Never was that more clear for Claudio and Danielle than on April 8, 2016, one day before Jack would have turned 17. Captain of United States side at World Cup 2002 in Japan and Korea. Everything.”, Claudio: “He taught us how to love more, to trust more. After nine months of chemo, everyone celebrated Jack’s 12th birthday with fantastic news: His MRIs were clear. Upstairs, in the boys’ bedroom, the Lego structures are still intact. Jack likes school and he's good at it. And they got strength from us. The whole game Gio was ridiculous. Gio was magical that day in a 2-0 U.S. victory, and in the 38th minute he scored a truly remarkable goal. "I look up to him because he's done so many things in a young career, and he's a great guy," Gio says of Haaland. Or his parents didn’t. You could tell he was fighting it. It was perfect.”. They had no idea, Claudio thought to himself. Would he have a girlfriend? Always more quiet than Jack, Gio is now one of the U.S.’s top soccer prospects, a 16-year-old forward who blends Claudio’s soccer IQ and Danielle’s athleticism, has his own Adidas video ad and just moved to Germany, where he’s expected to join Borussia Dortmund soon. Claudio enjoyed an illustrious career that saw hi… Gio and Claudio Reyna talk Gio's move to Borussia Dortmund and learning from Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho. I've certainly learned from her, and so thankful to have her. Her son Jack who was born in 1999 died of cancer in 2012. He smiles a lot as he talks about Haaland, and then about Sancho -- this triumvirate of promising young attacking players, with Gio the youngest of the group. He and Danielle have two sons; Jack (b. Reyna speaks fluent English and Spanish, as well as conversational in German. Danielle Egan Reyna (born August 28, 1973) is an American retired soccer player. He spends much of his time with his organization. “He was like the first baby of everyone, soccer-wise. When Pulisic joined Dortmund at 16, he was able to live with his father, Mark, for the first two years. And while Gio has his own distinct identity, the influence of Claudio, Danielle and Jack is unmistakable. Stream on ESPN+ (U.S. only). "My first thoughts were, 'We have to get the ball' and go score another as we were 3-2 down. They do the same with each other when describing their firstborn son. Claudio’s career was taking off. He is the personality of American nationality and ethnicity belongs to white. He is widely recognized one of the greatest players of United States has ever been produced. “I believe 100% in what we’re doing at NYCFC,” says Claudio, “but I have to remove my hat as a sporting director for him. In October 2002, he injured the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee, keeping him out of action for the rest of the 2002–03 season. His salary and net worth are unknown to fans. "The decision to go to Dortmund was Gio's," Claudio says. Erling Haaland, a highly sought after striker, had signed for Dortmund that January from Red Bull Salzburg, scoring nine goals in eight games to open his Bundesliga career, and the two became close friends. In three and a half seasons at the City of Manchester Stadium, Reyna made 87 appearances, scoring four goals and was a popular player with City supporters. It's a process right now moving into my own apartment for the first time, but I'm learning a lot. “Always, no matter what, he had a smile on his face.”. He likes strawberries and salad and especially Lela’s Milanese. Their narratives are intertwined, but Gio is forging his own path. Danielle competed for a period in the German women’s third division, but it wasn’t nearly as serious as her Carolina days. They didn’t always love when kids came. When it's breakfast in the Reyna household in the U.S. Gio is propped on the end of the family table via FaceTime. They’d heard stories about couples divorcing after losing a child, and they wanted to make sure it didn’t happen to them. He loves basketball and football, especially the Baltimore Ravens. “You have to be really strong every day, but also understand that I would feel very good one day and she wouldn’t—or vice versa. A block of three-story townhouses on a British streetscape. Reyna did play in the 1998, 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cups. Despite building his reputation in Germany and on the national team as a creative midfielder, he spent most of his years at Rangers playing right midfield. A basketball hoop stands sentry out front, and the backyard opens onto a soccer field, the fencing around its goal having been repaired not long ago after years of pounding by the kids. He doesn't feel any pressure, which is great. On August 8, 1994, Reyna signed with German Bundesliga club Bayer 04 Leverkusen after playing in the 1994 FIFA World Cup. In April 2017, when Gio was 14, his NYCFC team won the Generation Adidas Cup, a tournament for MLS U-17 teams, and Gio was named the event’s best player. Egan was gorgeous, a blonde tomboy, the pride of an Irish-American family on Long Island. Stream on ESPN+ (U.S. only). He catches up with his younger brother and sister, Joah-Mikel and Carolina, over Fortnite and FaceTime. This was finalized on January 23, 2007. At home, Jack was put on a morphine drip to ease the pain. On April 1, 1999, Rangers paid $826,400 to Wolfsburg and $2.76 million to Leverkusen for Reyna.

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