Most microwave fuses look like the one pictured to the left. Got lucky. Accessibility. Nothing on the panel will work. As per my previous post, the one on the floor has continuity and the uninstalled and pictured one does not. Already ordered? The fuse on the floor had continuity but the "back wall" fuse had no continuity. Posted: 01/02/2018. Terms — I look forward to receiving your diagnosis. The schematic diagram, provided when pulling off the user touch pad, might as well be in an alien language because it doesn't help a novice like myself. Looks like a PITA to get to. Usually thermostats are closed (they let the current going through). If this fuse sounds like it fits the "closed" bill? I am crossing my fingers and toes that the images offer some insight. 11/25/2017 by The drawings do not offer any physical representation that I can decipher. Locate your fuse. I have also looked into repair manuals ut they are only downloadable with subscriptions. Accessibility. My wife can't live without it. If your GE microwave thermal fuse or breaker is in need of replacement, you can count on us to have everything you need to get your appliance up and running again. Did continuity test for all fuses. Shipping all 7 days! It should read a resistance then. Skip to main content. Check it with an ohmmeter for continuity. Rep: 1. They are usually an inch or two long. If the microwave fuse blew because you opened the door while it was running, that's a "smoking gun." Not being an electrical engineer I am unable to reason my way out of this one. Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens. Hopefully that charge dissipates after 24 hours unplugged. Remove the cover from the microwave and locate the door switch, which will be right below the spot where the door's hooks latch into the frame. Fix Your Stuff. The only identifier on this fuse was KSD-40LC & AC 250v/10A - AC125v/15A. It is greatly appreciated. Otherwise, you'll need to test the switch. Store. Remember that MW have extremely high voltages and getting zapped by one of those could be a heart stopping experience. Each end is metallic and the center is either ceramic or glass. Then see if that’s the problem. 311 Questions View all . It is for this reason that I pulled it out. I started by conducting continuity tests of the traditional tubular fuses (both checked out fine) I then tested the two immediately accessible thermostat fuses. 50; appliance stores will charge you about $20. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question to add images. Aha, I thought, this is the problem child. It happens every time you push buttons before closing door completely. Have a great week ahead. Hi Old Turkey, first, thank you very much for taking the time to respond. No warranty on this repair either. If so, could it be the problem? Options. The only other possible culprit could be the magnetron but to get to that I need to get the MW off the wall etc. No one confirms why one thermostat fuse would be closed and that I should look at the diagram behind the touch pad, which I have done. Once again, thank you very much for taking time out of your day to respond and assist. To test it, you have to warm it up a bit then use a voltmeter in Ohm position. @frenchmanfl post some images of the schematic you have as well of the MW as far as you have taken it apart. Thank you very much. If the appliance overheats, the thermal fuse blows to cut off power to the appliance. We carry a full line of thermoprotectors, line fuses and fuse holders for GE models.

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