While many are easy fixes, some indicate failure of important parts of your computer, including your hard drive. Remove the CMOS battery for several seconds. This means your hard disk drive has encountered a failure. Plus, we have a special partnership with Dell and our Dell data recovery experts are able to provide affordable, world-class services to Dell customers. 8 Xenon Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; … This error code means the SMART Predictive Failure has failed. They are 7 and 6 years old and never an issue. When trying to boot machine without USB, get message no bootable drives. Today morning when I turn on my laptop, I got an error from Intel Rapid Storage that the laptop may fail and I must take a bacjup. To private message click Here, then click "Send a Private Message".Awaiting your response! It gives me the same Error Code: 2000-0142. I have the same error code 2000-0151 but my computer won't load I ran the diagnostic and the hard drive image has a red X beside it. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your hard drive fail, you should consider sending it in to a professional data recovery lab for an evaluation. my laptop is Dell inspiron 17R 5720 I need internal drive to be replaced as i told earlier. We need to reseat the hard drive and then run the test on the hard drive again. Anything can be lost when your hard drive stops working and if you haven’t backed them up, how do you get it back? To check why, carry out the following: Error Message: Hard Drive – Not installed. If Your Hard Drive Has Failed. If you suspect problems with your hard drive, do the right thing and get it look at by professionals. Symptom Tree: Allows you to select tests based on a symptom of the problem you are experiencing, When you have finished running a test, close the screen to return to the Main Menu screen. Thank you, but unfortunately the diagnostic test have not been able to complete. Is that what this message means? Make sure your hard drive it connected properly. No warranty and I have to replace another hard drive.. in the space of a year. Thanks for your help. If you did not prepare a set of  recovery media when you received the system, be sure you contact Dell, as you will need one - they should supply one with the replacement drive if you're under warranty (if not, you should still be able to purchase a copy of the recovery media you'll need). 3E no additional sense information. This error code means the SMART Predictive Failure has failed. I have 1564 Inspiron, right now not in warranty. If no, then I like to suggest you do run it. Here we can recover data that’s stored on a HDD, SSD and more. When the boot device list appears, highlight Diagnostics and press Enter, The computer begins to run the Pre-boot System Assessment, a series of embedded diagnostics that perform initial testing on your system board, keyboard, hard drive, and display, If the Pre-boot System Assessment completes successfully, you receive the message Booting Dell Diagnostic Utility Partition, Press any key to start the Dell Diagnostics from the Diagnostics utility partition on your hard drive, After the Dell Diagnostics loads and the Main Menu screen appears, click the button for the option you want to run -. 2000-0151 error indicates your hard disk drive (HDD) has failed and may be nearing the end of its life. We offer a completely secure service to keep our customers happy. This is a common error code which, in short, means your hard disk drive has failed. Is this something I will be able to repair myself or should I contact Dell for new hard drive? Error Message: Hard Drive – Removable Hard Drive – Incorrect status. Short cell test unsuccessful. Error Code 2000-0151 - Hard Drive incorrect status 3E Smart Predicitve Failure, RE: Error Code 2000-0151 - Hard Drive incorrect status 3E Smart Predicitve Failure. This means your hard drive is indicating a failure and needs to be replaced. You can send it to Gillware’s data recovery lab. This is my 3rd Dell and I hate to think I will be replacing yet a 3rd hard drive. On some systems, error code 0150 actually replaces the 0141 code, so it’s basically the same thing. Hi akonyk,Well it is quite annoying when the computer doesn’t work fine. Error Message: Hard Drive – No support for drive self test. Did the restart f12 diagnOstics . For Dell support videos click Here.If a post answers your question, please click "Yes". You run the Diagnostic tool on your computer ? Yes, you do need a hard drive replacement. The BIOS could be corrupt. Unfortunately, in many 0151 error cases, your hard drive is either nearing the end of its life or it has already failed. Read more about the Dell 0142 error: Your SATA/IDE cable may not be connected properly. 2. is a technology designed to warn you when your disk drive has become unreliable. If you see any of these error codes below, the odds are that your hard drive has failed or is near failure. Then run the diagnostics again. The Dell manual suggests reconnecting the SATA cables on the hard drive, but in our experiences, unless the desktop/laptop has had a major drop or collision, it isn’t the cables. Please make a note of the error message.Awaiting your response! #IWork4DellOrder StatusDrivers and Manuals. Hi, I am having the same problem as the previous person before me. Msg: Hard Drive 0-S/N WD-WXD1A31D5423, incorrect status = 32. Help! I have Dell 17r 5720 laptop I am having booting issue when I pressed f12 key and conduct a diagnosis test I am getting a error for hard drive is error code 2000-0151 and validation 101361 what does it mean recently 7 days ago I placed an os windows 8 Dvd in my laptop and with out installation I just copied the files from hard drive as I have licenced os I didn't try to install a copy hope u give a resolution soon, Hello, I had the same problem but mine is not booting up it will black screen or sometimes get to the repair menu but if I get to the repair menu and start to try to repair it will say "Repairing Disk Errors. I have a new Dell Inspiron purchased in October 2012 & when turning it on today it gave me disk error and instructed to run diagnostics. Everything from your work to your precious family photographs could be stored on there, and unless you’ve got it all backed up, there’s a chance you’ll lose it. If the one you see on your computer is not listed here, there is a full glossary, which should help you fix it. When your hard drive is infected with virus or malware that has eaten some storage space, and then hard drive only showing half capacity issue occurs, so you can perform anti-virus software to keep your device clean and safe. There are many error codes you could come across on your Dell computer, and we have listed the most common ones for hard drives. UEFI setup shows the drive as Drive 0 enabled.

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