to the model, and the bulk of them are just a snowy white mess. We show you all you need to know to get started! This is the only logical explanation I can think of. I'm getting better at adding my own supports now with some practice, and getting better at recognizing what spots need support where auto-support missed. Any ideas how the tightness of the film can cause this? Hapens with other models as well.I'm attaching the sliced file as well as STL here. It only works less than 50% of the time for me. It's pretty tight. The models I'm testing have lots of right angles and flat areas so orientation is critical not to introduce contour lines where none would be if it printed straight up/down if that makes sense. Does anyone have an idea how to get just enough adhesion for my prints to stick to the bed, but to be able to remove them in a normal fashion…? Could also be hazy film reducing the light and not giving a full cure time in that srea. Check for mainboard faults using mulitmeter following this video. Suggested fix is to upgrade firmware to 4.2.18+, LCD displays half the screen only, touchscreen display shows correctly.

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