(If you don’t follow these, you will go too far and come to a small waterfall.) Being such a short walk to a great lookout, this is a great walk if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, but still want to see a great piece of the mountains. The cavern itself has a diameter of over 320 feet and reaches 350 feet deep. Veer left: From the intersection, this walk heads west along the bush track until coming to a lookout over the valley, which has great views to the south and south-west. Nearby State Parks, Historic Sites and State Natural Areas, Seminole Canyon State Park  & Historic Site, National Weather Service forecast for this area, Access by reservation only: Over and over again Total climbing: 224m, This short walk starts from, and returns to, the Carrington park track head and takes you to the Bridal Veil Lookout, on the western side of the Leura Cascades. These notes are now several years old, and the environment will have changed, This walk is only for people comfortable walking off track, dealing with cliff passes and steep terrain in remote areas.

To protect this sensitive natural resource, we do not allow visitors to enter the cavern.

Travelling through beautiful forest environments, this is one of the longer walks in the area. There are a couple of short side trips out to extra lookouts, including one that passes through a natural tunnel. This is what Josh and I want to do with our CrossFit Box.
All tours begin at the Devil’s Sinkhole Visitor Center in Rocksprings. It uses the Six Foot Track to navigate its way down to the Cox’s River from where it returns to Katoomba via Dunphy’s campsite and Narrowneck. Scientists estimate this colony consumes up to 30 tons of beetles and moths each night! |  Total climbing: 272m, This is a excellent return walk, starting from the Katoomba kiosk and winding down to the Furber Steps, where it continues along a well signposted side track to the Katoomba Falls lookout.
The giant rock to the left in the picture is a popular cliff jumping spot but I didn’t realize that until after we got there. Starting at the Katoomba Kiosk, this walk visits Witches Leap, Juliets Balcony and Vanimans Lookout to loop back to the Kiosk. The remaining (940m) has limited facilities (such as not all cliffs fenced). Devil's Gate or Devils Gate is a natural rock formation, a gorge on the Sweetwater River in Wyoming, 5 miles (8.0 km)miles southwest of Independence Rock. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The trip is two solid days of walking that takes in some breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains. Farnell Road to Nellies Glen Lookout return, Katoomba Falls to Echo Point via Prince Henry Cliff Walk, Carrington Park to Bridal Veil Lookout return, Carrington Park to Leura Forest and pass loop, Rough track, where fallen trees and other obstacles are likely (4/6), Moderate level of bushwalking experience recommended (4/6), Storms may impact on navigation and safety (3/6), Limited facilities (such as cliffs not fenced, significant creeks not bridged) (4/6). In addition to the great views, the walk provides the opportunity to see a piece of Australian heritage. It was just a really positive energy. ( Log Out / 

ontact the Devil's Sinkhole Society at 830-683-BATS (2287) for tour reservations. Eek!!!

A couple more stair cases and the track comes to Marguerite Cascades. This is a great spot for lunch. The walk has some stunning panoramas which are complemented by the close-up views over the Cox’s River and Katoomba cliffs. We took a family trip to Inks Lake State Park for the 4th of July and had lots of fun camping, swimming, and enjoying each other’s company.

By the creek at the base of Katoomba Falls is a great spot to enjoy a packed lunch, before walking back up the hill (alternatively, catch the scenic railway back up). Reservations are required. The Devil’s Sinkhole Society leads bat flight tours in the natural area. Total climbing: 29m, A great walk exploring the upper section of Furber Steps. Be aware that many cliff jumpers have either died or altered their lives due to injuries.

Starting near Carrington Park, on Cliff Drive, the walk descends steeply, passing the Jamieson Lookout, Fern Bower and Lila and Linda falls. Attend an evening or morning bat flight tour. This includes injuries from low heights. Total climbing: 989m. Alexander suggests thinking of the kettle as nature’s giant blender. And some people were even jumping from the taller rock above that.

Check our Events page for the schedule. Around 3.8km of this walk is affected by storms that may impact your navigation and safety, whilst the remaining 3.1km is not usually affected by severe weather events (that would unexpectedly impact safety and navigation).

( Log Out /  Total climbing: 2390m, This tough, three day walk descends from Katoomba to the peaceful Megalong Valley. This is a great walk for those keen to start bushwalking.

Total climbing: 215m, This short walk takes you from the western end of Katoomba, initially following the cliff line, then following Pulpit Hill Road to the Explorers Tree. Total climbing: 432m, This walk explores the eastern end of Federal Pass track. Yeah, I used to fall, now I get back up.

The walk descends from Carrington Park, visiting Leura Forest and following a loop along the base of the cliffs and beneath the Three Sisters, before climbing back up to Carrington Park. It offers its own evening bat flight viewing in summer months. Check our Events page for the schedule. The society also leads nature walks, birding outings, and day tours to see the sinkhole. If it took someone longer than about 5-10 minutes to jump, everyone would start cheering for them and encouraging them. Bats are wild creatures, however, and don’t always conform to the humans’ tour schedule. So I sat on a rock to people-watch. There are great views across the Jamison valley and Leura Forest from the lookout.

‘Cause fear in itself (get details) Car. The remaining (1km) follows a formed track, with some branches and other obstacles. There are well established and popular campsites along the way. The park is only accessible by scheduled tours. Believe in yourself

The first morning we went down there I didn’t feel like getting in the water. January average low temperature is 35 degrees. Total climbing: 674m, This walk starts from Carrington Park and winds down into the valley below, to Leura Forest. Known by daredevils and adrenaline junkies as a place to film their extreme stunts, it is also a great place to cool off and go for a swim on a hot summer day.

Cliff diving (cliff jumping) is a dangerous sport and all precautions must be taken. So I sat on a rock to people-watch. Total climbing: 52m, This short walk starts from, and returns to, the Carrington Park track head and winds down along the Prince Henry cliff walk to the Burrabarroo Lookout. The loop around Reids Plateau explores several lookouts and the bush through the area. The track climbs up steeply to the north through a gap in the cliffs (this gap is not really visible from below the cliffs).

Call to arrange these tours. The Devil’s Sinkhole is home to one of Texas’ largest colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats and is a National Natural Landmark. Under this standard, a walk is graded based on the most difficult section of the walk. These notes are now several years old, and the environment will have changed, This walk is only for people comfortable walking off track, dealing with cliff passes and steep terrain in remote areas. Guests can choose to enjoy an exhilarating swim to the edge of the falls during their Livingstone Island visit. This is usually marked by a large cairn on the corner.

The giant rock to the left in the picture is a popular cliff jumping spot but I didn’t realize that until after we got there. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Tours launch from the Devil’s Sinkhole Visitor Center on the square in Rocksprings. Total climbing: 69m, This walk is a fantastic way to see Leura Forest. Brackettville, TX Reservations are required.

The track includes many of the great viewing points for the falls. 2.4km of this walk has gentle hills with occasional steps and another 2.2km is very steep with difficult rock scrambles.

In the park, there is a swimming area called The Devil’s Waterhole. As this walk starts and finishes at the Kiosk, it is can be a great place to grab some tucker before heading off on the walk, or for a coffee afterwards.

Once we saw a couple people jump off I knew Josh would be all over that. Box 705 Like you were never enough

The walk is a classic and normally done in 3 days, this two day option is for the fit and keen. Because I’m me, I can’t go anywhere without over analyzing everything so here is my lesson from the trip. Turn left: From the intersection, this walk initially heads east along the lesser management trail (that is, away from the more major road), soon passing a green building on the left. As the walk turns to the west and crosses a small creek using a bridge, the track begins to climb steadily around the side of the hill. From the intersection of Farnells Rd and the bush track marked by the signpost saying ‘Cliff Track’ (approximately 30m west of the end of Stuarts Rd), this walk heads north down the bush track until coming to an intersection with another bush track. Reids Plateau Picnic area has a few picnic tables, shelter, and a great view making a great spot for a picnic lunch. This walk can be enjoyed by the whole family and offers a great introduction to what the National Park has to offer. ( Log Out /  78832. A side trip down to Laura Forest is also described, this is a nice spot to rest. The platform is wheelchair-accessible. I was too busy conquering my fear of spiders on this trip! The walk travels mainly along well-maintained service tracks and explores Nellie’s Glen, Megalong Valley, Cox’s River, Black Range, and Jenolan. And you will walk Evening bat flight tours are Wednesdays through Sundays, May 1 through Oct. 31. The walk heads through the bush, on a well established track, out to Reids Plateau. Tours take you to a viewing platform over the sinkhole where you can peer into the depths of the shaft.

This corner is marked by a large cairn and an orange banner wrapped around the tree on the corner. This continues for approximately 850m, until reaching an intersection with a bush track on the left. The first morning we went down there I didn’t feel like getting in the water. At the end of this side trip, retrace your steps back to the main walk then Turn sharp left. Total climbing: 2390m, This walk is a lovely clifftop walk above the Jamison Valley, with extensive views out to Mt Solitary.

( Log Out /  P.O. Content of this site copyright Texas Parks and Wildlife Department unless otherwise noted. Others have altered the rest of their lives due to injuries obtained from cliff diving. In the park, there is a swimming area called The Devil’s Waterhole. Please follow cliff jumping safety rules.

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