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Daughter of NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. No one is more deserving than Clint Murchison, Jr. to be included as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

A world-famous chain of restaurants resulted. In 1927 he founded a company that was to become the Southern Union Gas Company in Dallas. Charean Williams. After World War II, he earned a master's degree in mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Clint Murchison was the top business leader and behind the scenes political leader in Dallas in the 1963 era.

Recalling his wit and sense of humor, Mr.

Tex Schramm, Tom Landry and Gil Brandt deserve all the credit they get for the making of America’s Team, but without Clint Murchison Jr., the Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t have become the Dallas Cowboys. In accord with his father's advice that "money was like manure, it had to be spread around to do any good," Clint, Jr., formed a company to collect manure and process it to produce methane gas, which he sold to an Oklahoma pipeline. By some accounts, John was responsible for a conservative viewpoint that helped hold in check the ''wheeler-dealer'' nature of his elder brother. Bright said Mr. Murchison once read an uncomplimentary news article about the Dallas Cowboys and himself. When three creditors, the Toronto-Dominion Bank, the Kona-Post Corporation and Citicorp, filed a petition to force him into bankruptcy, the fate of his financial empire was sealed. Clint, Jr., attended Lawrenceville Prep as a youth, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Duke University in electrical engineering, and received a master's degree in mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Clinton Williams Murchison, Jr., businessman, was born in Dallas, Texas, on September 12, 1923, the son of Anne (Morris) and Clinton Williams Murchison, Sr., both of Tyler. Don’t hesitate to call if you need any first hand stories about how he treated all who worked for him and with him. He did act decisively, but didn't give the fans what they wanted by firing Landry. the official stats partner of the NFL. Texas Stadium, which became the trademark home for the team, was Murchison's idea, and the team, by that time one of the most successful of all sports enterprises, moved there in 1971. Mr. Murchison, who had been debilitated by a neurological disorder, was admitted to Gaston Episcopal Hospital here about two weeks ago, said Sandy McCoy, an associate administrator of the hospital. In fact, if one person personified the center of business and political power in Texas in 1963 it would be Clint Murchison, Sr. His son, Clint Jr. was a founding owner of the Dallas Cowboys in 1960.

Without him, there would be no Dallas Cowboys. > Clint Murchison Jr. Full Site Menu. She said he died of complications caused by pneumonia. He was survived by his wife, Anne, his former wife, Jane, and four children from the earlier marriage. The younger Mr. Murchison attended preparatory school in Lawrenceville, N.J., and was graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Duke University with a degree in electrical engineering while serving in the Marine Corps.

Logos were compiled by the amazing As deals fell through and development projects around the country failed, the cash needed to sustain the payments on the large loans that he had personally guaranteed at high interest rates was not available.

With John Dabny he was heir to the fortune that his father had built during the 1920s and 1930s, primarily through investments in real estate and construction, railroads, and oil. Jane Wolfe, The Murchisons: The Rise and Fall of a Texas Dynasty (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1989).

Tom Landry once said, “I got my praise, Tex got his praise, Gil (Brandt) got his, but it was Clint Murchison that brought us together.”.

Select from premium Clint Murchison Jr. of the highest quality. I just found out the news that Clint Murchison is not in the hall of fame and I can’t understand why. He made the right decisions, hired the best people, and he gave Coach Landry an unprecedented10-year contract even after four losing seasons. This guy didn’t know the meaning of the word, can’t and he didn’t listen to all the naysayers. Both deaths left strong impressions on the young Murchison. Clint Murchison should have been in long ago. Clint Murchison was such a low-key leader, but he was the guy who charted the course and sailed the ship. Instead, he gave Landry a 10-year contract extension, one of the signature moves in NFL history. Though not known as a particularly religious person, Murchison had been baptized into the fundamentalist Shady Grove Church in December 1981. MURCHISON, CLINTON WILLIAMS, JR. (1923–1987). The remaining nutrients were then recovered and sold as commercial cattle feed.

His mother died when Clint was only two years old. Mr. Yes, you can count on me. Clint William Murchison Jr. was the last surviving son of Clint Murchison Sr., a Texas wildcatter who rode the oil boom of the 1920's to fame and fortune. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. While dining at a small barbecue restaurant in Miami during Super Bowl week in January 1971, he was impressed with the food and struck a business deal with its owner, Tony Roma. Clint gambled big time on the Dallas Cowboys and then persevered during the tough times, and those early years were very tough, but he stayed with it and stayed with the people he hired. More than $500 million in liabilities have been filed against the Murchison estate in the last two years.

His funeral was held at Shady Grove Church, and Murchison was buried at Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park in Dallas.

Despite Mr. Murchison's financial problems and failing health, friends and business acquaintances said he remained a cheerful and optimistic man. I enjoyed it, every minute of it. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. The article, by Edwin Pope, a sports editor of The Miami Herald, referred to Mr. Murchison as ''a 130-pound halfback from M.I.T.'' Pro Football Talk It is my honor to nominate your dad to the NFL Hall of Fame.

Copyright © 2020 Fold3® by Ancestry®. Clint nurtured the team during the difficult and financially trying years of the early 60’s and eventually his ownership vision resulted in the dynasty of the Dallas Cowboys, a team that did as much, or more, than any other to bring the excitement of NFL football to America and beyond. Return to Top; Players. '', In the early 1980's, Mr. Murchison was involved in a number of energy and real estate ventures that eventually eroded his wealth. All Rights Reserved. **DALLAS, March 31— **Clint W. Murchison Jr., the scion of a Texas wildcat oil family who created the Dallas Cowboys football team, died Monday night. Watch our How-To Videos to Become a Stathead, Subscribe to Stathead and get access to more data than you can imagine. He was the right man at the right time for the franchise, hiring the right people who made the right moves. Find out more. Son of a Texas Wildcatter.

He was the right man at the right time for the franchise, hiring the right people who made the right moves.

He set a great example as pursued excellence. I weigh 142 pounds.'' But it also became known that he was a notorious womanizer and user of narcotics. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Clint did a marvelous thing when he brought the Cowboys to town. Texas Stadium, with its unique hole in the roof, soon became the most iconic stadium in the NFL. Tecon, a construction company started by Clint, Sr., operated world-wide and worked on such projects as the St. Lawrence Seaway, removal of dangerous shale deposits along the Panama Canal, and construction of a tunnel under Havana harbor in Cuba for Fulgencio Batista in the 1950s. I was honored to have a great working relationship with him. All rights reserved. We present them here for purely educational purposes. Or write about sports? He did not want or need any attention. In 1984 he received the Boys Clubs of America's Herbert Hoover Humanitarian award in recognition for his humanitarian efforts on behalf of youth. After John Murchison's death in 1979, a legal dispute over his estate led to the sale of the Cowboys to H. R. Bright, a Dallas businessman, for $60 million in 1984. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Thursday, November 5, 6:45AM. His mother died when he was two and he was mainly raised by an aunt. He was a true role model. Clint Murchison’s Special Magic was to allow cognitive dissonance to exist and flourish in order to establish and maintain the Cowboy’s unique culture— for more than 25 years. He did very much for the advancement of the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys.

Are you a Stathead, too? His first wife, Jane Catherine (Coleman), whom he married on June 12, 1945, divorced him in January 1973 because of his infidelity. Murchison died on March 30, 1987, after a brief illness, although his health had deteriorated significantly in the years of his financial troubles. ''One of his greatest satisfactions besides the Cowboys was Texas Stadium, the home of the Cowboys,'' John D. O'Connell, a longtime friend and business associate, said of Clinton Murchison. I feel like he was the best owner I could play for. Mr. Murchison was low key in the every angle ever taken by this humble servant.

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