When there's flat spots on the back wheel under the brake, most of the time it's because kids go downhill, get speed (and it doesn’t have to be a super big slope because on 3 wheels, they get speed really quickly) and they pull the brake hard and it makes a flat spot. x 18 in. You can go around the block as fast as possible and time yourself! Subscribe for special offers plus other news & updates. Latest Flags & Mounts Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products! We recommend the Drifter model for kids older than 6 and the Pro for ages over 9-10. Contact us if you have any question regarding our products! What to do:1) Make 2 even teams 2) Like at hockey or soccer, you can pass the ball directly3) Score in the post. Smooth riding artistry that's so much carefree fun, it leaves pretenders in its wake and has any kid from 2 to 82 hooked. We sell all the parts to make an EzyRoller if you were to lose anything. A: No. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Please always wear a helmet and protective equipment when you're riding your EzyRoller… Take care and talk soon! There is a 2 year warranty on the frame from date of purchase. The price is right. This doesn't cover the elements that can wear and tear (seat, wheels, grips...), poor maintenance and doesn't cover EzyRollers going under cars... Our EzyRollers are mostly made of steel and will rust if left outside in the rain or humidity; we have a very strong powdercoating binding process but rust will start if there's a scratch and then it's left outside unprotected.

Sweeping across playgrounds and sidewalks of the world is a machine that fearlessly lets you curve your way. It can also damage the structural strength of your EzyRoller. Example of Games with multiple EzyRollers: What you need:A large flat area (tennis court, sports ground...)2 teams of 3 kids at least.More if you have a big court.Some goal posts.A ball. Flags and flag holders that are designed for the sand dunes as well as anywhere else where increased visibility and safety is desired. Use American football rules with a quarterback! © 2020  |  Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. We got this for our 10 year old, and the smaller versions for our 8, 6, and 4 year olds for Christmas. From 6+ lucky riders. Find the best selection and pricing around right here. Many color options and very bright! It is cheaper to manufacture there but the main argument for us was that basically there was no manufacturer in New Zealand that had the industrial capacity to make enough units. The simplest and still super exciting: EzySlalom and Agility. Fit great, looks food. You can find them here. EzyRollers, thanks to their multi-award winning patented design, are silent and durable, They use top quality materials and engineering. First there's differences between the wear and tear of the front and back wheels. Sign up to get Rocky Mountain ATV/MC email specials, race series news, contests and more. Dragonfire Racing Universal UTV Accessory Mount, Gorilla Whips Xtreme & Silver Xtreme LED Lighted Whip Replacement Flag, Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Lighted Whip with Wireless Remote, Tusk LED Lighted Whip Replacement Quick Release, Gorilla Whips Twisted Silver LED Lighted Whip Double Sided Replacement Flag, Gorilla Whips Split Bolt Mount for 1/4" Whip Poles, Gorilla Whips Heavy Duty LED Whip Spring Mount, Gorilla Whips Twisted Silver LED Xtreme Lighted Whip with Wireless Remote, Gorilla Whips Twisted Silver LED Lighted Whip Replacement Flag, Gorilla Whips Silver LED Xtreme Lighted Whip with Wireless Remote, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Replacement Icon Logo Flag, Gorilla Whips Sync Set for Twisted Silver or Silver Xtreme LED Whip Pairs, Gorilla Whips Xtreme & Silver Xtreme LED Lighted Whip Double Sided Replacem…, Gorilla Whips Twisted Silver Max LED Xtreme Lighted Whip with Wireless Remo…, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Replacement Lighted Whip Icon Logo Flat and O-Ring Ki…, ATV TEK Elite Series Universal UTV Flag Mount, Gorilla Whips Flag Mounting Clamps for 3/8" Pole, Gorilla Whips Addressable Bluetooth w/Music Controller, Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme Pressure Release Whip Mount, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Replacement Edge Logo Flag, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Replacement Lighted Whip Edge Logo Flag and O-Ring Ki…, Gorilla Whips RGB Bluetooth w/Music Controller and 24 Key Remote.

The EzyRoller Mini is a mini version of the Classic for younger kids (2-4). (Originals and X Series) is good between 45 to 100-110 lbs, Wheel for Pro, Pro X and Drifter Pro X models. We use the best polyurethane compounds we have available for our wheels; we do try always better compound and additives so they are also improving and today’s wheels last over 15% more than 3 years ago. What to do:1) Place the cones on the ground and set a start/finish line2) Place yourself behind the start line3) Slalom between the obstacles without touching them4) the winner is the one that is fastest at crossing the line without touching the obstacles. Please always remember that children's safety is paramount and always supervise kids; NEVER let them use their EzyRoller near car. It's called the Ezyroller.

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