Still grieving for the death of her best friend, Nancy's relationship with Steve Harrington fell apart, eventually causing the two to break up. 5'4" (163cm) Billy Hargrove stepped into the Stranger Things universe and made quite the impact right off the bat. Nancy was often dismissive of her brother, calling him "gross" and a "douchebag", and in turn Mike was dismissive of her relationship with Steve Harrington​. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Setting aside his raging anger issues to lay on the charm, The sexual tension is palpable, but is it appropriate?

She spends a considerable amount of time applying makeup, teasing her hair, and finding the perfect outfit; it's clear in the scene that Karen—who, it's implied, has been sexually unfilled in her marriage to Ted—relishes the opportunity to dress up for someone who will appreciate the effort. He’s the only one of his D&D gang to be left dateless and danceless, until Nancy gives him a pity dance. But that fantasy ends for Karen when she comes down the stairs and sees Ted asleep in a recliner with their daughter Holly in his arms. On the other hand, there are still a lot of loose ends on the domestic end of the story. Just a little more courting. Residence Billy’s hand in determining the fate of other characters doesn’t end there. Maybe, maybe not. 1967
Nancy thanked Murray for his help and he returned the gesture, telling her not to seek him out again. Nancy treated Tom with respect and tried to earn his approval despite his and the rest of the male employees' constant abuse. They then agreed to stop lying to each other and to always tell the truth.

They share a touching moment in the final episode, where he explains his control-freak tendencies, apologizes to her, and gives her his blessing to attend the Snow Ball. In 1984, after the death of her best friend, Nancy still carried tremendous amount of guilt and even blamed herself for causing Barb's demise. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. What is happening here?! Their chemistry, which was first introduced in a brief scene in season two, could have easily defeated every threat to Hawkins and then some.

All Karen wants to do is indulge in a little relaxation time with her romance novel, bubble bath, and a little Streisand in the background. What the hell is wrong with Hopper in Stranger Things season 2. However, this was short-lived, as both siblings immediately started lying to each other again. Season 3 is expected to debut in 2019. "In that moment you see her partner with their kid and it’s like, ‘Jesus, don’t do it,'" Montgomery says. Raise your hand if you’re still feeling the secondhand embarrassment from last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. In episode four, Mrs. Wheeler wears typical '80s mom clothes, but she adds a special touch that's so Karen: a pearl-studded vagina pendant. Did we call it or not? When Nancy started working at the Hawkins Post, she strived to work hard and do her best. Billy and Mrs. Wheeler's conversation doesn't just feel like fleeting exchange of information about his sister Max's whereabouts. In 1983, after her son's friend, Will Byers, goes missing, Karen enforces strict rules that no one goes out late. Gunmanship: Nancy demonstrated proficiency with firearms such as a shotgun and handgun. Ding dong! He even takes a brutal beating from Billy. He also revealed that we may not have seen the last of this unexplored side of Mrs. Wheeler. Still, it was fascinating to see another side of Karen Wheeler explored as she contemplates having an affair with Billy. The Upside Down and the shadow monster still exist, but they no longer pose a clear threat. There are a lot of ways that storyline could go, and I’m excited to see it play out. The Duffers and I love that scene, and so I'm just going to say that the Billy and Mrs. Wheeler dynamic is not yet done.".

When Nancy confronted him, Steve gave her a chance to explain herself, though, due to the extraordinary nature of the events, she was unable to. I'm going to try not to think about it. Becky Freeth Tuesday 21 May 2019 2:02 am. But how will his story progress?

A month after these events, Steve and Nancy had gotten back together. While at the Snow Ball a month later, Nancy and Jonathan have started a relationship. But Buono felt that actually could have given her more reason to meet up with someone, so she asked co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer to include Holly in the scene.
Steve Harrington and his glorious mane possibly had the best character development of the entire series. That way Karen would really have motivation to stay. Dustin claims that Nancy "used to be cool.". ", Billy persuades Karen to meet him later that night at a local motel, and she returns home to prepare. Steve rejected this idea, reminding her that doing so would put them and their families in danger. Forget the Russians, the Mind Flayer, and the rats—one of the most interesting storylines at the beginning of Stranger Things season three is the flirtation between Cara Buono's Mrs. Wheeler and Dacre Montgomery's Billy. It's safe, it's together, and she realizes she can't do this to her family.

Season 2 ends with a few minor, spooky cliffhangers for season 3, but it also ends with plenty of human mysteries. ", "Billy and Karen do have great chemistry—this very sexual attraction—so you balance that with the fact that there are other people around, other moms around, Karen's daughter Holly is in the pool, and there's an audience watching." (His advice nearly killed Will, but hey, Bob didn’t know what he was getting Will into.) When he died valiantly saving everyone, Sheriff Jim Hopper was there to grab Joyce and take her to safety. You Have 6 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What... 16 Shows On Netflix That Every Scorpio Needs To Watch Immediately, Royal Tensions Run High In New Trailer For Season 4 Of, Clare’s Boyfriends Just Broke The Cardinal Rule Of, moment will turn into more than just chemistry, Billy catches the attention of Mrs. Wheeler, Where Are They Now: 15 Of Your Favorite Celebs From 15 Years Ago, The Best British Shows You Should Be Watching, The Best Part Of Snapchat? While the stars aren't sure what's in store for Billy and Mrs. Wheeler since filming on Season 3 hasn't yet begun, executive producer Shawn Levy does promise us that we haven't seen the last of those two characters together. (They certainly will be for me.) Hair color And after the Mind Flayer's defeat, three months later, Nancy helped Jonathan and the rest of the Byers family move out of Hawkins, with Nancy and Jonathan promising to stay in touch with each other as they shared a kiss. Caution: Spoilers for Stranger Things season three, now streaming on Netflix, ahead. They share a touching moment together, having a friendly slow dance. However, as she was surrounded by misogynistic co-workers, Nancy was belittled and mocked despite her treating her co-workers kindly. However, when Nancy started dating him, Barb became concerned for Nancy as Steve and his friends started to have an influence on her. Mike even came to Nancy's aid when she was being attacked by a monster at the Hawkins Memorial Hospital. It’s hard to like anything about Billy in season 2, but Mrs. Wheeler seems to find him irresistible, and he almost flatters her right out of her bathrobe. They did everything together especially going clothes shopping when Nancy started dating Steve Harrington. "My mom was young.

It remains to be seen whether they can become friends, or they’ll be stuck battling for the “girl” slot in an otherwise male adventuring party. However, in 1985, Nancy was shown to still be on good terms with Murray, as he gave her and Jonathan the keys to his house so they and the kids can be safe from the Mind Flayer. This causes friction between her children, particularly Nancy. Do Billy and Mrs. Wheeler smash? Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From the Upside Down, Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town, Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook,, "It's not like that..."/"It wasn't like that...". Will Billy hook up with Mrs. Wheeler? Buono says her goal was to contain the heightened attraction rather than play into it. Getting a glimpse at his family life and the real villain behind the villain only intrigued us further, so if he gets a deeper role in upcoming chapters that weaves into everything else they have to tackle, so be it. They form a bond over their mutual goal of finding their brother and friend respectively and become close. She's the grownup, and she has to make the grownup decision for her and Billy. Is Billy still a threat, or has Max successfully intimidated him? After Bruce's corpse melted and merged with Tom's, forming a monster, it nearly killed Nancy until Eleven saved her. "It's a different show if it goes in that direction of Karen having an affair, as fun as it would have been to explore. Nancy believed her parents never loved each other as her mom was young and her dad had a good job. Founder of the Hawkins AV Club, employee of a now-defunct Radio Shack, Bob seemed like the first good thing to enter Joyce Byers’ life on this show. Some cast members aren’t entirely sure how they feel about the match, while others are all for it. Billy Hargrove stepped into the Stranger Things universe and made quite the impact right off the bat. Three months later, Nancy sadly said goodbye to Jonathan, sharing a kiss and embrace with him before he left Hawkins with his family. Buono points out that Karen is the head of the household, and the Wheelers are a source of stability in Hawkins. Stranger Things' first two seasons are available to stream on Netflix. He's flirting with her—but for her, there's so much more at stake.". Or, after everything that happens in Hawkins—because people are moving away and real estate has gone down—she becomes a realtor. But will Season 3 actually go there and find Billy and Mrs. Wheeler in a torrid affair? He isn’t the season’s only unlikely father figure.

Dacre Montgomery, who portrays Billy, even chimed in on the scandalous moment. Nancy later confessed to having slept with Steve to her mom after being questioned by the police. Nancy only has occasional interactions with Dustin. All rights reserved. "I immediately said to them, 'You have to put Holly in there.' When Barbara was missing and Nancy became concerned, she confessed her worries to her mother. "There are few things that really spark a strong feeling for me, but it was important," Buono says of her decision to ask the Duffers to alter the scene.

The initial run of Stranger Things introduced supernatural elements like The Upside Down, a terrifying Demogorgon, and the telekinetic Eleven.

With the truth exposed, Hawkins Lab was shut down and Barb was finally given a funeral where Nancy attended with Barb's parents. Although Murray believed Nancy everything about the lab and the Upside Down, he told her that her evidence could easily be destroyed or brushed off by the public. Detective: Like her namesake, Nancy is a skilled detective.

They proved they still have new tricks up their sleeves when it comes to horror movie plotlines, but the way they ended the season suggests they thought more about adding layers to the characters than about digging deeper into the meaning of The Upside Down. Some might feel that the character's story was somewhat of a throwaway that took up valuable Mind Flayer action space, but we feel like we only want to know more about him moving forward.

It’s hard to like anything about Billy in season 2, but Mrs. Wheeler seems to find him irresistible, and he almost flatters her right out of her bathrobe. As they worked together in investigating, Nancy and Jonathan would manage to reconcile. After realizing his mistakes, he went to the Byers’ house in order to apologize. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android!

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