The heavier weight in the front of the arrow also helps with kinetic energy for hunting situations delivering deadly penetration. Don't be fooled by the so-called "field ready arrows" offered at big-box stores. In the slower months (Jan-July) we usually beat that average by a day. And the mayhem 250's do way the same as the maxima hunter 350's. You wont be disappointed! The whole idea behind the Maxima RED’s is to have the most accurate broadhead arrow in the industry. In order for an arrow to be selected for a set, they must fit into the following criteria: With the redesign of the Maxima RED arrows, Carbon Express is able to manage dynamic spine so well they offer only two different spine sizes. Features: Contact Information: (800) 241-4833; Nov 26th & 27th I had my Prime Defy sighted in out to 80 yards with the Maxima Hunter’s. Carbon Express Maxima Triad Managing how an arrow flexes in flight (Dynamic Spine) is the key to arrow accuracy, and no one does a better job at this than Carbon Express®. Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of CARBON EXPRESS MAXIMA BLU 350. We think that's a pretty low standard. I love my Maxima Reds! The hardest hitting, deadly accurate arrow I have ever shot. Please contact your local dealer for availability. Hand-building arrows allows us do things our big-box competitors cannot. Royboy that is interesting I did not know that. It's one of the best tuning arrows too. The back part of the arrow features a lighter and stiffer carbon fiber than the front part of the arrow. So my question is would you go by the chart and switch to a 250 arrow and give up the heavier arrow or stay with the 350 arrow that I am shooting now? These strict tolerances can all but guarantee that each arrow in the bow will shoot the same. Manufacturer spine sizing systems. Carbon Express sorts arrows based on weight, spine, and straightness. This helps the arrow to flex less when released from the bow and causes the arrow to spin 20% sooner. I also upgraded to a faster new bow last year, 6in. Once a set of arrows is made, each arrow gets a serial number that matches all of the arrows in the box. Every completed arrow set comes with our exclusive arrow certification card, which details the exact finished weight and specs of your arrows. May 25th Free shipping . The increase in weight has added a little more kinetic energy for more penetration hunting purposes. If you currently shoot Maxima Hunter’s, I suggest that you take a look at these new arrows. NOTE: Actual arrow spine deflections do not necessarily match the manufacturer's marketed spine sizes (Gold Tip 5575, Carbon Force 200, Carbon Express 60/75, etc.). RED HOT SHAFT FROM CARBON EXPRESS: Managing how an arrow flexes in flight (Dynamic Spine) is the key to arrow accuracy, and no one does a better job at this than Carbon Express®. There is not a better arrow out there! The first time I shot the Maxima RED’s, I was extremely pleased to see that the claims Carbon Express has made are in fact accurate. I am currently shooting a Carbon Express 350 arrow. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world. But we won't need to. , we can't put it all back in the shell for someone else later. Superior, WI 54880 Size         Grains/Inch         Spine                       Diameter, 250         8.11                          0.417”                    0.295”, 350         9.07                          0.342”                    0.300”. In the busier months (August-December) we tend to run an extra day. CARBON EXPRESS MAXIMA RED SPECIFICATIONS: This chart is normalized for modern compound bows with IBO speeds between 280-330 fps. Carbon Express Gameslayer Fletched Carbon Arrows with 2" Nrg Speed Vane, 250 OR 350 Options, Pre-Cut at 30" with Inserts Installed 4.3 out of 5 stars 32 $18.79 Matched Weight Set - All Adrenaline series are sorted and... Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, 1230 Poplar Avenue

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