During her match with Momo, Erina seemed to have used Sōma as inspiration to make a dish through innovation and even used his victory catchphrase after winning her match. However, Erina seems genuinely happy to see him again and even admits that she genuinely became more interested to see Sōma again and taste his dishes every time they meet. This included forcing her to compare dishes and then throwing away all the contents of the dishes that were considered inferior. During her time there, she has befriended most of them and personally trained them all to pass the Promotion Exams in order to take down her father. Nov 19, 2019 - Explore soleil ️'s board "erina" on Pinterest. Erina seems to have an extreme admiration for him as anytime she has him on her mind, she blushes.

After hearing her traumatic childhood, the residents immediately welcomed her into the dormitory for the time being. Erina was unaware that Sōma is also the son of her idol, Jōichirō Saiba, though she did once see a visage of Jōichirō over Sōma. After Jōichirō returned to Polar Star Dormitory to visit his son, as he left, Erina sensed him while she was inside a car and immediately told the driver to stop. However, Erina also insinuates that Mana no longer needs her daughter's "God Tongue", which leaves Erina to declare that she will use her superhuman ability to take over BLUE by showing her true power. This has had the unfortunate side-effect of limiting Erina's ability to make companions, something which she has only recently begun to overcome. His relationship to Jōichirō is inadvertently revealed to her when she walked in on a conversation between her father and Sōma. We’re always looking for interesting quotations from the character “Erina NAKIRI,” so if you know of any, feel free to add them to the respective character from whom they originated. Still, despite their tight friendship, Erina's fear of her father prevented her from not having Hisako fired as her secretary, despite her strong disagreement with his decision. However, Erina told Megumi, she knew about her since she survived until the main tournament for the Autumn Election. Erina, agreeing with Azami about being the worst father, then slapped Azami across the face and took him with her to reclaim Asahi as a member of the Nakiri family. Some features on aniSearch will only work when JavaScript is available! After the Stagiaire, Hisako finally returned to Erina, however, she became curious because Hisako had suddenly become friendly with Sōma. Epilogue and Source. While Erina was impressed by Sōma's dish, but a mixture of her pride and Sōma's cocky attitude led her to deny him entrance to the school. The two have known each other since they were children and quickly became best friends. TV-Series, 12 (2019) Food Wars! By the end of their assignment, the two were on friendly terms. Erina was able to finally silence her father with her own cooking, as well as showing her true act of rebellion by acting like Sōma, seeing the young man as her new reason to become a great chef. However he couldn’t fit it into the storyboard so in the end he’s decided that it’s still too early for them to reach that stage. When they were children, Erina was disappointed when Hisako told her that she was fine standing behind her. While Takumi respects Erina, she likewise trusts him and his ability during the Régiment de Cuisine.
The two began speaking after Sōma became concerned about her leaving him, prompting the two to have their usual talk.

Leonora is Alice's mother and Erina's aunt. Etsuya is a fellow member of the Elite Ten Council who holds the 9th seat. This led Megumi to think that Erina was describing Sōma as her ideal man. A short description about the character “Erina NAKIRI” would help many anime and manga fans learn more about them. You can do that using the entry form on the respective character profile. She was then abducted by Asahi himself as he planned to claim Erina and her "God Tongue" for himself by publicly defeating her during the BLUE competition. Not much was known about the relationship between the mother and daughter, however Erina reveals that Mana is in control of BLUE and had set Erina's bracket to match against one Noir Chef after another. Sōma noticed this and teased her about it, only for Erina to react defensively. As she waits for Sōma at the diner, Erina begins to contemplate her reasoning for always helping Sōma, as she remembers during their 3rd year she was infuriated that he left her a note as he suddenly went abroad.

Any mention of Sōma's name or merely being in his presence would send Erina into a state of frustration and anger to the point that Hisako would avoid referring to him as much as possible. Someone that never forgets his goal of forging ahead.

Erina did not directly interact with Megumi until they were partnered at the French restaurant Excellent for the Stagiaire event. It is, however, important to note that by that time, Erina was blinded by a fit of rage towards her mother and her hostility wasn't likely aimed at him per se but rather she simply spares no one who gets in her way. It is obvious at this point that Erina has not acknowledged her skill enough to be a member of her faction. Wanting to make usage of her abilities, the Polar Star residents were eager to have her sample their dishes and give critiques, which she obliged. Some features on aniSearch will only work when JavaScript is available!

Satoshi was a fellow member of the Elite Ten Council who holds the 7th seat.
After Asahi's princely demeanor as well as Sōma declaring claim of Erina, she began feeling confused and flustered over the two young men fighting over her. She even giggled at Soma's clownish behavior. Mana is the biological mother of Erina as well as the bookmaster of WGO. This has had the unfortunate side-effect of limiting Erina's ability to make companions, something which she has only recently begun to overcome.

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