Now these are expensive and you’ll need to hang onto a decent sum of money to complete the game. Look up there on the roof and there it is.

Where to find the rocket launcher in GTA3, Where to find the M-16 – GTA3 « Follow That App, Fix missing audio sound in GTA V on Windows 10 PC, Easy way to find the Deludamol van - Mrs Philips GTA V mission, How to register as president of Motorcycle Club GTA 5 Online. The chief advantage of this weapon is its destructive power and area effect (with its blast being capable of inflicting heavy damage several meters away from the point of impact). Position yourself on the south side of the house looking up onto the roof on the left-hand side. Walk around the roof until you reach the rocket launcher., Southwest corner of the building with gardens placed west of the asylum (, Go to the ledge near the northernmost street at Ukita. It will take a few attempts, but you can jump up via the bonnet and then up onto the roof. GTA 2 Locations First you need to head over to Shoreside Vale and the big house furthest west (see where on the map on this page). Given the rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon in the game, it’s not easy. ( Log Out /  Use the stairs near the entrance to get to the roof and walk across the angled roof (Blind Eye processing plant) (235,5 9,5 4), Go to the Chernobolt factory south of the power plant and look on the southeast corner (, Head to the area with water tanks east of the Russian Cross. The Rocket Launcher in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. See also. Follow them, use a platform above the train tracks until you reach a long platform. ^^he is right in the north of algonquin there is a rock island wich has a rocket launcher, you cant get a shiper rilffe in a tower by the same spot, you can do it on the same travel Life is hard to belive, life is Espectrox Currently Playing: GTA IV, Super mario rpg(VC) Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Army of Darkness Defence being removed from the app stores. Take the stairs on its west side and follow them to the roof (Avalon) (70,5 77,5 5), Get a fast car and go to the Avalon police station. Take the elevated platform to the roof just north (, Pit between the hospital north of the Zaibatsu HQ and a bank (, North of the cathedral, close to the cemetery (, Go to the building west of the hospital west of Avalon Station. In GTA III to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the weapon resembles a US Army M72 LAW rocket launcher but with some aesthetic differences; the weapon is held by a handle on the bottom and fired through a scope, unlike the real life M72 LAW. The Rocket Launcher received a new weapon icon in the. The Rocket Launcher or RPG is a weapon that has appeared in every Grand Theft Auto game. If you’re looking for where to find the rocket launcher then you’ve come to the right place. -Vice City Bureau of Investigation file description. The first two games' rendition of the Rocket Launcher is relatively hard-to-find, with the ability to destroy most cars with one shot, a fairly long reload time, and perfect accuracy. Quickly and easily access your Rockstar Games PC collection in a single place with the Rockstar Games Launcher, now available for download. In GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA Liberty City Stories, the rocket launcher resembles a Russian RPG-7 portable anti-tank rocket launcher.
Use the ramp to jump to the next roof (Morton) (112,5 237,5 6), Head to the westernmost pier of Azeri Heights Docks (, Head to the third (from left) pier of Azeri Heights Docks (Azeri Heights Docks) (114,5 10 2), Go to the processing plant. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Weapons Rocket launcher Rocket launcher location (GTA Vice City Stories) From WikiGTA - The Complete Grand Theft Auto Walkthrough

So, where can you find the rocket launcher: Once you’ve completed the Arms Shortage mission, you’ll be able to purchase them at his army supplies store. Present extreme danger to public order.

Follow the north hallway to a metal platform, then walk a bit more towards north (, Between the hospital and the bank near Flotsam docks (, Go to the area with the underground train tracks east of the entrance towards the elevated platform over the RV Park (, Building north of the east section of the Scientist Research Center (, Go to the Belmont motel located some blocks west of the central police station. It will turn east, take the first street to south, and then the second to west. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Banned for civillian use. Check the building two blocks west of the corner (. The M72 LAW featured in GTA III and GTA Vice City Stories, The RPG-7 seen in the rest of the GTA instalments, (To show your coordinates you have to enter a cheat code.). The rocket launcher's scarcity, late availability, low carrying capacity, and high price means that the player should use the weapon with discretion.

Aim carefully towards the ledge north of it (Avalon) (156,5 78,5 5), Go to the street west of the cathedral. Unlike previous games where the player was forced into a stationary first-person perspective, the player now aims the rocket launcher from the over-the-shoulder perspective, allowing the player to strafe while aiming; the rocket launcher can also be fired while behind cover. Cookies help us deliver our services.

Once fired, each rocket stays at a constant velocity until it reaches a solid surface (a person, a vehicle, or a wall). Position yourself on the south side of the house looking up onto the roof on the left-hand side. And best of all, the rocket launcher will re-spawn, so after your next mission, just pop back and stock up again…. Wedge it under the roof where it joins the steep slope of the garden. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! You’ll need an ambulance (just get yourself wasted and you’ll be at the hospital to pick one up).
Follow it on south direction. hmm i am like 46% in and i've had an rpg from 2 missions ; mission 1 : where you have to drive the boat to the dude already in the middle of the water then escort him while boats try and kill him, then at the end you use an rpg to take out the heli. Also, unlike the GTA III Era, the rocket can hit the rotors as they considered solid objects.

This page was last modified on 2 November 2008, at 16:44. The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that has appeared in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing in every Grand Theft Auto game. Go to the zone where it turns north near the Vedic Temple. Check the north alcove (, South side of the power core (Power core) (27 247 4), Building located north of the east side of Gonad hospital (, Go to the big road north of the construction site. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+'://';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); From WikiGTA - The Complete Grand Theft Auto Walkthrough, Rocket launcher location (GTA Vice City Stories),

Take the west direction and drop down to the train tracks. ( Log Out /  This weapon is available in multiplayer via helicopters, which instantly give players a RPG and full RPG ammo upon entry. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Rocket Launcher is an extremely powerful weapon, capable of destroying almost anything capable of being damaged. The player does not necessarily need a direct hit on the fuselage of a helicopter to destroy it as the force of a detonating rocket can cause the pilot to lose control and crash. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I though we had sold all of these things to corrupt dictators and people fighting the Russians?" Enter it from its west side, then turn north and hit the ramp. Enter it from the east side and go around the structure until you reach the far west side (, Wooden bridge over a pond at the southeast corner of the Industrial District (, End of the tiny passage near the construction site entrance (, Small courtyard inside a building two blocks east of the Zaibatsu cranes, enter it from the northeast corner (, Building some blocks southwest of Bayano station. Its heavy weight will cause the protagonist to be slowed to a jogging pace and not be able to jump while the weapon is equipped except from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and onwards. This is the most powerful weapon in the game, destroying any target with a direct hit and causing heavy causalities with splash damage. Molotov cocktail location (GTA III) But how do you get up there? Change ). The rocket can be deflected if the tip of the rocket does not hit a solid object. First you need to head over to Shoreside Vale and the big house furthest west (see where on the map on this page). The Rocket Launcher cannot be bought from Little Jacob in GTA IV; however, the player can buy a Rocket Launcher from Terry Thorpe in The Lost and Damned or from Armando Torres in The Ballad of Gay Tony for $10,000 plus $3,500 for each additional rocket. However, a blue-and-pink version of the Rocket Launcher's weapon icon from GTA III can still be found in the HUD data files, internally named "hud_rocket" (the new weapon icon is internally named "hud_rpg"). Given the rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon in the game, it’s not easy. Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher - A rocket launcher that tracks targets from GTA San Andreas. Use the stairs to get to the roof (, Take the street west of the church. How to find Mammoth Thruster jet pack in GTA 5 story mode, Map location of Mors Mutual Depot in GTA Online, How to deposit & withdraw money in GTA Online. Take the first big street on south direction (the first one leads to a parking). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Look for the alley on the west side next to the metal platform over the street (, Get a car. Strangely enough, rockets are faster than bullets, requiring some skill to dodge (as opposed to bullets). Why? Follow the stairs on the north side. ( Log Out /  If you’ve reached Shoreside Vale, the third island, then you can get one for free. The weapon's disadvantages are its slow aiming, and its potential to seriously injure or kill the operator if a rocket detonates at close range. The smart rocket launcher is hidden in an Ark, which isn’t much of a surprise if you’ve obtained any of the other weapons.For this one, you’ll have to visit the Strongbox Ark, which can be found in the middle of the Torn Plains area. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the rocket launcher again resembles the Russian RPG-7 portable anti-tank grenade launcher; however, it is not fitted with the PGO-7 optical sight usually seen on the launchers. Tweet The player is limited to a carrying capacity of 8 rockets. This page was last modified on 5 June 2015, at 20:29. Where is the helicopter I bought in GTA V? Source. Rage 2 Smart Rocket Launcher Location – How to Get Where to find rocket launcher in Rage 2? The rocket self-detonates when it reaches its maximum range. The Rocket Launcher can be purchased at the back-alley gun shops for $15,000 plus $5,000 for each additional rocket.

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