The other players indicated that this game was similar in nature to Apples to Apples. One player will be chosen as the first “storyteller” This player will say a word, phrase, sentence, song, etc. It can be pretty hilarious when you use an inside joke to describe just the right card, for instance. He looks at the 6 images in his hand. Ever. This is intentional because the Storyteller must not only use their imagination to craft a description, but their description must also not be so descriptive as to actually make it easy to identify the card. Dixit was one of the first games we bought when we decided to start a serious games collection. other players). If you are a person who revels in acts of interpretation, who enjoys reading people as much as exploring layers of subtext in literature and the visual arts, then chances are you will appreciate the unique invitation that ‘Dixit’ represents. For the storyteller to gain any points at all, only a few of the players can guess his card. The scoring was interesing and I feel was actually a very strong point of the game. Now, the other players choose a card from their hands that also matches the tip. Dixit is an enchanting game which summons your imagination. Each player gets a bunch of cards to their hand and the one player goes first. Once all the players have placed their vote tile, they are all flipped and placed on their corresponding cards (vote tile “1″ goes on card “number 1″, and so on). But they loved it and even wanted to play it again and again. I think it would get harder the more you play with the same people, because the more each player learns each other’s style of creativity for the same card. EDIT: Apologies for those who caught the first version, it was a mis-paste. It’s so simple, it’s barely a game. The cards get shuffled up and everybody but the first player try to guess the original card. You will learn a lot of new things thanks to the tips other players give . I love its’ spirit, its’ approach, its’ art and how it makes me feel and think. I’ve calculated strategic moves for maximum efficiency. Aside from that, you can get a decent feel for how your description will go over. . Anyways, I highly recommend this game but I would caution introducing it to non-creative types unless they are open minded gamers. Basic Idea: You’re a story teller who’s job it is to describe a piece of artwork in such a way that only the select few will understand. To do so, he clicks on the image he voted for. All the cards played are shuffled face down and the judge lays them out. o Anything you can imagine…. The next expansion of Dixit will be released in November 2020. First you choose a colored rabbit. Kind of like that. Strategy gamers and power gamers may not find this to their tastes given it’s lightness and lack of depth. If playing with less than six players we will add a card or two from the draw pile to make up the maximum 6 cards. This also means that the tenor of the game is highly influenced by the personality of the individuals playing it. GAME END. There’s no words and no numbers; every card is nothing more than a picture, and usually a strange one at that. There are only two roles, which will make it easy to remember and to play. Truly fantastic. This is where the game gets interesting. Thoughts: Dixit is a beautiful game. My gaming group for the last time I played Dixit was with 2 non-creative people who had a very hard time coming up with ideas on their turn. These cards, how can I describe them? The cards are shuffled and turned over, and all non-active players use numbered chits to vote on the card they believe to be the active player’s. This is a game that pretty much anyone can understand the rules 100% after playing one hand, and even the younger kids can get involved, although I would say the game suggestion of 8 is pretty good, as younger kids have trouble with understanding why they should not give obvious clues. Everyone else then selects a card from their hands that matches the description. My reviews normally has a middle section of “how it plays” but I will forego it this time, mostly because what you feel playing Dixit is much more important. I loved playing this game, and I was happily surprised at every new card I drew. Recommended for a casual group of good friends, as an after dinner snack of a game. – innovative game mechanics, Cons If the player is the Storyteller, they look at their cards and think of a single sentence, a sound, a quote from a poem, movie title, or whatever they can think of that would describe one of their cards. It sounds strange, but when you talk about Dixit, words just won’t quite do. In fact it took them a very long time to come up with something to the point where they dread it when it was their turn. If you play with the same people long enough, it gets more and more difficult to come up with a good clue, too — I can never use my mom’s ladybug fanhood again with my friends from Oregon, for example. You are now ready to play Dixit! I’ve watched hardened strategy gamers and casual first-timers alike rack their brains as they stare at the colorful cards in their hands, and then break into a wide smile just before making their play. I would compare it to Apples to Apples in that respect. On these cards are images of random stuff. The game is played using a deck of some of the most gorgeous and surreal cards you’ll ever see in a game. This ensures that your description won’t be overly vague. The chosen cards get shuffled and flipped over, and everyone but the active player must secretly vote on one card. About half an hour to play, but very flexible. Dixit really makes for a memorable game that can keep you talking long after it’s played. From one The illustrated cards are beautiful to look at, which is fantastic, considering they are at the heart of the action. Dixit is an easy to learn game that is a must-have if you want to have some fun with your family or friends. All the cards played are collected and set aside. The idea is to describe the card in a way that’s cunning enough, that not every one gets it, but with enough hints that someone will. Minor changes to a simple archetype. Even though we’ve seen this mechanic before in other games, I find that this way works the best because the foundation of what you decide to use as your hint comes from these wonderful pieces of art. Have you grown up or does the fire of unbridled imagination burn in you still? – beautiful art It’s often funny, and can also be sobering. To set up the game, shuffle the big deck of cards and deal each player 6, face down. I use the term story loosely. Designer: Jean-Louis RoubiraArtist: Marie Cardouat. After playing it a number of times with the same group, you will be want to pick up the next expansion and the next expansion after that. o Additionally, each player scores 1 point for each vote placed on their card. This goes back to what I said previously about the Storyteller being required to balance their description between explicative and purposely misleading. With a fantastic range of beautiful illustrations and rules that can be understood by children and adults alike, Dixit will appeal to anyone with an imagination. Friends, family, that sort of thing. Each other player now attempts to pick which card was the storyteller’s. The conversations that occur after the round is complete as to why the child chose their clue is what makes this game worth its weight in gold. The player with the most points is the winner. OBJECTIVE OF DIXIT: The objective of Dixit is to guess and make guess cards with beautiful drawings. The story teller then mixes up all the cards and places them face up on the table. The storyteller will shuffle these cards and lay them out face up in a line. Discover 84 dreamlike illustrations on big cards and interpret them. The story teller only gets points if some of the player guessed correctly. his image. The first player doesn’t get points when everybody guessed his card or nobody guessed his card. Endorsements: The winner of the game is the player who has collected the most points. The selected cards are shuffled with the storyteller card, and are placed randomly face up on the table. A new round is ready to begin. When the pieces fall over it can create confusion as to where on the track the piece was originally located.

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