If you’re worried about forgetting to reboot your scouts you can simply go set a note to yourself under Home–> Notebook and then add a note telling you on January 1st to reboot the scouts. The other three tabs allow you to customize columns that appear while on the main interface. All rights reserved. The General filter tab will allow you to search for players in a broad way. Keep in mind they may or may not be willing to occupy that profession even though they may be more suitable for it. Please point the download link to this very page. •  Télécharger la version correcte de "FM Genie Scout» pour votre édition de "Football Manager." In order to use it, you must have your FM save loaded and running at the same time as GS in order for it to function. The countries you want to scout are: Finally, we want to make sure we scout the entire globe for both senior and youth players. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. With that done we are going to do a bit of planning and I have a set of rules when coaching a Premier League team. The tabs on top of the filter are explained in more detail below. @olley and arred for the 1.7.3 you need the g versionb which you will need to donate for in order to use. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. Eliminate unrealistic targets for your team on Genie Scout. I want to keep one scout free for doing reports on players I am interested in, 3. I see only "the best". The Within Shortlist box can be ticked if you wish to limit the players you are searching to those already in a Shortlist. Every attribute has an explanation of what it does within the match engine and it is shown by holding down the left mouse button a few moments. Questions, localization and bug reports here. While the Filter Icon here provides good options in order to search, the easiest method is simply to just input the values into the ribbon bar on the main interface. The fourth tab filters players based on Preferred Moves which can be useful to look for very specific players, for example, a winger that cuts inside. Just I only have 13 scouts so all scouting nations! Hi Rob. The official Football Manager site can be found at footballmanager.com and the official forums can be found at community.sigames.com. The filter icon is located on the top left hand corner of the interface. I want one scout to only focus on scouting next opposition, 2. Ceci peut être utilisé pour sélectionner le meilleur départ possible 11 pour le côté ou en éclaireur de nouvelles cibles potentielles de transfert. La version la plus ancienne de "FM Genie Scout" disponible est de "Football Manager 2006.". The filter icon is located on the top left hand corner of the interface. Here can also take a look at a clubs kits. The Top Lists section is new in GS12 and will be included in the “g” version only. I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. This guide was written by portugalthemig and any attempt to publish this guide without my knowledge is very uncool. This guide was written in order to try and provide meaningful help using Genie Scout. my version of genie scout and the football manager is the 19.3.6, I've notified Eugene about these crash reports. Beacuse I cant download it from app... its just not opening the link for me. Once again I’ll explain using Ronaldo. Meaning first he will tell you what position that player works best in, followed by CA and PA compared to another player, then comes the player’s personality traits based on their personality attributes, then Strengths and Weaknesses, and finally resuming with the player’s transfer information. Retrouvez toute l'actualité de Football Manager 2019, ses meilleurs joueurs, tactiques, démo, guides, fichiers graphiques, patch, etc. Contact allows you to filter based on the contract is which the staff member may or may not be bound. As an example say you have a scout covering the two regions UK & Ireland and Scandinavia. So, if you have a question or thought, leave a comment right now. Disclaimer.Manage Cookie SettingsHandcrafted in Symi, Hellas. Extract the downloaded .zip file and run the setup .exe file. Copyright © 2004-2019 fmscout.com. Finishing for a ST, Marking for a DC). The filter icon will provide you with all the options available to search by in GS and is your most complete tool. Run Football Manager 2019 and load your saved game. The Mentality Ladder: Understanding Fluidity and Duty ... FM Genie Scout 20 "g" edition now free! Mental traits can show you how a player can interact with you more easily, and on the bottom a brief explanation of how good a player is by using Rating and how good he can be by checking the “Show Potential Attributes” and seeing their potential rating.

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