That’s why I say with self-tapes, just go for it because it will only help you, not hurt you. It’s a funny movie. The one thing that I noticed over and over, in all those interviews, was some of them knew that they were doing something wrong, but they just acted like it was just their job. I play around a lot, because I already did my work at home. And then, I go from this crazy face, smiling, to Pote. We want you to put yourself on tape for the role of Pote. I did one show for three years, two and a half years. So, you find your ways, your technique, your way to keep yourself sane, that’s how I saw it. But I said, “Guys, the way that I see him is when I was growing up in the Dominican Republic, all those old Mexican movies that I used to watch as a kid, with the big mustache, and the big sideburns.” The difference is, is that you say, “Okay, to make this guy more scary, slick my hair back.” So, it was my idea to leave this big mustache, and these big sideburns. So, the thing that I had to do from the beginning to portray Pote is not to judge him, but just to make him… That’s his job. Hemky Madera.

Because if you start judging, then you’re already lost. Now, I do everything on my phone, and get yourself one of those ring lights. So, I joke around saying that I have a $40,000 reader because she helps me when I do self-tapes. I’m like, “Mommy, mommy, mommy…The show runners of Queens.” She’s like laughing her butt off. I was a general, an Argentinian general in South America. Then, what I wanted to add is also the personal, the struggle. Who is sitting on the chair might be seeing it for the first time. And, if they do the same, we’ll both shine, and the scene will be believable, and amazing in every way. It’s a great scene. Then afterwards, just shoot it. And, one of them was going to the grocery store to get some supplies. Use all the props that you can. But, dress the part.

Lance Carter is an actor and the Editor of Daily Actor. But instead of just scratching it completely, they added me, to Peters to-do list, something that wasn’t even, I don’t think it was even planned, of the things that he needed to do for this trip. Just take your time, take your time, and just get the flow of it. So, you can imagine how many times I could say this line to make it interesting to me. I remember for a pilot, I couldn’t do it because of Queen of the South.

But anyway, in the sides, it said that Pote had an extra, extra large Taylor Swift t-shirt on.

So, they went back and forth, back and forth, both producers back and forth, until I couldn’t do it because of two days that would have been a conflict with Queen. They are great writers. One thing that I’ve always done, and I recommend this to anybody out there, always give it your all. But, I try to have fun. Sometimes I put myself on tape, and in two takes, I got it. So, it’s not their business that you’ve done it 350 times. As I get out of my shower, and I look out my window to my driveway, you could see the neighbors. They had a conflict of scheduling. More than in the room… I go full on. In the room, I still go full on. Of course, if there is a weapon, I will not bring a weapon. I remember people used to tell me, “Hemky, do not be off book completely because they want to see you with the paper, and you’re not locked into something.” And I’m like, “They give me a direction then, I go with the direction they give me.” But, if you have both of your hands free, and you can actually play, and you feel comfortable… That’s the first thing I say, just memorize it. I remember, after I filmed it, I went to Jesse, and I said, “Mommy, this scene might not make the movie.” She goes, “What do you mean? I haven’t been tapped on the shoulder yet, but I hope I am. So, I put myself on tape. He’s evil one minute, protective and caring the next and all the while, you never know what he’s thinking. Just go for it. It’ll make your life so much easy. I tried not to judge him from the beginning, and make him a real person who just happens to do something that is not good or morally right, in any way, shape, or form. Home » Interviews » Interview: Hemky Madera Talks ‘Queen of the South’, Auditioning and How Self-Tapes Are “Your Friends”. The character originally was from the Pacific Islands, Mr. Delmar. When I was doing the play, I was like, “How do I not lose love for doing this? And, he was a superintendent of a building in the Bronx.

Extra, extra large?” And, people are looking at me weird. Because one thing I like to be… I need to be off book, so I can play. I was originally called for her dad. I also went all out. Don’t go over the top. So, he put it on. She goes, “If you don’t get this role, I’m going to walk out in the driveway every morning, and give him the look.” Man, but then I got the call. Anyway, going back to the story. And then, you know what’s crazy is, it’s I auditioned, and I booked Suicide Squad 2. Hemky Madera: Yes. Again, I went, the character had a t-shirt called, Kiss Me I’m Irish. I was going to ask you about self-tapes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Like they’re working in a bank… which just happens to be with a gun and killing people. For me, I think the more you do it, you lose something, because it becomes very mechanical. They’ll print anything you want.” So, I went and got a big, extra large, extra, extra large t-shirt. More than in the room. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Before, I used to have a camera, then transfer it to the computer, and then compress it. Because it’s easier for them to visualize something then imagine it. So, it made it easier. I love you on the show. Just do your work beforehand. What works for me is, I’ll read it, I’ll memorize it. It’s a funny scene.

It was a pain. Because I had a full beard, and they loved my beard.

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