Most are terrestrial in their native habitat. The variation within a single species can be significant, let alone across the entire family.
The lip is longer than the other segments, slightly saccate at the base, three-lobed and complex, purple. aphrodite or a natural hybrid between Phalaenopsis aphrodite and Phalaenopsis schilleriana. The flowers vary from nearly white to deep pink, the leaves vary from mostly green to mottled and barred with gray.

Phalaenopsis parishii, however, is found from South India and Ceylon through Burma and Malaysia to the Philippines. The column is curved; the anther has a long hooked beak.

Phalaenopsis hebe: ( = Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp. Please select an answer before proceeding, I am still struggling with this challenge. In many ways, Phalaenopsis aphrodite is more beautiful than Phalaenopsis amabilis, the flowers being fuller although somewhat smaller. The flowers which range in size from 1 to about 4 inches are very popular. Phalaenopsis corningiana has flowers with a pleasant candy-like fragrance while the fragrance of Phal. The flowers are one and one-half inches across at most, the sepals and petals broad, pointed and white with purple in the middle, the lip three lobed, light purple with darker purple streaks and a bright yellow two-lobed crest spotted with red. Often they are grown in decorative deep pots as their root systems tend to grow down rather than branch.

Phalaenopsis x casta: Philippines. The sepals are elliptic-oblong, chestnut-brown with pale yellow transverse streaks and margins and a broad purple median band on the basal halves.

List of species: although the genus contains some 60 or more species, depending on taxonomic viewpoint, a significantly smaller number are commonly found in cultivation.

Grow in a special bark medium rather than compost, in a spot that has bright, filtered light to thrive. Both Phal.

They like humidity – for best results, grow in a light, humid kitchen or bathroom. Those grown in a hot house where temperatures range from 18 - 32°C eg. Paphiopedilum are known as slipper orchids, thanks to the pouch-shaped lip of the flower, used to attract pollinators in the wild.

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Collected and described by Loher in the JOURNAL DES ORCHIDEES in 1895, it was dedicated to M. J. Linden.

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