Please use our forums if you wish to ask a tuning question, and please note we do not sell parts or services, we are just an online magazine. Includes track/street mode plus drift, drag, rally/snow and off-road tuning. More on this later. Worth bearing in mind if, say, you are very close to fitting a supercharger. Having the optimum setup for the tyres is crucial for having plenty of grip in the corners, and when accelerating off the start line. In real life, braking later can make up serious amounts of time in a lap and superior braking systems help prevent fade. Rim style is useful because here you can usually save 6kg or thereabouts, depending on the car. Customize a car Professional Tuning Calculator for Forza Horizon 4. DPF unblocking tips. Drivetrain is mostly about adding customisation to your car. Brakes can help with cornering on tight tracks but usually it's best to focus your efforts elsewhere to boost your speed. Review of the 2008 car related news stories, 6th 0.55 (For top speed you don't want the 6th gear), THIS SITE USES COOKIES: Your use of this site implies acceptance of these but you can disable cookies. It’s the one-legged duck thing all over again. Let’s start with how to pick your upgrades and their importance. Every month we do updates to our calculator these include: Not only do we work hard to keep our tuner up to date, we also offer our calculator for free. If the rear anti-roll bar is too stiff, though, it can cause the wheels to lift off the ground when cornering hard, which can result in a pretty spectacular accident. Or whatever adjustment you made. Suzuki Jimny review (2019): Big trouble, little finer? Review of 2007 car related news and developments. Smaller light high revving turbos work really well on most cars. In actual fact the opposite is true for some weird reason. If your car is already good in this area, you can reduce the front to reintroduce acceleration and top speed improvements. The video of this is about to drop so stay tuned. This is because you have your unit of measurement set to kW instead of hp so change that and then you can change back after. Tunes are tailored to your vehicle and track/driving surface. Tuning the final drive of the car is a simple and effective way of choosing a compromise between the top speed and acceleration of the car. Lower tyre pressures allow the tyres to heat up quickly and can affect the overall responsiveness of the car. We listen to all feedback provided, and will where required update our calculator instantly to reflect this. Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival! Gets you fast in the game by calculating balanced and competitive tunes in minutes that can be instantly used with no additional tweaking required. Making sure you get the right amount of tune on the springs of an off-road vehicle is one of the most important things to do. Forza Horizon 4 review: Racing Game of the Year? It’s best to start with a small amount of positive and negative camber so that the tyres are aligned equally. Please drive sensibly we do not endorse speeding or racing on the public highway or driving recklessly or in a manner than could endanger life or property. X Class: Ferrari 599XX Evolution, Maserati MC12 FE, Maserati MC12 Corsa, McLaren F1 GT, McLaren 720S PO, Mosler MT900S, Porsche 911 GT3 RS PO, Radical RXC S2 Class: BAC Mono, Dodge Viper ACR ’16, Ford Transit FE, McLaren P1, Ferrari F50 GT, Noble M600, Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020 S1 Class: Alfa Romeo 8C FE, Ford GT ’05, Mercedes AMG GTR, Nissan Skyline R33 ’97, Shelby Monaco A Class: Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, Ford GT40 MK II, Hot Wheels Bone Shaker, Shelby Cobra Daytona B Class: Honda Civic RS ’74, Shelby Cobra Daytona, Subaru Legacy RS, Top Gear Track-Tor. Now bring the slider back towards acceleration (left). Here you can control how soft or hard your springs are. Negative camber and conjunction with suspension compression will affect this.

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