All Rights Reserved. They’re crisp green grapes that are crisp and sweet. Sun World’s giant AUTUMNCRISP® brand green grapes have large clusters, perfect for sharing. Choose grapes that are plump, firm to the touch and... more >. Two of the company’s newer table grape releases that are driving some of the highest growth at the moment are Autumn Crisp, a late-season seedless green grape, and Adora Seedless, a late-season black grape. It has large, round berries with an attractive milky pale green-yellow skin. Fax: +61 3 9317 0537. red grapes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at this grape’s rm and crisp texture bursting with mild sweet avour and subtle hints of muscat. question about your submission.It will not be published or used for marketing. Irresistibly Crisp Sun World’s giant AUTUMNCRISP® brand green grapes have large clusters, perfect for sharing. Sun World’s giant AUTUMNCRISP® brand green grapes have large clusters, perfect for sharing. “There are today more than 90 seedless table grape varieties available to growers and retailers, many of them are public and many of them are from proprietary breeding programs,” he said. Crisp-juicy texture Low in calories. Sun World’s giant AUTUMNCRISP® brand green grapes have large clusters, perfect for sharing. Kensington VIC 3031 Australia “But increasingly I think the consumer is looking for new eating experiences and the opportunity to find and enjoy varieties from a number of different growing locations that have the kind of shelf life and texture and eating qualities that they appreciate. Pack a bunch in your kids’ lunches for a sweet and healthy treat. “Right now the biggest drivers in the Sun World portfolio – and, it appears that the varieties that are making the biggest difference in many growers’ lives around the world – would be the varieties that we market under the Autumn Crisp brand as well as the Adora Seedless brand.”. Please try again. You can review our Privacy Policy and how we use cookies by clicking here. Pack a bunch in your kids’ lunches for a sweet and healthy treat. Up to three months frozen. Extra-large berry size Pair them with salty pancetta and prosciutto for a perfect antipasto platter or canapés. And more often than not, some of the newer private varieties meet those needs than some of the traditional public varieties have.”. We use cookies on our website. By using our website, you acknowledge having read and agreed to our Privacy Policy, which includes our cookies statement. Fresh grapes should be returned to the refrigerator within two hours of serving. He also noted that one of the company’s more senior varietal brands, Sable Seedless, continues to see strong interest from retailers and producers, and is now “firmly established” at retail in the U.K., Australia, the U.S. and Canada. Sun World now has 1,500 licensed table grape growers and 60 licensed marketers from 12 countries, which Marguleas said is a huge benefit to retailers as they collectively ensure a year-round supply of branded varieties. Up to two weeks refrigerated. Our service providers may also use cookies and other tracking devices to collect certain information about your visits to other websites. California-headquartered fruit breeder, grower and marketer Sun World is enjoying strong growth worldwide, with its table grape varietal brands increasing in volume from key production countries and penetrating further into the North American, European and Asian markets. Phone: +61 3 9376 6767 Crunchy Pristine green seedless, super Sweet Sapphire black seedless, Amazing Candy Hearts red seedless, or the beautiful Midnight Beauty black seedless, sweet Autumn Crisp green seedless varieties, and many, many more... We ship to over 30 countries by Air & Sea daily in-season. “Moreover, the Global Grape Summit is a fitting way to recognize the increasingly international aspect of the grape industry as well as the importance of seamless supply, novel growing regions that are altering supply calendars and availability, and of course the dramatic change that variety development brings to building grape demand and sales. Sweet flavour with a subtle Muscat aroma Production of grapes in countries like Colombia, Peru and Brazil and parts of Mexico are enabling production at times that were previously not available.”. The commercially focused event is co-organized by Yentzen Group and Produce Business magazine and will take place on June 5, on the first day of the London Produce Show and Conference, which is the largest event in the U.K. for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. “Those two varieties are leading the way in the Sun World portfolio and we think they’ll set the stage for a number of our newer introductions over the course of the next two or three years,” Marguleas said. Autumn Crisp Green Seedless Grapes (1kg) — MomoBud Autumn Crisp Green Seedless Grapes (1kg) $20.00 Extremely crispy with “a real snap to it”, this big globe variety is not only presentable, due to its large clusters, but also carries a sweet flavor with a subtle hint of muscat. “But of course the new growing regions of the world are starting to change that formula. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. “I think whether they’re public or private is really not the material way to view this. Available March to May “There is strong growth coming from Asia, with the exception of course during our Northern Hemisphere season in light of the trade spat with China – grape exports were off considerably, as you would expect,” he said. thompson. Cookies are small text files that a website or its service provider transfers to your computer or other devices. Asked what the future may hold for publicly available varieties, in an industry seeing rapidly rising volumes of proprietary varieties, Marguleas said they would always have a place in the market. “The new Global Grape Summit, produced in tandem with the popular London Produce Show and an event Sun World is proud to support, is long overdue and promises to be another fantastic produce showcase,” Marguleas said. This continuous supply helps to create good momentum, which is especially useful for penetrating newer markets like Asia, where consumer acceptance of new and seedless varieties is growing rapidly. Green Grapes and Dates Skewers with Prosciutto, Green Grapes And Banana Smoothie Bowl With Coconut Chips, Green Grapes and Apple Chutney, Served with Cheese and Crackers.

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