0000041128 00000 n 0000034467 00000 n endobj How to change language back to English . ��,�xt�&%��H�ȔF%�B�"f�ǹo�"E�E#U��ϓK��T�a~�r�ӗ8��F��X�Q����N����0O8�ND.��!�\I|�IpT9�U� \���sHE4�,�U�&s�Ix-��Y� �,�'"�*G*#fb�c 0000043998 00000 n endobj <> Should that have caused it to stop or do I simply HAVE to have the valve/tubing assembly installed for loading message to stop?Thx! H�\Wɱ-���}�� $@��o�m;�y�%er����T1hH Ȱ���3��l?�X&������R���V궀;�V��ֆ�@`�����;��G/�}��M��ĞѬ��C�����}� nmQ+54�6��=���Ф��Z�J'��1�V���?�/�x�/��c�kE�r)n4/�uc����+ذ�������춸'h٠�ްA�?q)�c}|���$ˮ���5�����y�l�1�\���/��#8!�� 2+2X��1�aNxa��� F!��|� 17. Note: Upon completing the above steps you will be presented with the EFI Boot Manager shown below. 0000020336 00000 n �[����Vzd�*>�g�Ԍ���Z"�8��h�����C2�Xa���ŭK��*�8�gv2�e:׷$Nq[�Og(��(�#Z� �O:H3��PΥz�(^����R3�՘٫H�bNĐ��B��`qݨm^`�"�J�$�x�eҗ�S|d�Zs�1K4�d1*4r��ҷXe�P%��Scz���Y�� �"�Y���� q. 0000008991 00000 n �i��#���D������;��ֈI ?3�Sn�60`�4쀉B~Zq������)�/�J�%�2 ��R <> http://youtu.be/qFsoYoSyNv8. 18. ���Mh�bR9^�Ԭ��������Q��щo�vRw�B"t͊�X�����R��hB@�p�ҍ#��b��ߋn2C��%F���7;;��j��w����l�5�����"DF[p�X9������#�r�:}��@ȭ��+���ᐙ��(�����g�0��L@%z� 3�.^@����&��Mn&j"�Xt ^�(�k�E�t^�j������y+Կv�s�q�,�M�4;�����3&�ǥ�,�ڄc۷��1�vr�����m�6�{�V׸Z����{!�;=ڔD�khkC�8��nm���h�1�+:��RKTt��*���v.g��"�xu�TEG��[W�����#�:��EϮ�#V�=6��U��W�����[W�xu�}g�_歫\��*#��*�t��ٻcaf��(�1 �9cmL�` %�& endstream endobj 31 0 obj<>stream endobj Press RUN key to restart the pump. 4 0 obj Tue May 07 2019 Language. I especially like how easy it is to disconnect from the power cord and the IV clamp. 16. 3. 2 0 obj �F�!�%�YZ�ί�a*��aI�G�vĩ�n;���_��f�!�N�qMl�C���0a;�)"��4۱�1��LTI$ Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Place Kangaroo Joey pump on any stable surface or attach to IV pole using the pole clamp. ( Log Out /  Place Kangaroo Joey pump on a stable surface or attach it to the IV pole using the pole clamp. Change ). 0000019451 00000 n 0000008457 00000 n 0000005263 00000 n Unfortunately I do not remember how to log in to that account, but I am going to post the link below and I hope you all find it helpful! 0000037114 00000 n x��ko۶�{��~��F��� @�8]��֤+.�}pl%1njg��,���s(Y�-*RV\�e�<�����`�������'�l�͙a��/�z����'M,5S2��f���,c��/_��>��5;Y��^�`� �hU̯&�a�dz�����������ǻ|���z����b������_��,_�8�>���q�ί €�TĉP,U:�/`�]��7g!��7/_\Dl�';�����h ��6�cE0�.�il:� %���� 0000021436 00000 n ( Log Out /  stream 0000010862 00000 n I got my Kangaroo Joey pump on Feb 25th and love it! Hi Karissa! 0000020020 00000 n endobj A soft reset will.. ... Press F10 at POST (when the Kangaroo logo is displayed, as below). 3 0 obj �W���#b�kn{R���d�2a]�0b�f��=6 ! 0000041847 00000 n endobj Before I go and buy the some, can you tell me if there is a way to tell this pump is functioning properly without the tubing installed? <> �.�Η3������0� Q h��2��%�Y�`ܢq^ ʀ�)fj S� �|CP��������z:��*�&A�~Gv�`4wm{ʡ���9���B��BmjA�m=b�W��1ġ��z�΄d���z2�Brݱ��Bp�zY��܋���\�J�D4�e15Ĺ�-��K9sɿ��>�M��3��QJЏ�F�Y`᷐�̻��-R=ӛ�ʸ`����R>��ʭh�[���^8A_j���H�gl��� �x���r����6myZL�����2f��&~WP�����݄�b���Rs@���Y��!�Q�l���5ZS|+�w�Kgjo1�1�����eC0�tΖ/�t�����1�\���z藇z��k�W�E��[��c��f�7@�������L�%��O�� ���_a���=t|(�dt��z�PdP �%�lּ��Hّ>��k,A3��s�:�C\E����p��#:�C1d��0���H��$;�p�M��4���pW�� ?�W���e-��W���3.�� ��Dw�I:Ca�~v ����jt�ɹ`\��r�(#F0�a�L���0iF��T)f�(LLMqz�P,t�)�E�_���_J�(�2 U-�Kૂ�ʷS6�9��o�us�`��=~U,�����Yd�� wg�68����������>��.< HOLD ERROR: The pump has been inactive for 10 minutes and is waiting for next step. <> 1 0 obj 0000009155 00000 n Tue May 07 2019 Reply from MedWrenchManager. <> 1 0 obj 4 0 obj Perform hand hygiene. /Б�.��b���H�S��BP���B��^����xj��w�������z3�D{H>��z�coWö���f����k��7�R��OdH1���L���7�g��x͑3d�Zo���Ӥ tZ�cՐ����虻�q�B�J w�V=a�R��}��)�� 0000022738 00000 n Hey there care givers! Disconnect the tubing from your feeding tube. v�X���}�n*�������#�����4�{����6� W�R�jc�O��V����*��m5�U�c��o�$� ^�BK�� 1.C�k�e(Ҕ)0"� +�oV� ���H� 0000001785 00000 n �hŴ ��-@�N��J j ����5[b����l�n{_ �R�D���:� ��Ep/* 2|�`��bM\�� ��An�[��w��ٗ�P6#7����W��iC��3m=�����3������6��P��Ȯ���}�(��vXM�rj7�����Z�����Lm�����Q���A�빣�z��o���/.YA҃��Y2�%�:����-_k��`�P&��F�4��'TI 1. ��%�w���,���mQ��1M������>”p�Q'� �2��T|G�]�.��x(�զ �h�?O�Ff��E/�n%p�o5��`��P�b9��)]�K���t>K���Jo��9���8m A��������f]��.��� 0000019726 00000 n %PDF-1.5 0000011980 00000 n 0000001396 00000 n 4 0 obj 0000011414 00000 n Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 'FFEJOH 4FU-PBEJOH "SFB section II — safety and Warnings CaUTIon: U.S. federal law restricts the sale of this device to physicians or to their direct representatives. 21. x�b``d``���������ǀ |@16���G�p^f�~G!�҃_}�zU��]�d���y����@�---� ��� ��@��Q@H� �XD��G�B %���� Maybe you can find info on changing the language. �8� endstream endobj 24 0 obj<>/Metadata 21 0 R/Pages 20 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 25 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>>/Type/Page>> endobj 26 0 obj<> endobj 27 0 obj<> endobj 28 0 obj[/ICCBased 63 0 R] endobj 29 0 obj<> endobj 30 0 obj<>stream 0000002318 00000 n %PDF-1.5 <>>> ( ��#q�^�aK6L7�������l�7a��0����Qt�U���ۗQ쉙 �K�B�AG+���,&��xq��"��!8 �D.�����)I، N �;g>�q1 �@5��հ���e�\��m������F�a7�N؛|U�eG�� ���[^2aU� Posted in Special needs by onerummymom. "��̏ ���_ެ���_?|��E?�o��ëu��#���J����j��|b%� K��h7�� �D. Hey there care givers! Press and hold POWER DOWN key to turn pump off. )YCzP��^����w˗jq������b� =N�R U,���}����|��٢�K���&q� Pt���@���U�PѰ�b�b����#��{X2� ��b�DM��u�2�,Q8� R6��D������AG!���}��kzGk-��׋�t�|8ɧ G �{��&�O��)ȅN{\엌-�*�2�ӰCa-����g���f/r]�7�c/�4Հ�� �ܷ��1�,[?�o;��lC��{d�'8'��%�88�^V�%���3[D`}fQ._D�p�D���q�65�q� ��[Xy4��K4�Vq��$,���������(A��4ZD��5rO^XFכP��v���$a�a�@��vV��4.����r��)Ht/yGd]1����O篐�34��|:&N����Â����M2)\@�'�!TIn(W�$`����� 0000037761 00000 n endobj Gather supplies and equipment. KANGAROO JOEY™ Enteral Feeding Pump figure b. KanGaRoo JoeY pump set loading area. I do not even know if it functions correctly. 0000016351 00000 n When the formula has infused and feeding is complete, the pump will alarm. %PDF-1.5 20. ��14]O�!Lۯ�a����"�� ��Y��$�vB�w�L9̐��ۺ��b��rRH�1\���� � �s4�O(�C���$Q ��H���Պ�H ��S�m,Y��Y ]��� =ݙ-?��mߡ!�h�V:'�l17Z��K䨂�[�ԯ���"�U�.�H�+��.��#nW��[qf�|zƵ:" 0000026887 00000 n <> <>>> A soft reset will.. ... Press F10 at POST (when the Kangaroo logo is displayed, as below). Note: Upon completing the above steps you will be presented with the EFI Boot Manager shown below. I just got one of these units used and it didn’t have any bag sets with it. 2�� �(�#h���wm4��KBg�e����9. 0000002556 00000 n �y�����XβS�Ɯ���Ǩw$!�g9�Y�gX�΢.a��4�zi�8���x�bEr̔��9��8m�� �a�� ��>ո;H��,w�T �i��v� �ϲ�G�"�EK��E*ێ>��1���i��(� N�j}��*�}ZU�궸���\lw�>�x�'��}^���'�.+�����( ?_ �7,b2�i���*��a�$��eo?gDn�}���"Z�;�x����q 4!2�`�$Ӗ3���Q��V��.�������6i�%aBi稥A�%�2^S �W-��R@�D�fY$��E��Uϟ]��p�H�B�H�X�-U����������nV�:��w��ߢ{_���e��8Ke��/�W˗\��-��l��Z�����-~�ofQؿm��텅���G�P�+���mo:Y�j�?�m�ʵ����߁۷ľ1���[�p������S����t�����jI8ޑj�t ��“���}xUS�X����giO�,Nx[{����8d4�F�u�-M�|�9��t�4���=�%*f=��Oy���]��\B5�y��T3������� �`�+���K�F���{�� �cZ҇XfT��Ew�G1����2�R.� 1�����Td�jR��1� 3��� qx;��k6�×�� �D�J2B��X�t��aQ3$�� 0000010296 00000 n x��\�o�F�� ��~� �}%��8�M�\����n�>�2e�%��k��ffI�Kji�m�X��3;����٥����>|�Ȣ��}��;�ti����?޾��f�/�P+��Y���Vl�������.������ ;� �O˪Xe� Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Remove Kangaroo feeding bag with tubing from package. 2 0 obj 0000014748 00000 n I pushed down on the little metal piece that the first end of the valve fits over and I thought that action would cause the “Set loading” icon to stop but it did not. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endobj endobj TROUBLE SHOOTING THE KANGAROO JOEY PUMP The Joey pump will sound an alarm and display a message on the screen if there is a problem during use.

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