As the colony is built, the last number added represents the number of thousands of ants in the colony. At the start of the game, 6 cards are dealt into each of 6 tableau piles.

Thanks for playing Solitaire! // -->. In addition, each player has 3 storage slots [S] each of which can hold just one card, and a spot for placing their colony cards [C].

You have 8 cards in front of you where each of them is within 3 different categories, building, battle and magic.


For example, if Player 2 was the black team and his colony was at 4, Player 1 could play a red 4 on top of his opponent’s black 4, thereby preventing any progression. In the centre of the play area there is a draw pile [D] and a discard pile [d]. Play the ultimate hand with Zazzle’s Aunt card games section. Spaces may be filled only with a King or a King-sequence. The first pile has all 6 cards face up, the second pile has 5 cards face up, and so on until the last pile has 1 card face up. The next card that must be placed on the colony is a 2 of the same color. getting a good range of cards) than on strategic skills. So the Ace represents 1000 ants, and so on. This game is similar to Yukon Solitaire but with some small differences which may require a change in strategy. In addition, if the One-Eyed Jack of a player's colour is on top of the discard pile during his/her turn, that Jack can be traded for one of the cards in the player's storage. The object of the game is to move all the cards into 4 foundation piles, which are built up from A to K according to suit.

The ability to compete against another human player makes the game a bit more interesting, although your success still depends much more on luck (i.e. A difficult Klondike variation where the tableau contains one fewer pile but all cards are face up. The layout of all the cards is the same as in the basic game, but the card to start each colony must be a Queen, not an Ace.

If the player has a Queen in one of his storage slots, he may use his turn to Trade the Queen with the current card on the discard pile.

When the stock cards are used up, it will remain used up and redeals are not allowed.

Finally, winged male ants (King Card) are last to be hatched to complete the colony, as they are needed to fly out of the colony with the winged females to mate. A player may use his turn to put a storage card into the discard pile. When the draw pile runs out, the discard pile is flipped over and made into the draw pile (no shuffling). Ants is a very addictive game and it is so simple to play and learn that noone will have excuse for this. If a player plays the King, the King and the attacker are placed in the discard pile with the King on top. The trade takes up one complete turn. Impatient players may simply each decide which colour they want, after which the dealer quickly draws and discards cards until a Queen for each player is drawn. The number of resources required to carry out the action is noted on the top right corner of each card.

. When an Ace is drawn by a player, the color of that card determines his ant colony (Red or Black). To fight off the attack, the attacked player must use a turn either to place another card of the same rank and of his own color on the colony (thereby outnumbering the attacker and trapping / killing the opponent card permanently), or use a King to fight off the attacker. Cards for which you don't have enough resources to use are grayed out and cannot be selected. The card may be the one he picked up from the draw pile, or instead of drawing from the draw pile, he may use his turn to move one card from a storage slot to his colony if it fits.

Ants is a fun card-based strategy game with interesting gameplay mechanics, but is unfortunately too easy to warrant repeated play.

Be the quickest to unweave the carpet of cards! With a nice interface, nice sounds and simple but well done graphics you can't go wrong with this game. If you like beer-and-pretzel strategy games that are fun for at least 5-10 minutes it takes to beat it, or if you enjoy Arcomage but don't feel like it's worth the $12.95 price tag, Ants fits the bill.

The game is a freeware remakes of Arcomage, the card game from 3DO that is in turn based on the mini-game in Might & Magic VII. If the player draws the card that the one-eyed Jack is mimicking, he can place that card in his storage area. Build down in alternating colors (for example, a 10 can be played on a Jack). Be the first player to create a complete ant colony of the same color from Ace through to Ace (A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A). // --> So even though one of the players will have twice as many things there won't fee enough options to attack in order to keep up with the upgrades the other player can do. Shuffle the deck and place it in the draw pile. This game is similar to Yukon Solitaire but with some small differences which may require a change in strategy. If the player wants to place the traded card in his colony, he must use another turn to move the card from the storage to the colony pile.