I don't know, but paranormal investigators usually check for this bc there's been quite a few cases of it happening. Verónica wants to reach out to her late father, and Diana wants to reach out to her late boyfriend, who died in a motorcycle accident. [7], In Spain the film grossed $4,212,203, and $1,910,886 in other territories, for a worldwide total of $6,123,089. But I’ve yet to fully watch the movie or the documentary, so that’s just a first-impression-kinda-thing. She is unable to eat her dinner, as if an invisible hand is preventing her. The daughter of Máximo and Concepcion Gutierrez, her story begins with her taking care of her three siblings, twin girls Lucía and Irene and the youngest Antoñito after the death of her father. Era stata scaraventata a terra, e la parte interna era stata bruciata. Quando i poliziotti entrano in casa, vengono travolti da una serie di eventi paranormali, tutti ben documentati nel rapporto fatto in caserma: la temperatura all’interno della casa era bassissima, l’ambiente gelava il sangue, gli uomini della polizia vedono crocifissi ruotare, quadri muoversi, segni evidenti di graffi sui muri, ma soprattutto, una presenza oscura in corridoio molto molto alta. Los doctores encargados de su caso, el Dr. Pedro Cabezas y el Dr. Gregorio Arroyo sentenciaron que, sin duda, su muerte fue “súbita y muy sospechosa“. Estefania non è mai riuscita a superare del tutto tale perdita, così un giorno, insieme ad una sua amica di scuola, in un’aula vuota, decide di comunicare con il suo defunto ragazzo attraverso la tavola Ouija. But they said she had these hallucinations and convulsions for months prior everywhere even when she was on the bus or in the street. I've watched the movie but where can I watch the documentary? The only things that confuse me is the stain under her mattress and "combusting" photo after her death. This would also explain her strange and erratic behaviour leading up to her death, giving her normal days and her crazy days. In the same magazine, director Paco Plaza says that he didn't feel bound to portray the real events, clarifying "...the whole story of Veronica and the sisters and Antoñito, this little Marlon Brando with glasses, it’s all a vision." Not saying supernatural but not necessarily carbon monoxide poisoning. Their father died recently and their mother works long hours at a bar to support the family, leaving Verónica in charge of her younger siblings: twins Lucia and Irene, and Antoñito. Sembrerà assurdo, ma la parte più spaventosa della storia inizia proprio dopo la morte di questa ragazza, in quanto , nella casa di Estefania, la famiglia Gutierrez inizia a subire sulla propria pelle un vero e proprio incubo da film dell’orrore. Some being more susceptible than others to lower doses, which could explain why she was dealing with these symptoms and the rest of her family was not. "[10], Shortly after the release of Verónica on Netflix Jordan Crucchoila of Vulture countered other reviewers who believe that Verónica is the scariest movie on Netflix "In our estimation, Veronica is not that scary. Your guess is SO likely. When she tells the spirit to say goodbye, it refuses. El 14 de julio de 1991 ingresa por última vez en el hospital Gregorio Marañon y nunca más volvería a salir. Watched the movie, interested in some real facts. It’s a worthy effort, but as far as witch-board movies go, you’ll get more out of Ouija 2: Origin of Evil. The film was inspired when Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro (1973 – 1991) reportedly suffered hallucinations and seizures after performing the séance at a school in Madrid to try to contact her friend's deceased boyfriend who had died six months earlier. Sadly, it doesn't. She attempts to end the possession by slitting her own throat but is prevented by the demon. The film opens in 1991 in medias res, with emergency services responding to a call from a young girl. A change in Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro’s behavior. She calls the police as the spirit snatches Antoñito, manages to grab him back, and escapes along with Lucia and Irene. Carbon monoxide poisioning is only definitvely lethal above 0.08% in the air. Desperate, she decides to hold the séance with her young siblings. She returns to find her brother hiding in a closet and calling her name. Her exact cause of death is a mystery. Estefanía Gutierrez Lázaro. I familiari, inoltre, confermavano di udire distintamente dei rumori alquanto sospetti, come battiti di piedi nel bel mezzo della notte o strani suoni a qualsiasi ora del giorno. Her friends begin avoiding her. "[12] Dennis Harvey of Variety, wrote that the film's ideas "aren’t ultimately original enough or its scares potent enough to suggest Plaza wouldn’t benefit from trying his directorial hand at someone else’s screenplay. Rosa reveals that, at the séance, Verónica whispered that she herself would die in three days. Alle 2:30 di notte circa, tutta la famiglia era fuori di casa, nel mezzo della strada, ad aspettare la polizia. Just a thought but I strongly feel that she wasn't right in mind beyond her own control. While the school gathers on the roof to view the eclipse, Verónica, her friend Rosa, and their classmate Diana go into the basement to conduct a séance using an Ouija board. It’s a plausible theory but it could also have been a family hysteria? It was reported that two of the responding officers "felt nauseated" and had to leave the apartment. The film then goes back in time three days.

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