and it should be a random spawn with the Shotgun, however its rare. Oh, and also changes its firing sound. v3: Fixed yet another kicking bug...NOW its totally fixed. Buckshot.

Thanks for the idea.

Plus either way that shouldnt effect anything deleting them, having this issue as well randomly only thing i have done is make changes to the key config file to fix some issues/ reoraganizing a few guns on the seect tree.

They detonate on impact. They are a YouTube channel that does videos on old unique firearms. IDDQD_1337 Jun 7 …

A big "Thank you" to momoca99 for introducing me into Modding Doom!

i think it would look pretty neat for BD, a plasma disk that bounches off walls and cut through opponents like a lightsaber through butter.

Update:The weapon now uses default minigun's sounds for spinning so people stop complaining that it's annoying.

The shotgun's main disadvantages are the slow rate of fire (which can leave the player vulnerable to counterattacks, especially in tight corridors), the pellet spread which weakens it at long range and the fact that the gun is difficult to use against tougher enemies such as a Baron of Hell for inexperienced players, especially in large numbers.

The shotgun (aka Pump Shotgun[1]) is one of the most versatile and useful weapons in the Doom player's arsenal, equipped in all classic Doom games. … That's the reason I recommended them over any other ammo. Unlike, say the much hyped dragons breath.

I know, speedloader do exist for pump-shotguns but unfortunately we dont have them in Doom (I hope I gave someone who is skilled at modding Doom an idea)" - The Description. The definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. You spelled my name wrong once. 1.1: Fixed Infinite Ammo Bug | Added a "Faster Reload" File (making the other mod unnecessary), - Reduced the spread of the Pellets- Red Iron Sights- Changed Shape of Iron Sights- Slower Reload- Removed the Strap- New Icon. Now adds the Flechette rounds as promised!!

Actual flechettes work way better than carpenter nails anx whatnot, but both keyhole and both provide decent penetration depending on the amount of powder used. I used to handload my own shotshells back when i had an $80 single shot 12 gauge. They were much more powerful than bolt action rifle and actually have a much lower level of recoil than you think.

Although on a technical standpoint, the Railgun would be countless times stronger.

Set gzdoom to bind it through the auto exec as a temp fix as well as a unreloader.

In a pinch, the shotgun can be used for sniping, though the spread of the pellets makes it hard to do much damage at long range.

Tremendously in my opinion. 3

however after reading this "Flechette ammunition indicated a high lethality at all ranges with several one shot kills at engagement ranges to 100 yards, flechettes were prefered by combatants equally to 00 buckshot during this test phase." Out of all your weapons, this one feels truly badass, the gibbing is insane and I love it.

For PB just use weapon special to toggle ammo types, and for BD just toggle a button for ammo switch. Like shooting lots of mini surikens, That wouldnt work, the projectiles would spin like a top and not sideways like a sawblade, but cool idea :). Dual Dragons Breath + close spread is devastating, dealing critical damage if not incinerating a Baron with a single blast.


Author. technically this is a rifle round, believe it or not.

Even if I ever update it (because of a glitch that needs fixing or something) then I might change it.

… The definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines.

The shotgun being used on Level 11: 'O' of Destruction! This is the Hexa Shotgun, 6 barrels full of pure death that obliterate any poor demon that happens to be in front of you..."but why dox" I hear you cry... why the hell not.

Unlike the super shotgun of Doom II, which spreads pellets in a rough cone, there is no vertical dispersal; presumably this was a consequence of the game engine's predominantly planar design. Great! My only irk is its spawn chance is tiny, if not at all. You can access it by typing "map test" in the console. Not really a fan of Vietdoom's rifle, so, sorry, but no. because i think im capping ammo types to 6 :) im adding flechettes and one more type that im thinking of im getting done with, Its sounds kinda stupid. Is it likely you will create a version of this to work with Project Brutality, or as a stand-alone entity?

And i know they did, however they used stands i think to balance the gun XD and i didnt know it was that far away :o. For my full review: A rather realistic overhaul to the Pump-Action-Shotgun. The weapon is pretty good. Remember Doom 3 and there was that super shotgun in that case titled "Commander Shotgun"?

in the RC7 of Brutal doom this bug was fixed, but using your mod the problem is present again. ---- It looks way more angry now!leonelc also made new sweet firing frames, which then received muzzle flashes.When you aim at the enemy with that weapon its eyes start to glow red. Your addon "isn't available for download via any mirrors" i dunno if this is a moddb problem or not, as I've never ran into this, but it's definitely inconvenient. We use cookies to enable you to log in, set your site preferences, analyse site traffic, personalise content and provide relevant advertising.Find out more and change your settings in our privacy policy. Enjoy!

hmm...i have seen this before, and someone actually try to do this with similar sized NAILS and such (in real life of course)!

From what I know they didn't use stands. TootsyBowl Jun 7 2018. Obviously, this is supposed to be a haha very funny joke. -Hexa Barrel Shotgun Other than that one complaint, nice!

Shotgun shells For when you need a really, REALLY big gun... this legendary Hexa Shotgun will never betray and dissapoint you. It smells a lot like dead demons and shotgun shells.


Brutal Doom; This new Brutal Doom gun uses souls for ammo. DoomDb - The official Doom WAD sharing group! If shells are the only plentiful ammo, the shotgun is less wasteful and fires faster if one needs to snipe or deal with lone humanoids scattered in mazes.

That will add 16.666% to the killing power and, for instance, make the last secondary blast triple. I don't feel like updating it anymore. Yep that's right, even BD has all this ammo too! o...o,

(I've already had the default key bindings deleted from the KEYCONF file), How are you loading this? Here, have fun. Ho-lee sh*t, I can already smell the carnage. GaMryous Jun 6 2020-Quad Barrel Shotgun-Hexa Barrel Shotgun -Rotating Double Barrel Shotgun. Slot 4, replaces the minigun sometimes. Reducing spread and basically making the shotgun look more realistic is a good aim, much like the realistic ssg mod, my only complain is the reloading time. Flak, Buck, Dragons breath, Slug, and Flechette! god... Sprites were made by ȽʘɌƉ ȽʘŦḢɅɌ. Nice Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote.

-Rotating Double Barrel Shotgun. Maybe with some aiming too.

I just wanted to wait for the v21 Gold release before doing anything. A Super Shotgun that fire Super Shotguns? What about a explosive buck shot that has a massive AOE. It was ȽʘɌƉ ȽʘŦḢɅɌ's idea.It should be more compatible with weapon addons that belong to slot 7, also slightly increased it's chance of spawning.You can find their discord tags in Credits.txt. I might make that a mutator in future tense :).

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