Its basically the same game. For example generic shooter 2 “costs” 49.99 but it’s “worth” 0. you might enjoy them aswell. Not PS4 games that’s for sure, maybe PS3. Can anyone help me kill jason in a private match. Not that I ever download anything from PS+ anyway… 10 years and counting for a fair subscribtion that only charges me for what I actually use, online capabilities. Who and why did choose this game? 3rd why you are not ps plus member if you think these games are so great? Wow. Put them all together and October’s PS Plus line up looks like this: These will all be available to download on PlayStation Store from 2nd October. Thanks Sony. So the poop emoji doesn’t mean you are pooping over the games on offer next month? Everyone with half a brain could see that game was destined to be dead on arrival after it’s first trailer it was shown. I didn't realize this board only contained answers from douchebags. eventhough I’m builing for work, I’ll still be able to play all kind of games with quality settings roughly up to ps4, and thats only without a dedicated gpu.

Thats what I do when i dont like someone, throw free games at them. I was expecting a LEGO game – which we never got -, but this is far the worst month in the life of PS+. Playing either 2-vs-2 or 3-vs-3, the basic goal is simple: eliminate the opposition. And in case it wasn’t clear this month’s games again have the last 2 years of “free” games.??? It locks some content I believe, some modes. Hey thanks for your response. If I do not want loot box style “pray and win” monthly games so why should I pay for it?

Please list the 10 games you can no longer play online(servers shut) that you got from PSPlus. Read my comment again. I am not into multiplayer games at all so both being MP only is a bit of a dud. Don’t know what you guys are doing with our money.. the games are bad and boring and the servers doesn’t improving.

These people do not give a **** about us, they only care about the money we pay them to play with other people. Easily and i mean EASILY the worst month ever by a long way! Friday 13th is way too similar a game to give out a couple of months after dead by daylight. ??, i7-5820K 3.3GHz, Asus X99-DELUXE, Corsair H110i GTX, 850 EVO 1TB, EVGA GTX 970 4GB FTW ACX2.0, Corsair 760T, EVGA 850W, Orion Spark, Proteus Core, Benq BL3200PT. I used to at least try each of the ps+ games but I guarantee you I won’t be wasting my time on this.

For other topics, head to our Forums. I dont want to argue, if you get my point its ok, if you dont i dont care. Of course but England is not whole Europe right? Friday 13th looks and sounds almost exactly like that horror one from the other month. We obviously couldn’t let it pass without serving up a little seasonal treat for PlayStation Plus users, so to get you in the mood for a spook-tacular Halloween, we’re kicking-off October with notorious horror icon and sporting goods aficionado Jason Voorhees. I already have Friday the 13th…and an odd choice since Dead By Daylight is very similar and was on Plus recently (though F13 is better). Still waiting for the “haha we got you there” post …. Not every month is going to be a winner… Last month was worth the entire year for me. Lazer league got 80+% on metacritic so hardly trash. multiplayer games as headliners of the month. Master Reboot, The Bridge, Rocketbirds 2 and 2064 Read Only Memories also join the service. Founder, Hello Games, Website © 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Do kids in France, Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia etc celebrate Halloween? It was free during and around the time of E3. This time they’re complete.

When I saw the rumour about Nioh and Diablo I was well excited and this has massively fallen short of expectations! The games are Free!!!!!!! I hate PvP. It’s your chance to step into the shoes of one of Camp Crystal Lake’s ill-fated student counsellors, or strap on the iconic hockey mask yourself and go hunting for helpless teenagers. Who lives and who dies? I actually didn’t find this too shabby. Nothings wrong with psp why should be? always a great sounding rumor or 2 around leading up to these. Way too much optomism the comment thread are gonna come after you. Last time I checked I paid a subscription for these “free” games. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Not a troll just pointing out you are talking nonsense.

Inch your way up by answering questions, completing tasks and occasionally trying to trip-up your fellow contestants, all in the name of jolly-good fun. Makes one wonder why the subscription fee went up… disappointing.

After that this month feels like trash. Every month they are PS4 games, usually bigger titles. Its too bad i have so many friends on Ps4. I think you should be giving Sony a big thank you. I dont have a problem if there is some month with not very good games, after all last month was great… But giving us friday the 13th 2 months after dead by daylight??? master reboot was pretty good though, enjoy. Lead Writer, Activision Editorial, Sid Shuman However, it is a bit annoying that you purchased a currently multiplayer-only game and are upset that you can't play it without PS Plus. in fairness who cares, ops 4 and rdr2 this month, what free games are going to divert attention from that. If you’re one of those on the run, you’ll have a selection of improvised tools – along with the power of teamwork – to see you through. like that Michael Jackson song, “all I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us”. Every month I’m forced to subscribe to this, it’s like you’re handing out bad publicity, and it’s been going on for sooo long… *facepalm* Even my loyalty has its limits. If you don’t care what people’s opinions are don’t ask questions in the comment thread,just put you’re opinion or statement. Personally I’m pleased, as I don’t have any this month’s games. And then they made it mandatory for online to top it all off, lol. This is no BS, his legit secretary was trying to contact me on Jaffe’s behalf to arrange a Facetime session. Don’t forget Dead Star which shut down about 6 months after going into PS Plus. With September winding down it’s time to say ‘farewell’ to the scorching summer and a big fat ‘Boo!’ to autumn. Exceedingly bad. Btw laser league looks like something i wouldnt play even on psp…. We bought the game a few weeks ago and it's been working fine. I remember writing a scathing breakdown way ahead of it’s release somewhere. To the others, find something to do with your life outside of being infants on message boards. All this ps+ crap is so scummy. Master Reboot and The Bridge for me, guess the “leak” about Diablo 3 and Nioh was just wishful thinking…. End of the day I’m being forced to pay £50 just to play online! But this is not really the problem, the problem is that we get basically the same game as 2 months ago. Awful month for PS4. Pretty sure this is revenge for the whole giving us cross play on Fortnite thing…. Very disappointing especially after the rumours but it seems to be becoming the norm. Tell you whats not bad if you had both games on disc from this months plus you could sell them both and make £15ish then download the plus games and you would be quids in. If you don’t like it – and this is for everyone – then stop paying the fee and stop buying the hardware. It’s bad enough that the Vita and the PS3 games are being dropped in March, without having the PS4 section full of games I have no interest in playing as well. There are also often discounts for certain games if you have a PS+ subscription. Producer, Square Enix, Gavin Moore Wow, that’s bad. Seriously Sony? 4-5 months ago I bought both DbD and Ft13 and they ended up being given for free in these last months. Can anyone help me kill jason in a private match. Because you said a game is not worth playing even on psp implying games on psp aint great and so said game is even worse than a psp game. Yeah, its scummy as [DELETED]. What a joke of a month. The games were part of PS+ long before the online services were. If I called you a piece of poop then said chill out how would you take it? You can play them as long as you are subscribed. I am a plus member don’t know why the cross is not showing feel free to add me if you don’t believe me. Senior Vice President, PlayStation Worldwide Marketing, SIE, Sean Murray Never mind, cheers anyway sony. Thank you to the one person that tried to be helpful. Oh well, at least previous month made me to become a big Destiny fan, which I would have never imagined myself ever to become. PS+ is the worst thing to have ever disgraced this brand, even before it was mandatory for basic online. What a joke. When clicking on Quick Match it prompts me to sign up for PlayStation Plus and if I try to back out of signing up for it, it states that this feature will not be available without signing up for PlayStation Plus. I have been with plus since launch and have around 10 games that are no longer usable. 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Friday the 13th is just as bad or worse as Dead by Daylight. You ever notice they’re always that cheap when they hit PS+?

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