Although this form only appears once in the original manga, Afro Luffy returns again in a filler episode. In the Viz manga, all of Luffy's Devil Fruit based attacks begin with Gum-Gum instead of Gomu Gomu. Luffy as Mizu Luffy, spitting water bullets at Crocodile. Interestingly, Nightmare Luffy resembles Gear Fourth form. Luffy also talked differently, losing his usual carefree tone and instead speaking with a grim seriousness. The known normal Devil Fruit based attacks so far that are named after guns and various other artillery, that Luffy has used, are as follows: The known normal Devil Fruit based attacks so far that are named after other weapons other than guns, that Luffy has used, are as follows: The known normal Devil Fruit based attacks so far that are named after other concepts other than weapons, that Luffy has used, are as follows: Luffy finishes off Crocodile with Gomu Gomu no Storm. [80] Because one of the shadows belonged to a swordsman, Luffy also gained the ability of fighting with swords, something he never knew before. Statistics [79] He was roughly the same size as Moria and his body was similar to Chopper's post-timeskip Heavy Point. With this Luffy could coat his appendages with water and use water-supported attacks against Crocodile along with a plan to soak Crocodile completely with water. Luffy stayed in this form until he was completely dried up by Crocodile.[76]. By being further augmented by the 100 shadows, all of his normal techniques are further increased, enough to topple even Oars. ゴムゴムの実 [78] With Luffy's strong spirit, he was able to contain one hundred shadows within him when most normal people could only contain two or three. Throughout the series, Luffy is often faced with opponents that require unusual methods to defeat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Monkey D. Luffy Luffy is a brawler and merely uses his favorite techniques on the spot sporadically and experiments with new moves in between arcs and during the two years spent training on Rusukaina with Rayleigh. Gum-Gum Fruit Fighting Style Focus: While donning the afro, Luffy also donned boxing shorts, boxing gloves, some type of straps on his feet, and had a temporary tattoo of a flaming skull and cross-bones on his chest. This enabled Luffy to become Nightmare Luffy (ナイトメア・ルフィ, Naitomea Rūfi?). Usopp claims that the afro gives Luffy extra power. The known Devil Fruit attacks that Luffy uses in this form are as follows: During the Long Ring Long Land Arc, Luffy had to face Foxy the Silver Fox in the final event, Combat. Before his fight against Gecko Moria and Oars during the Thriller Bark Arc, the Rolling Pirates helped Luffy become temporarily stronger by infusing him with the power of one hundred shadows that were separated from their owners by Moria's use of the Kage Kage no Mi. The Odex dub often translated "Gomu", making attacks begin with "Rubber" for the first 56 episodes and "Rubber Rubber" for 57 and up. Fists, Rubber body, Haki. When Foxy tries to get his ship and crew back, he is forced to ask for Luffy's help. In other words, it is a standard straight punch, augmented with stretching. This naming pattern originates from the claim that Luffy made to Shanks that his fist is as strong as pistol fire. From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, This attack can be used from short to long range. In the FUNimation dub, they begin with Gum-Gum and the gun references are kept in. Japanese Name: Gomu Gomu no Pistol (ゴムゴムの銃(ピストル), Gomu Gomu no Pisutoru?, literally meaning \"Rubber Rubber Pistol/Gun\"): This is Luffy's signature attack; he stretches his arm back then throws a devastating punch. However upon realizing the barrel and it's contents were in too much danger from Crocodile's attacks, Luffy later drains the entire barrel of water, becoming Mizu Luffy (水ルフィ, Mizu Rufi?, literally meaning "Water Luffy"). One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [81] He also appears to be able to move at an incredible speed, having safely snatched up both Nami and Usopp away from a rampaging Oars and it was only when Luffy made his presence known did Oars and Moria learn about it. In this form, Luffy was several times bigger than his normal self and his skin turned completely blue. After that, all of the shadows within Luffy returned to their original owners. Thus, Afro Luffy (アフロルフィ, Afuro Rufi?) While wearing the afro, Luffy also tends to say things such as "Hell yeah!". As Luffy possesses the Gomu Gomu no Mi, he is made of rubber and is thus able to stretch his fists to increase his range and attack momentum. The known named regular Devil Fruit techniques that are exclusive to the anime are as follows: In the several One Piece video games, Luffy was given several techniques and moves, the known named techniques that are exclusive to the video games are as follows: This is a list of attacks used by Luffy, that were not seen pre-timeskip, and are also not Haki enhanced. It is important to note that this isn't a martial art. The majority has a gun and artillery concept theme name, with the difference that they also have a reference to a specific animal. Gomu Gomu no Mikata Robo used on a Marine. Gomu Gomu no Pisutoru Shotto or Shottogan. The majority of them are named after guns and various other firearms. Additionally, he made an even stronger version of his original counter technique, as well as an interesting method of fighting which allows him to hover and attack at the same time. Oars was also able to utilize some of these techniques while under the effect of Moria's Kage Kakumei technique. Techniques To compensate, Luffy thus adapts to the situation and turns his disability into an advantage instead. In the 4Kids dub, Luffy's attacks also begin with Gum-Gum. Monkey D. Luffy always begins his attacks by saying "Gomu Gomu no..." and finishes with an attack-specific word, either in Japanese or English, such as Gatling or Yari. In the anime, Luffy displays some more unique uses of his rubbery body. The known normal Devil Fruit based attacks so far that are named after guns and various other artillery, that Luffy has used, are as follows: 1. [1] Other known attacks were named after various other aspects such as physical objects to mental stupidity. was born.[77]. Beforehand, he got to choose what he would wear for the fight. During certain situations, Luffy is sometimes forced to adapt in his use of his Devil Fruit powers in order to fight an enemy. This is usually due to an attack inflicted by an enemy on him that leaves him at a disadvantage. However, the gun references are completely renamed for censorship reasons. Official English Name: For this reason, he sometimes adopts certain "forms" aside from his "Gear" forms intended to enable him to defeat those enemies. User(s): Usopp, who was with him, spotted a big black afro, and had Luffy wear it. With this strength, Luffy was even capable of stopping a giant Gomu Gomu no Rifle attack delivered by Oars with one hand and delivering massive attacks onto the zombie behemoth. While in this form, Luffy was capable of using the combined strength and skills of the shadows within him. However, some of these forms are simply cosmetic and do not involve his Devil Fruit powers in any way, such as Afro Luffy, giving him no actual physical advantages whatsoever.

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