RovR RollR Wheeled Camping Rolling Cooler, Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler, 4. What to look for when buying a second freezer. The Coolest Is the Coolest Cooler Ever And that's not an exaggeration. +++ ADD A SOLAR LID: Opt for the 8.4W solar panel lid and be off the grid for days while keeping your phone powered up for safety and security. Reviewers reported poor insulation performance, but for the price, this is the cooler to beat. And it still has 46 days to go. “In this case, unfortunately, 1/3 of the backers won’t receive the reward they were promised. © The Duraflex tie-downs are ideal for sporting events, road trips, and fishing expeditions; it’s even rated IP-66 to protect against rough river rapids and relentless riptides. You won’t have to worry about rotting food anymore. But what happens when you don't have a power outlet, or even a nearby car to blast Daft Punk? Before pulling the trigger on a new cooler, the first thing to consider is size, which directly affects how portable your foodstuffs will be. Waterproof and removable, it puts out up to 1 full amp of power in direct sunlight through the built-in USB charger. Cooling Fan Camping Lamp Multi-functional Solar Table Lamp Flashlight Torch LED Solar and AC Cord Charging for Home Use Outdoor Camping. (Pun intended.) Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Your parking lot & backyard entertainment guide. We’ve worked hard to make it clear that Kickstarter is not a store. “It was devastating to our business, and I know it was felt by many of you in one way or another as consumers and thousands of small businesses everywhere,” he writes. And that’s just the start. Oh, yeah… it also becomes a bar top table on the Coolest telescoping handle! Quart Capacity: 100 | Can Capacity: 163 | Ice Retention (Days): 5 | Size: 28.2 x 18.2 x 15.8 inches | Weight: 12.3 pounds, Coleman is an affordable outdoor brand that’s been around for ages. Portable Solar … Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. The built-in bottle opener was literally made for parties, and the utility loop holds towels, trash bags, and more. Get Coupon, Save $2 Add in a few more perks—a fish ruler, built-in bottle opener, easy-to-open latches—and this is one of the best coolers money can buy. Depending on your lifestyle’s food-and-beverage-cooling demands, insulation performance is perhaps the most important factor. At Coolest, we believe that Life's Better Outside™ when we spend time with friends and family. Get Coupon, Save $7 For those with more nostalgic sensibilities, nothing says “summertime” like the Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler. That’s right: a blender. (Oh, the zippered/mesh pockets on the outside are a welcome addition, too.) ), 701 Main Street - Oh, yeah… it also becomes a bar top table on the Coolest telescoping handle! MEET THE COOLEST COOLER SHOP COOLESTS Five Colors + EXCLUSIVE FEATURES + OPTIONAL BLENDER lid = ULtimate outdoor fun! $ Not only is this one of the best coolers around, but it’s also an uber-convenient option when you need to take your foodstuffs off the beaten path. The Oregon DOJ says the company has until 2020 to pay the remaining consumers. What’s unique about the RollR cooler is its upgradeability. It seems possible that backers might not receive their $20, particularly if the company is out of cash. While this cooler isn’t really meant for ice retention, the Cool Riser design keeps the inner compartments away from sweltering surfaces, which means lukewarm drinks are never a concern. License, STMicroelectronics TS432ILT, Adjustable Shunt Voltage Reference 1.24 - 10V, ±1.0 % 3-Pin, SOT-23 (10), Infineon N-Channel MOSFET, 327 A, 40 V, 3-Pin TO-247AC IRLP3034PBF, Toshiba N-Channel MOSFET, 30.8 A, 600 V, 5-Pin DFN TK31V60W5 (2500), DiodesZetex Diodes Inc MMBT6427-7-F NPN Darlington Pair, 500 mA 40 V HFE:20000, 3-Pin SOT-23 (100), Infineon IRGB6B60KPBF IGBT, 13 A 600 V, 3-Pin TO-220AB (5), ON Semiconductor P-Channel MOSFET, 4.5 A, 20 V, 6-Pin SOT-23 FDC638P (10), Microchip ATSAME54N20A-AU, 32bit ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller, ATSAME54, 120MHz, 1 MB Flash, 100-Pin TQFP (450), ON Semiconductor N-Channel MOSFET, 240 A, 100 V, 8-Pin H-PSOF FDBL86066-F085 (2000), RUSTIC WOOD IN OAK COLOR AND IRON NET WALL LIGHT/ NO LIGHT BULBS 5" W x 19 7/8" H (Oak), STMicroelectronics LM358AWDT , Low Power, Op Amp, 1.1MHz, 3 → 30 V, 8-Pin SOIC (25), Vishay N-Channel MOSFET, 28 A, 100 V, 3-Pin TO-220AB IRF540PBF (50), STMicroelectronics TS3011IYQ3T , Comparator, Rail to Rail O/P, 2.2 → 5 V 8-Pin DFN (3000). The Coolest is stylish, durable, holds ice for days on end and has all the right features you to get outside fast. You can also outfit your Coolest with an 8.4w removable solar lid that doubles as a bar-top table. Thanks to Cool Riser Technology—which elevates the molded base to improve cooling performance—you can count on up to 5 days of ice retention; the extra-thick foam walls and insulated lid do the rest. Best Match. If you want a cooler that delivers the die-hard durability of a professional meat locker, look no further than the Pelican Elite line of coolers. (Did I mention this cooler is certified bear resistant? The team ultimately put the cooler up for sale on Amazon before it even shipped all its owed product to backers. Customized Coolest Coolers will make your brand memorable and set you apart from the competition. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. ), Quart Capacity: 54 | Can Capacity: 78 | Ice Retention (Days): 4 | Size: 25.1 x 17.5 x 17.2 inches | Weight: 19.0 lbs. In Grepper's promo photos, the speaker looks like a standard Jawbone Jambox, but the final product may differ. And get this: It still has 46 days to go. The company behind the Coolest Cooler, widely known as one of the biggest Kickstarter failures, is officially going out of business. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. This no-nonsense stainless steel unit has a 54-quart capacity (or 85 beverage cans), and like other models in the Coleman line, its Have-a-Seat lid supports up to 250 pounds. A fish ruler and four tie-down points are both welcome perks, and the skid pads on the corners add an extra layer of protection. Featuring an innovative LED light system and removable see-through lid, this cooler’s massive 212-can capacity (125 quarts) will keep things chill from dusk ‘til dawn; gone are the days of fishing around in the dark for your favorite libation. When you're out having fun in the sun, you've gotta have some sweet tunes. Because it packs everything you’d need for a trip to the beach, park, or campground into one compact, well-designed unit. You can get small backpack-style models which are great for day hikes, or Yeti-sized behemoths that can pack in enough cans, bottles, and food—and keep them cool—to keep the party going for days. The same battery that powers the blender also lets you charge your phone, tablet, or camera via a waterproof USB port. Introducing the Coolest® Cooler, the last cooler you’ll ever need! It accommodates fannies up to 250 pounds—or one hungry bear cub. are an added bonus. ©2020 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC. © 2020 Tailgater Magazine. Why? Waterproof and removable, it puts out up to one full amp of power in direct sunlight through the built-in USB charger. Why? With a built-in blender, USB charger and LED lid light, you’ll keep the party quenched, the music blasting, and your smartphone battery at 100 percent. Join Free, Price: US $9.15 - 11.85 / Piece; Save $5 Get Coupon. (And if you have a little more to spend, the 80-quart option is worth the splurge. Arctic Zone sweetens the deal with a limited lifetime warranty. Available in four different sizes (and three earthy colors), the Titan Deep Freeze cooler is a great companion for budget-conscious adventurers. Ranging from a portable 12-quart size to a massive 150 quarts, there’s not much this cooler, which has 3-inch locking latches, a reinforced lockable hasp, and an anti-shear hinge system— can’t handle. Even if the thing fails on you, you still have a pretty awesome summertime fun machine. US $7.12 - 9.23 / Piece; Save $5 Get Coupon. With five colors and four configurations, simply choose a model that aligns with your style and budget, then just add your optional print locations and off you go in Coolest® style! As of this writing, the Coolest has attracted more than 21,000 backers who have raised in excess of $4 million on a mere $50,000 goal. The best cooler for full pedestrian mobility, Quart Capacity: 12, 20, 30 | Can Capacity: 16, 28, 50 | Ice Retention (Days): 3 | Size: 14.3 x 12.5 x 11.0 inches to 21.0 x 17.0 x 11.0 inches | Weight: 5.0 pounds to 6.7 pounds. Best grills We love to have fun and our unique, innovative products are designed to enhance the outdoor experience. Five Colors + EXCLUSIVE FEATURES + OPTIONAL BLENDER lid = ULtimate outdoor fun! When it comes to innovative functionality, the RovR RollR is tough to beat. Welp... so today, 5 years after I backed this thing, #CoolestCooler let’s me know I’m not getting anything. If you haven’t yet heard of Yeti (the cooler brand, not the Himalayan humanoid), it’s about time you did. But bear in mind that the coolers aren't expected to ship until February of next year. This model holds up to 100 quarts (or 163 soda pop cans, if you prefer), and it’s easy to cart around with the included flip-up handle. The freezer-quality Coldlock gasket keeps your ice retention on point; the Lipgrip handles make transporting the cooler more comfortable; the leakproof design is easy to drain; the T-Rex lid hatches keep everything in place; and the molded tie-down slots make it easy to attach the cooler to a boat, trailer, or truck bed. The “hitchpoint grid” lets you clip stuff to the cooler itself, such as a bottle opener or YETI Sidekick Dry bag (not included). Combined with excellent portability, ease of use, and a competitive price point, this is one of the best coolers on the block.

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