The sword was presumed destroyed and its hold over Artemis broken. He and Jarlaxle then fled to Spirit Soaring, where Cadderly Bonaduce and his allies waited for them, expecting an attack by the wielders of Crenshinibon. Yet, no such luck!

He was born into the streets of Memnon in Calimshan to a prostitute named Shanali. He had no real friends and no loved ones. "[citation needed], Entreri: "You understand your role in every contingency?" Alla soglia dei quarant'anni inizia ad essere stanco di questa vita di continui pericoli e complotti, ma cambiare stile di vita non è semplice, le ombre di centinaia di omicidi passati lo incalzano continuamente non permettendogli un facile transito verso uno stato superiore.
Artemis proviene dai bassifondi di Calimport, una città nel sud di Faerûn e compare per la prima volta nell'opera Le lande di ghiaccio (titolo originale The Crystal shard), primo volume della Trilogia delle terre perdute, ma solo verso la fine del libro e molto viene lasciato all'immaginazione; appare nella città di Bryn Shander, cercando Regis l'halfling.

Artemis Entreri

However, Artemis felt that he would be unable to escape the wrath of Kimmuriel and Rai-guy without Jarlaxle's protection, so he devised a plan to protect Jarlaxle when the lieutenants and Berg'inyon Baenre tried to steal Crenshinibon and supplant Jarlaxle as ruler of Bregan D'aerthe. He was a tactical master, taking every advantage offered him and seeking to create more.

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Drizzt and Wulfgar chased Entreri all the way to Calimport, and there Drizzt again fought Entreri. In truth, Jarlaxle had found himself trapped and forced to capture Artemis in an extra-dimensional pocket for the Netherese, but he had intended to rescue Artemis immediately thereafter. Common[6], Drow Sign (rudimentary), [7] Entreri obtained Charon's Claw, a powerful Netherese sword that he acquired by killing its owner, Kohrin Soulez. Entreri: "Stunning. Charon's Claw (later known simply as Claw) was a magical sword and gauntlet designed to battle wizards.

However, Entreri grew wary of Jarlaxle's lieutenants (Kimmuriel and Rai-guy), whom he hated, and of Jarlaxle himself, who was growing more and more fascinated with Crenshinibon. Especially the way you were able to get the "weave" effect on the hilt. Basadoni taught young Artemis the tricks of the trade, instructing him in the basics of fighting and helping him master stealth.

Artemis, unexpectedly, did not keel over on the spot but continued to live. Sharlotta: "And Artemis Entreri gets a new blade."

His raven-black hair was thick and full, but his eyes were gray and lifeless, portraying the emptiness of his life and his soul. You're quite creative at creating these props.

Artemis Entreri battling Drizzt Do'Urden in the Underdark. Entreri non è in possesso di alcun oggetto magico, a parte il pugnale. Eventually, Artemis became something of a king in Calimport. Things were complicated by tensions between Entreri and Danica as well as an ambush by Rai-guy and his allies, including the illithid Yharaskrik, but the team eventually completed the task and the shard was destroyed—or so it was believed. Artemis was also a very fast learner. He taunted the drow by telling him that all one needed to do to manipulate him was threaten one of his friends and that he, Entreri, could never be manipulated in such a manner. Artemis used his vampiric dagger against a shade, which inadvertently made Artemis part-shade, making Charon's Claw feel a certain affinity for him and possibly giving it more sway over him in the future. King Artemis the First[1] Drizzt was about to leave the crystal tower feeling the fight was over and that nothing was proved with it, but Entreri was enraged and went to attack Drizzt.

[40], Artemis continued to travel with Dahlia, Effron, Ambergris, and Afafrenfere. un pendente di rubino, rubato da Regis a Pascià Pook, che permette di costringere chiunque a compiere la volontà del suo padrone (recuperato poi da Regis ne: "Le lande di fuoco"); Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 30 set 2020 alle 10:32. [32], In 1367 DR, Artemis and Jarlaxle were assaulted by Shadovar hoping to reclaim Charon's Claw for the Netherese.

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