There are probably better ways to make your army perform better with the resources space marines would cost. 349.

Are light tanks worth it nowadays?

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Yes, it is possible. Artillery attack down again and again, planning down reduce all around attack, hardness of tanks/motorized increased, and AI improvements. Yesterday I saw: 9 infantry, 4 line-arty, 3 M-SPART, 1xLine AT for 40 combat width. Yesterday I saw: 9 infantry, 4 line-arty, 3 M-SPART, 1xLine AT for 40 combat width. Cookies help us deliver our Services. You don't need tube artillery when you have flying artillery. 20 width infantry are vulnerable to their artillery and they are required to use AT guns at all times. This can result in as much as 5x the attack from merging. 40 width infantry may as well turn into space marines as space marines will do better (higher attack to fend off). Press J to jump to the feed. What did change was infanry offensives in general. Marines can get huge amphibious landing bonuses (I tend to get about+75% with mine) but have good bonuses when crossing rivers and in some other terrain as well.

The best I've seen so far is "no more than two arty of any type in a division, excluding support arty". 40 width. 4 years ago. A division template that is kind of exploitative. Additional combat width gained through offensive doctrine can go to either 2 more medium tanks for additional breakthrough or another SPG.

Well, veterancy is good. a division template that is pretty much a one division army. Usually not, and it was never a thing vs people due to support AT always piercing it. Basically it was not the heavy tank destroyer it was the artillery/infanry. Tech Priest also made a poor man's space marine template however I've never noted it down but I could ask him later on today and tell you it if you want. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts … Press J to jump to the feed. if you were in the game lobby i regularly play in "space marines" are 12 marines 6 art 1 heavy td these are very very efficient for their ic and are considered the best division by a lot of players. If that is what you want to do, go ahead. CAS and bombers where also buffed making a strong airforce important. If you don't have dedicated AT guns you will be taking 50% more damage and doing 50% less. As noted before 4x for every point over. you can hold off unlimited numbers of enemies if you keep them pocketed and contained or attack them as soon as they land on a beach, (if they are pocketed they will lose stamina or whatever) (if they just landed they have no stamina or whatever), so you can just sit there an massacre 1m americans as they land on your beaches if you pay attention, it doesn't matter what equipment you have when you're attacking low morale units because they'll have low multipliers on their stats while your guys have hundreds of soft attack, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 10-6-1 with engineers, support art, recon, and medics 2760. How would that fare against hard divisions? Next, ensure they are well equipped. a single AT pierces it, and 2 AT have more hard attack at lower costs. edit: 1 40 width is like 2 20 always rolling high in combat striking the same opponent. Basically you compose a division of 12 battalions of marines and 6 battalions of artillery with 1 battalion of tank destroyers. I keep seeing rules in MP saying "no space marines". "space marines" make no sense in multiplayer, they are not OP. But 1:1 this division will eat what you described alive, especially if they do not get to entrench. The marines allow for great mobility across rivers and whatnot. Note this design is 44 combat width however when combined with a field marshal which provides -10% own combat width it brings it down to 40 which is obviously better. Artillery. They are capable of bogging down tanks due to their numbers and AT potential. Most often, it'll do what it is supposed to do, buff your infantry. Still a thing technically. Finally, train up a good general, they also bestow huge combat bonuses. Most commonly we use 1 heavy tank destroyer as each battalion requires half the amount that normal armour does and provides higher overall armour than medium making it harder to pierce, 12 marines or mountaineers due to their upgradeability through tech and better regeneration, 6 artillery to boost soft attack considerably. Obviously can be bumped to 44 quite easily. Infantry are now starting to have no line artillery and being pretty basic which is the opposite of space marines. Marines. Land doctrines and infantry equipment make a huge difference. Which is strange as poor nations make heavy tanks and rich nations light tanks. This makes a single HTD provide as much armor as multiple medium tanks and this requires AT guns to fight it. I'm rather new and heard that division template was sort of cheaty as well. This doesn't cost all that much in industry but means the whole division gets some armour, which means divisions with low … This is also essential to reduce the cost of tank destroyer and the division in general. Is there any point in using more armor inside the division if you can afford it?

6 Motorized, 8 Medium SPGs, 1 Medium Tank and 1 Heavy Tank Destroyer. Press J to jump to the feed. Defense of multiple divisions is not combined. Defense of multiple divisions is not combined. Hardness remains low as its just averaged. The template pushes the game mechanics past the breaking point. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But their still extremely powerful and broken. The 1 TD gives hard attack as well as increasing the hardness of the division. Artillery. Space Marine style templates can still work and be valuable, but no longer can you expect it to work vs every division you encounter. TD is armour and piercing. CAS and bombers where also buffed making a strong airforce important. Beats the 12-6-1 template others have posted hands-down.

A single well equipped unit will destroy several badly equipped divisions. You ban space marines, and players come up with something else, but battles are still wrong. The artillery shells the everliving hell out of the enemy, so they lose organization really fast. You don't need tube artillery when you have flying artillery.

So having more artillery can result inside a massive increase of attack. 7-2 with engineers, support art, recon, medic, and support AT costs in 1941 2568 for 2. I am seeing more people use heavy tanks instead of tank destroyers as well. Bonus: Fortify your territories, it'll give a big debuff to attackers attack value, which will let your super unit hold off the hordes even better. Their probably the strongest as a poor nation where more industrial can build proper tank divisions. Keys to this are +5 on the gun of the SPGs and upgraded Heavy Tank destroyers where necessary. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Oh and you equip them with as few support battalions as possible to bump up armor and piercing. What you describe (infantry/artillery spam) is only really good if you're a minor and can't afford the research/production of proper tank divisions like this. They also work good in bad terrain. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I've seen better, but it's always variations on the same. 40 width. Armor. Theretically having a single armored unit is enough to give the divsion its corresponding armor value? i believe its coined by a player called techpriest? Armor takes 30% of the highest and piercing is 40% of the highest.

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