Raising Goats – The Complete How To Guide, What Do Quails Eat? We found the pre made 16×4 ” ish” inch panels with hot wire top and bottom works the best at keeping them penned. Boer goat disadvantages The abundance of poor-quality Boers is everywhere.

I had to stop breeding because I could not make the hard decisions until forced. COPYRIGHT © 2018 // Cy-Fair Animal Hospital an AnimalScopic Facility. Hard Decision: Raising milk goats is at least a 50% of your time commitment.

Goat meat is already eaten by 70% of the population of the world, and it has been since the beginning of time. It takes three of us to get thru a gate. We kept them for several years, rotating back and forth between here and Mama’s. Hello, I am Siddartha Reddy . They are bred to be larger than normal goats, and meet specific visual appearances, but these very characteristics are valuable genes to add to the commercial herd. The local goats get crossed with Boer goat, to get Boer meat-producing characteristics along with local goats characteristics like multiple kidding or disease-resistant traits.

You also learn a lot along the way. Running the sprinklers in the summer dissolved a lot of the ” nanny berries” and I think that helps. Relax and enjoy them. I have a little kids play set in with my dwarf goats and they love it.

We had a preacher that raised goats, and he gave the kids a nanny and 2 babies. Their size is a great benefit for multiple reasons. We burned the straw. I breed dogs (we have 10)..i have a cat. The breed is originated in South Africa. Due to their versatility on different terrains, Boer goat are frequently used for land maintenance, especially to prevent bush encroachment on rangeland.

We had goats several years back and they were a fun…and challenging….experience. A large benefit is that many goat breeds exist, and you can determine what your needs are and select accordingly.

If I could have understood how many times my feelings would be hurt, I would not have done it.
I still wonder why the heck I havent sold them yet. The local and chain stores both carry them. Initially, when the Boer goats were introduced to the United States, the breed was on high demand and priced premium. Some disadvantages of using dairy does include: 1) They are often raised under intensive feeding and rather pampered situations, and thus you may need to convert them to pasturing and a more rugged life if they are to be used strictly for production of meat. So true on the escaping!! I had goats years ago and wouldn’t trade it for anything…however all 5 of your reasons are right on! They can guide you through steps to maintain a healthy herd with proper nutritional advice, reproductive care, and preventative exams. Not sure the ” mode de operende ” but it seems to work! Hard Decision: I am not a farmer, I am an animal lover, do not breed goats any longer. You did a good job telling the truth about the good, the bad, and the ugly (Papa Goat). Boer goat is known for fast growth rate and excellent carcass quality.

The ethnic groups who are grown with goat meat, have a strong affinity to consume goat meat in the USA as well. Wintering over a Boer goat herd will require either baling your own hay or buying it to fulfill the health and nutritional needs of the hefty goats – all of this vastly adds to, The high fertility rate of Boer goats helps.

So, their life span ranges from 8-14 yrs. We still laugh about the goats we had when our kids were growing up.

The Boer goat was probably bred from the indigenous South African goats kept by the Namaqua, San, and Fooku tribes, with some crossing of Indian and European bloodlines being possible. And speaking of the vegetable patch, the goats tend to break in to that at least annually, which causes mass destruction, headaches and massive frustration. I would love to know your secret to getting them to like there feet being trimmed that is always a struggle with me.

(they are the off-spring of the devil, I am convinced.) Just saying about your neighbors goats, they’re very curious animals and are just saying howdy to you. So, it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the headaches before you dive in! Keep an animal with a fence designed for it, in an environment designed for it. The kid of a proven fast-growing sire might weigh 36 kg (79 lb) at 90 days, while the kid of a poor-quality sire might weigh only 15 kg (33 lb) at 90 days.

They can also be very sweet , and sympathetic but it takes time you cant just have goats and expect to bond overnight. Miniature cows are my next adventure! She was never 100% on number 2, but that was easy to pick up when she had an accident.

Pumpkin is great for ridding pets of pests. We used straw and shavings.

My neighbor has 3 kids and they are all under 12, that is way more annoying than the screaming of my two Nubian goats, pay back. This was a bit of wisdom that I scoffed at before acquiring my goats.

Anything new around they act like they’re going to get eaten alive and run! Then, a dwarf billy.

Funny how people never use correct fencing for goats then claim they are escape artists. A fish is not a monkey, a goat is not a cow (although it can be forced to live like one). Goat meat is seeking market acceptance in the western culture, and is offering an alternative to some of the failing agricultural products in the United States, and the world.

And I’m so glad you took time to do your research before just jumping in! But sometimes Boer comes in different patterns of colors, completely brown or white or some large spots of other colors.

When we first purchased our land we started with cows and then added sheep. If you pup pumpkin seeds in the feed you almost never have to worm.

A typical breeding program is to produce three kid crops every two years, meaning the does are pregnant for five months, nurse their kids for three months, and then are rebred. Although I love to garden, my talents lie in the vegetable patch rather than the flower garden.

Had to stop to rescue primary mode of financial income. Just do your homework. Ones that come here older/unaccustomed we start with sprinklers, it isn’t long after watching the others having fun before they join in.

Do you have acres of land you want to clear for usage? The Happy Chicken Coop - All Rights Reserved, The uptick in “ethnic consumer” spending from customers who come from countries that traditionally eat goat meat to the high percentages that Americans consume beef, has been credited with an increased interest in the.

After that, they usually have two kids every other breeding.

Thank you agian for all the info. Literally as we are drying the birthing goo we play with udders, mess with the feet, wiggle the ears, take their temp. As for what we use on the goats, Sub Q Ivermectin and safeguard for the goats. If demand drops, you are suddenly in a vulnerable place financially. I rescue unwanted goats and love each one.

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