• Electric disk sander • Fiberglass repair kit – automotive kits can also be used• Diamond-edged cutting wheel. Water contains minerals such as copper and iron. DBA Dr. Sand off the layer of filler at the sides and ends of the crack. Fiberglass Pools. William Machin began work in construction at the age of 15, while still in high school. They require less than half of the maintenance work required for concrete and vinyl pools because of their gel coat that makes them less porous, so it’s harder for water and chemicals to get absorbed and damage the pool surface. Allow the putty to dry completely before proceeding. This allows the walls of the pool to remain firmly in place, so you don’t have to stress over the bulging pool walls that plagued you in the past. This will solve the problem and allow you to once again enjoy your pool. Today, home builders are going for fiberglass pools. Pool Leaks, © Copyright 2017 Dr.Pool Leaks. It’s important to do a monthly test for calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and metals and use a good-quality test to measure the pH, chlorine, as well as total alkalinity and acid levels. Squeeze the measuring cup to loosen the dried resin, and discard the debris. (WARNING LONG POST) I have a fiberglass pool, it's about 17 years old and the last few seasons more and more issues are cropping up. His hobbies include horses, motorcycles, road racing and sport fishing. Despite their indestructibility, they are susceptible to problems. You also avoid friction in this situation which can lead to spider cracking. Fiberglass pools offer a high level of strength and durability, as well as flexible design options to fit the needs of different applications. There are two fiberglass pool repair solutions for color fading or color mix match. Press out any bubbles or air pockets beneath the fabric using your paint brush or a putty knife. If the crack is leaking water, first apply hydraulic cement before applying the bond coat. All you’ll need to do is mix some gravel into the sand beneath the pool. Make sure the tape surrounds the entire damaged area. Next, mark an area of about 2 inches around the damaged area with a pen. Next, mix the bond coat according to the instructions in the repair kit and apply it to the crack using a putty knife to fill the cutout gap so that it is in line with the pool surface and wait for it to set — it should have a tacky consistency. In this post, we highlight 5 most common fiberglass pool problems and how to fix them. Many homeowners prefer fiberglass swimming pools because fiberglass is shiny and it resists algae better than plaster. At this point, the crack is filled and the surface area should be smooth and uniform to the touch. That means you have a fiberglass pool that won’t experience wall bulges, and instead be a pool that you can enjoy free of problems. Instead of hiring a contractor to repair your pool, fix yourself using a fiberglass repair kit and a few simple tools.

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