Thanks guys. You might also have heard of the race and rally successes enjoyed by the 6-speed WRX STI, with its quick, strong, close ratio gearbox, and you could be forgiven for feeling a twinge of envy. I was recommended the lads at All Drive and let me tell you, this is the best garage I've ever been to. I'm now having to row 5th gear in the 1/4, and the gears are shorter and snugger to each other which doesn't help big turbo land out. Used: All second-hand parts are covered by a three month replacement parts warranty only. Also, when your second hand box needs repair it might be difficult to obtain compatible parts. Upon having to pull over to the side of road due to engine acting up and not knowing the problem whilst waiting for a tow truck. I feel like it may have been a small problem and wasn’t worth their time to fix. Give me some gas monies and we'll bust it out in a weekend. Thanks guys! Fast and reliable, premium service and best quality work. He identified and showed me some potential problems which he explained in a none technical language. I didn’t want to leave without paying for there service but they insisted. It was Hard to start. It’s suitable for the owner looking for a more durable and operationally engaging alternative to the standard five speed box. Thanks again Chris If you want something done right on your Subaru, this is the place you want to take it! We need a spot for the information for this. Top blokes. Both Niazi, Isaac and the staff are extremely professional with constant communication along the way both by emails and phone calls. My experience with All Drive Subaroo was excellent. Highly recommend, for business and quality work. awesome service, accurate and helpful advice. I've been involved with the company for 15 years and never met a more dedicated, knowledgeable group of auto techs. All power passes through the viscous coupling to the front and rear differentials. The next few posts in this thread will contain who has performed the swap, what transmission they have(5 or 6 speed) and what is required for a 5 or 6 speed swap. fraktal, don't get me wrong, I agree with going big or going home, and I too have yet to do an engine mod, but have a 6 speed ready to go in when I move back to CA. Motorsport applications/modified vehicles. Satisfied. We’re the best Subaru Forester Owners Forum to talk about the best years of the Subaru Forester, modifications and reliability history of the Subaru Forester. When fitting automatic transmission the following procedures must be followed: Service the radiator assembly to ensure that the oil transmission cooler is free from all contamination (if the vehicle has a remote transmission cooler, it is also necessary to service or replace the cooler prior to starting the vehicle). The car is great with low mileage, however, the 4EAT is crapping out and 4th gear hardly works. Being the comedian he is, he’ll give you some hearty laughs along the way. Isaac, Niazi and the team solved issues I was told by a Subaru dealer didn't exist. Great service! Again, thank you for your help tonight Gab. Keep up the good work guys. Remember, the more specific details you can provide, the more accurate our response will be. This organization provides a high quality service. Straight cut, dogbox or helical competition gearboxes available. All I could say is wow it feels like day & night after putting the new ACT gear in...clean workshop, friendly & caring staff & above all experienced!! I went to leave & fix them up for the 2.5hrs Isaac had spent on my car and Niazi and Isaac said “Don’t worry it’s on us”!!! Rang these guys today for some technical advice. I was just thinking about doing it for fun like I previously stated and to also have a project. I will never go back to a dealership again I ordered a part and it arrived the next day. Provided all information on gearbox, diff and driveshaft options for my car, turned out I only needed the diff, opted for the r180 with modified rear drive shafts, very proffesional, helpful, knowledgeable, and very fairly priced! Very competitive pricing and excellent workshop. 1999 forester 5 speed swap ... so, I only have limited info on it. Very happy with the services and reasonably priced too which was a bonus. It included a fully built closed deck block with reconditioned heads, full 6 speed conversion including diffs and modified tailshaft, all supporting mods including top feed fuel conversion, surge tank set up and just way too much to list. The STI still uses the 6-speed box, but since 2003, in DCCD version. My car is a daily driver that does hauling duty, but I want it to be fun and enjoyable to drive as well. Just had my gc8 in for a box and clutch replacement. Since I'm a chick I have been tricked into paying for stuff that I didn't need at other garages. Running late this morning with kids and the guys quickly changed a battery on my remote and sent me on my way and didn't ask for a cent. (I'm particular when it comes to 'the car')I totally recommend ADS as a repairer for any Subaru. definitely will recommend them to any subie lover �� awesome work. Every email was responded to quickly and all my questions answered also. During business hours we will contact you asap, otherwise we will be in touch within 1 business day, alternatively if you wish to talk to an ADS consultant, please call us on 0420 319 049. I am from Newcastle, very helpful and courteous people, Rob and Chris professional and polite, helpful and sincere. It's been 3 months since our car has been serviced and it has not given us any problems. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Level 2: All Subaru reconditioned or remanufactured (level 2) gearboxes and automatic transmissions supplied and installed by ADS are covered by a 18 month or 25,000km (whichever occurs first) parts and labour warranty. I have my 1996 WRX in getting a gearbox rebuild, even before I have it back I was so impressed with their customer service and friendly attitudes, that's why I went with these great people reflecting a quality business. Any suspected leaks must be repaired before damage occurs. Dual range gearboxes allow the driver to select between higher and lower range of gearing. 1500klms done. I am not a mechanic so I have no idea of pricing, What I do know is if you are in need of a heart transplant you don't go to your local GPYou then get what you pay for, so in other words if your Subaru is in need of a professional fix then this is the place to bring it. Plus breaking piece by piece down the road becomes no fun. If you're conquering a 6MT swap, dropping in a front diff isn't too much further of a dive on a 5mt. Looking forward to future endeavours together. Internal and external leaks, defective OEM gaskets, we deliver a permanent fix. In the end, a second hand box just might not give you good service and could prove to be a bad investment. What parts are needed to do a 6 speed swap into a 2004 Forester XT? They told me it would be a two week turn-around due to the public holiday and waiting for a part to arrive the week after I got the call that it was all done and ready to go. All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd will send a replacement part, or gearbox or automatic transmission or repair the defective one, at our discretion. For all your Subaru needs highly recommend these guys. Since this was the 1st time I used their services i was cautious at the start, but as time went on you could see that they put the interest of the customer 1st, thanks again for the work you did on my car!!!!! A team of consummate professionals and problem solvers!! The strongest quick-shifting mass produced Subaru gearbox ever made ready for your WRX Forester or Liberty without any modifications: drop in, drive away. Great communication, very honest and willing to help. I had a level 1 motor rebuild with a new clutch and could not be more happier with their help,advice, their workmanship and the running of my car now with the rebuilt motor. awesome upgrade, and awesome people. Customer service n assistance is far beyond my expectations ('06-'08) - 2007 - The end all auto to manual... VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Niazi is a great boss who coordinated the whole process to make it as seamless as possible, I would defenitly rate/recommend them for anyone looking at getting work done!! For this reason I contacted ADS and had my car inspected again and they informed me the grinding noise is “standard across this year model” and they can’t fix it which didn’t feel reassuring to me - considering I paid over $1000 to get this fixed. Amazing knowledge when it comes to Subarus and Mark has helped me with all my issues! Know their stuff very well and will hopefully have my car back late this week. Repairs : All repairs made to Subaru gearboxes or transmissions by All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd (ADS), providing that the parts and labour are both supplied by ADS, are covered by a 6 months or 15,000km (whichever occurs first) parts and labour warranty. Very kind people ��. I get all 3 of my cars service here, wouldn't take it anywhere else. I’m definitely a convert and will be using these guys for all my existing and future needs as I develop my STI. If you want the job done right, come here. The quickest and most robust transmission in the Subaru range, plus STI suspension and brakes. We have a fully equipped service center and the best team of specialist gearbox installers in the business. Part was great. They replaced the engine in my 2003 Forester a couple of years ago and it hasn't given me any problems in the 45,000 km I've driven since. All our gearbox packages have been completely disassembled and rebuilt using the latest revised parts and fixes for known inherent issues in the 6-speed box and come with warranty. Well worth the dollars spent. Very happy with the service I received. ADS make and fit engines, at Peakhurst or one of our many authorised fitting stations. Could not be happier. A special thanks to Mark who goes above and beyond wouldnt take my car anywhere else! I can say that I was treated from the start to the finish like a VIP everything was explained to me in a manner that I could understand as well as all cost upfront. New and used available. Thank you Rubén and Alldrive Subaru. Great price This took 2.5hrs which was 2.5hrs after he was meant to finish his shift and leave but stayed because he wanted to find the solution to get my car running so I could get to the Track Day on Sunday. All Drive Subaroo recently completed a massive job on my '98 GC8 WRX. Many thanks Guys in ADS!! ⭐️ My WRX wouldnt be how it is today without the help from All Drive Subaroo for an upgraded 5 Speed Gearbox- Level 3 Hybrid spec 2. Subsequent numbers identify which specific components are in the box. There are a number of reasons for this. 5-speed, 6 speed, auto and low range. Thanks Gab for all the work on the performance side My latest purchase of a new engine was made less stressful knowing I was being well looked after. Unfortunately it was left up to myself to make arrangements to have his car repaired due to the long hours that he works and the stress that he felt he was under given the fact that he had only purchased the car in the last 3-4 weeks using all his savings to do so. Highly recommend, for business and quality work. All Drive Subaru was open so limped the car out there where Isaac had a look over it for me. They were super busy but let me bring the car in and use their tools to do it myself (with a bit of guidance and much needed advice).A little while later I had overheating issues and thought I was definitely in for head gaskets....this time Gabriel (the Head performance mechanic at ADS) came to the rescue with his correct diagnosis and saved me a lot of money when they could have just as easily sold me a new engine.The service I got was so honest and such 1st class quality that I couldn't even imagine taking my car anywhere else.Fast forward a year and the car is still going strong and all thanks to the amazing team at All Drive Subaroo.#TEAMADS.

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