And Terry C. you have me beat. I like 740 Garmin. I wanted to see if the cast net of female anglers was even larger than I had thought. I never did trust a man that didn’t fish. Redfish are a highly sought after inshore species here in Tampa Bay. Hi Everyone I wanted to take a moment and tell you about our recent fishing charter in Punta Cana. Call us today to book your deep sea fishing trip. I know most of my female friend’s fish also. We will both tell you, the time we spend on the water is our time. Safe, Clean fun for bachelor parties or graduation. After meeting my now husband, it was not more than an hour into the first date that I asked the obvious question, the one that would determine if there would even be a second date, “do you fish?”. Mahi Mahi almost look like they are fluorescent, unreal, out of this world. Ladies, I am not one bit a woman’s lib type of gal, I still like the traditional roles, but I enjoy fishing. 251-979-0337. So, if you have any concerns as a woman that you could not handle what is needed to enjoy this super fun excursion, I want to assure that you can. He is a licensed US Coast Guard Captain and NYS DEC Guide. Back the trailer up?….that’s a no! Then I let the fish run again. We dress for comfort and not vanity. Though the amount of responsibility each one shared with their guy may differ slightly, one thing was common across the board. On any given day now in the South Louisiana waters, you will not only see women fishing with their significant others, but launching their own boats. • All licenses and permits• Bait and tackle (you may bring your own if you wish, please check with the crew)• Storage for your catch on the boat• Your fish filleted and packaged at the end of the trip• Experienced, helpful staff• A fun day for all aboard, • Food and drinks (we will have a limited selection in case you run out or forget)• Hat• Sunblock• Camera• Comfortable shoes, tennis shoes or flip-flops (something with a soft sole)• Gratuity for the crew (they will earn it). Trust me ladies, let me remind you again how amazing we are, we give birth, to small humans. We realized that neither Joanne nor Cathy would be able to bring this fish into the boat by themselves. Today, my husband will tell anyone that will listen he would rather fish with me any day than a grouchy old man. Big strong Blue Marlin and a very exciting time for everyone. Gals as young as teens sharing fish tales of fishing beside their high school sweethearts, to the older ladies who are masters of the sport. All rights reserved. This was a big fish. I did have to prove myself worthy though right from the start. The bait always behaves more like a live fish, breaking the water, jumping and splashing. Tess Boudreaux Breaux fishing in Louisiana. I love that sound, it is always so exciting to hear. So yesterday, I decided to interview a few of the ladies through Social Media, to see if my hunch was right. It is in no way cute to a serious angler to have a lady on the boat who needs everything done for her. These gals fish not just to spend quality time with their significant other, but they truly enjoyed the sport themselves. You have to pull the rod back and then release some of the tension to reel some of the line in. Here are a few of the responses, and each lady was proud to let me use their name: “I Fish mostly Leesville & Fourchon area, but have fished the Rigolets also. Be kind and courteous to the fellow boaters, but don’t let the guys push you around either. They are part of the Drum family. I'm sure that your family is as important to you as mine is to me. If you want to get excited about fishing, look into a fishing charter out of Venice LA, that will change your mind. Cap. We fresh water fish on occasion also. Joanna and Cathy were so happy with the entire trip. The Pirate's Cove serves an amazing array of fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Reel in a few good fish and you will be jumping to get that bait back out there for the next one. Really pretty, almost hypnotic to watch. These fish are also known as Dorado. Our trips are customizable to meet your fishing and entertainment needs.

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