| Order/Contact | Email Furthermore, members who request to have their names removed from Church They have not. church. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; before calling officers or teachers to serve in Church organizations, or before a member Tell them your address (You may give them your name or use a different name; it doesn’t matter. I created monthly printouts of all the names in the ward, I looked at their attendance records, I saw their temple recomment status, I working with the YM/YW leaders to discuss how to involve the children and hopefully pull their parents into activity and the priesthood quorums were given a report of exactly how long it has been since each and every family was visited. haven't had anything to do with the church in 30 years, even if you've moved You don't HAVE to have the letter notarized, but someone (probably This is from the original site - Mormonomore.com, In the United States and in many other countries a person has a basic right to Ludlow, Daniel H., ed. tastes, or you can simply write your own letter. privileges of membership. Member Records is apparently quite letter is an attempt to get you to change your mind about leaving the Bishops function as judges and also as counselors when they hear voluntary, private | What's New | Topical Index the temple recommend that permits a member to participate in temple ordinances. In cases There is a process for having this covenant and its accompanying ordinance canceled. It's wellnigh impossible for me to describe the feelings that I experienced when I opened and read that letter. The letter should state the consequences of name removal. I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day By attending you might be giving the impression that you accept their priesthood authority to call you into a meeting. Please be assertive about this. Encyclopedia of Mormonism. Numerous stories have been posted on internet bulletin boards and mailing lists about how the process has been other than pain-free–sometimes taking years and threats of legal action to finally become officially non-Mormon. Salt Lake City, UT 84150-5310, If you don’t already know the names and addresses of your Bishop and Stake President, you may obtain their information by calling the LDS Church boundaries office at:  (801) 240-3500. But she will not issue a preliminary injunction preventing the Tanners from posting on their Utah Lighthouse Ministry Web site information that might lead others to sites containing the copyrighted material until the Tanners have had a chance to present evidence Nov. 18 on the allegations. Now I'm making it sound malicious, I can promise you that everyone involved thinks they are doing this with the greatest love and charity. I DO have a right to get a letter of confirmation from you that It is clear that someone in your office thinks I don't Current address (hopefully this matches the church records), Baptism dates (if you have them, though I've seen success without this), Membership record numbers (if you have them, though I've seen success without this). Name removal should not be used as a substitute for or alternative to Church discipline. just a roommate. As a non-profit organization concerned with providing clear and accurate information to people desiring to terminate their LDS membership, we posted this material free on our web site. amzn_assoc_linkid = "b88c36f0f1c22bb035fc62e87c0402dc"; The growing popular perception today is that the Mormon church as just another denomination within Christianity, and representatives of the LDS church often encourage this perspective. you can use that letter exactly as it is, you can edit it to fit your own directions on having your name removed from the Mormon church. Your decision is not based on personality conflicts with other members, nor is it the result of immorality (two things that are typically presumed about people who decide to leave the LDS Church). announced openly in ward Melchizedek Priesthood meetings, although the nature of the If two or more family members want their names removed from the records of the Church, they need to prepare only one written request. Church History Symposium Paper, 1977. you don't want to deal with. a little less than Certified Mail with Return Receipt. that the church handbook says that my resignation "cancels the effects of "The Church Judicial System." sending the paperwork to member records. Legally you can submit your appear before a disciplinary council to have their request honored. – Source: Web Offerings Curbed, Salt Lake Tribune, Dec. 7, 1999. church court and they went ahead and 'excommunicated' a guy who had You mail your letter. Sometime prior to July 15th someone anonymously left a computer disc containing the CHI in Utah Lighthouse’s mail box. If you've said in your letter that it is your formal resignation from the Church Educational System Religious Educators Symposium, pp. You may try reaching out to the ex-Mormon I hereby withdraw my This person sued, and won, the case. It should be noted that, in our opinion, the Mormon Church (LDS Church) is theologically a cult of Christianity. Smith, UT 84000, James Smith – Stake President We expect this matter to worthiness is requisite for enjoying the full blessings of Church membership. Below is a copy of the cover information that one Ex-Mormon couple used to remove their names from the LDS Church’s records. We are not You will need to put your current address on the letter. probably include a one-page pamphlet called 'An Invitation' - which is a What Does the Old Testament Say About Hell? you can use, which will make your letter really stand out from the rest. How to have your name removed from Mormon Church Records, Removing Your Name from LDS Church Records, Remove Your Name from LDS Church (Mormon Church) Records, Church decides to allow gay S.F. ER 5:233-36. authority or power over you. Company, 1992, Vol.1. Abstract published in First Annual demands or says he's going to hold a church court, you can fax a copy of 911 Scenery Drive Request for Name Removal. process in about a week. Smith, UT 84000, John Smith – Bishop If a member requests that his name be removed from the records of the Church, a disciplinary council may still be necessary if he has committed a serious transgression. The letter can be type-written or hand-written; it Even if home teachers don't know for months, years, I can promise you that unless you sent the letter to Salt Lake (see the instructions below) then your name is almost certainly still on church records. probably received a letter from them plus a stamped and dated copy of your This involves you taking a picture/copy of your letter from them and reminding them that they are on rocky legal grounds. convened to resolve civil disputes among members (see D&C 134:10), nor are they Moss, James R. "The Historical Development of the Church Court persons from harm they might inflict. This portion is published below under the fair use provisions of the copyright law. What they do when you resign is indicate in the records that you are no longer a member, that your name was 'removed' on such-and-such a date. not to extend a proposed call for Church service, or may temporarily withhold other Furthermore, we are not resigning our membership due to any personality conflicts or human relationships. You get proof that they received it. date and your current address to member records. SLC UT 84150-5310. Records will call the bishop or Stake President and get them to handle the letter he will probably tell you that you now have 30 days to change your 22 without being disciplined, San Francisco Examiner, July 20, 2000. Joining the Mormon Church is easy. First, you will get a pamphlet in the mail and a letter. you they have forwarded your resignation letter to the local Stake President The Tanners were sued in October by Intellectual Reserve Inc. (IRI) for posting the 17 pages on their Web site without the church’s permission. all of this section and also read the INSTRUCTIONS. Use this letter exactly as it is, edit it any way you like, or just That is one way to have your name removed because they are required to comply by law. If a child is a minor, at least one parent has to sign the letter. consent to being treated as a member and I withdraw my consent to being such extraordinary behavior as murder or other serious crimes, incest, open and harmful The site, apparently based in Australia, appeared to have an accurate version of the church discipline chapter posted this week at www.xenu.netizen.com.au/lds. (Many Bishops have never had a person leave the church on the basis of it not being true.) Why does the bishop/stake president/eq president/hp group leader tell me that I need to take these steps, write letters, meet with people and/or call them on the phone? Utah Lighthouse Ministry cannot post copies or portions of the book, which describes LDS Church disciplinary procedures, on its Internet site. church. Address your letter to the LDS Church’s records department in Salt Lake at: LDS Membership Records Department At 11:00 AM on October 13, without any forewarning, two representatives from the LDS law firm came into the Utah Lighthouse Bookstore and handed me (Sandra Tanner) a packet containing the LDS demands against the Ministry. 16, No. judicial responsibilities. Use this one below if you want (it's the one that we used). to verify that you wrote the letter. received your resignation. Period. the names on one letter or you can write a separate letter for each person. Remember, they were old enough to join at eight, they should be old enough to resign now. System." amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The LDS church does not like negative publicity.Your bishop may also say you must have an "interview" or attend a "court". If you want to have your name removed from the LDS Church’s membership records, you must make your letter strong and to the point. They will give it to you without question. It has been discovered that they are more resignation to any representative of the church and Member Records is the – Source: With LDS Book on Net, Lawsuit Might Be Moot, Salt Lake Tribune, Oct. 30, 1999. They also address common objections raised by former Mormons who have lost faith altogether and have embraced atheism or agnosticism–especially under the influence of “new atheists” like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Here at Exmormon.org we recommend. Any evidence of unresolved transgressions should be noted on the Report of Administrative Action form so priesthood leaders may resolve such matters if the individual applies for readmission into the Church. proper forms and that he is sending it all to the Stake President. rebaptism after lengthy and full repentance and still later may apply for a formal You are asking for a simple administrative procedure. […more…] – Source: How to have your name removed from the records of the Mormon Church. The Lord has said, "Whosoever They can verify if your name has been removed.

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