He inflames a man with a woman’s love, and also stirs up a woman to love a man. But with the help of Sitri you can potentially attract hundreds or thousands of partners with a charm that borders on the supernatural. All art and intellectual property on this website belongs to Bonnie Berzova. No demon can. The least you can do is put yourself in the position where Sitri can work his magic. This energy is attractive in-and-of itself. The Sephiroth contain very pure energy while the Qliphoth contain more dense layers of energy. Sitri (also spelled Bitru, Sytry) is a Great King of Jinnestan, and reigns over sixty legions of demons. Sitri, alias Bitru, is a great prince, appeering with the face of a leopard, and having wings as a griffen: when he taketh humane shape, he is verie beautiful, he inflameth a man with a womans love, and also stirreth up women to love men, being commanded he willinglie deteineth secrets of women, laughing at them and mocking them, to make them luxuriouslie naked, and there obeie him sixtie legions. Sit in a comfortable position, whether on a chair or on the floor. Demon Sitri is described in several old Grimoires. You can fine tune your magick by doing the ritual during the astrological hour of Jupiter. These courses are based on various topics, from egyptian black magick to norse magick and summoning rituals, with abundance of knowledge to enhance your magical powers and practice. Use cinnamon, lavender, jasmine and roses in your love spells. Sitri wants you to know that Sitri will help you in any way you deem fit, particularly if you use incense in your evocation. I accept payments via PayPal. On top of that, don’t indulge in any imagery that can entice lustful emotions. His Seal is this, to be worn as a Lamen before thee, etc. It took me 5 failed rituals until I figured a way to summon Sitri successfully. – Astennu Sever, Owner and Chief Editor, link to 3 Prayers to Ogun For Work, Protection & Spiritual Growth, link to How to Invoke Elegua: Rituals, Prayers & More. It will improve your chances of “enflaming” others and along with Sitri’s help will make you unstoppable. Perhaps he will speak through you or you will hear his voice or simply feel a presence. As you’re getting into the trance or you’re already there start to chant Sitri’s demonic enn:  “Lirach alora vefa Sitri.” This is the correct pronunciation: Repeat it while visualizing your sexual desires. I find that doll magick in combination with demonic magick is very effective. C’est lui qui enflamme les passions. Pause and visualize what I saw for a moment. So in order to charge your connection with Sitri it’s really helpful to abstain from any sexual intercourse for at least one week. Incendit virum mulieris amore, mulierem vicissim alterius desiderio incitat. He causes men to love women and vice versa, and makes them to show themselves naked if it is desired. Demon Dantalion and demon Beleth can also help you in matters of love. QiGong, Yoga and NoFap practitioners are all aware that retaining this energy can have amazi… Being requested he discloses the secrets of women and laughs at them. When he takes on human shape, he is very beautiful. Use 2 dolls in your spells, and attach the seal of Sitri to the bewitched dolls. Perhaps he’ll manifest in an illusory physical state. I was overwhelmed with the positive reactions and experiences.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'occultist_net-box-3','ezslot_1',106,'0','0'])); Since I’m a gentleman, I won’t go into any details on the results front. Read about what the consultation includes here. From the “Dictionnaire Infernal” (edition of 1863 ) Written by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy. The sexual build-up was the hardest part. He inflames men and women to fall in love with each other and take off all their clothes. He enflameth men with Women’s love, and Women with Men’s love; and causeth them also to show themselves naked if it be desired. He commands 60 Legions of Demons. Keep in mind that some people can abstain for months without much frustration. Become my ally, strengthen my lust and manifest my desires on the mortal plane!” You can follow up this statement by explicitly stating your desires one by one. This will weaken your energy rather than strengthen it. But do not think that Sitri is powerless, just because some will tell you that maybe the demons are also a part of us. Practitioners on these paths pray to Ogun because he can clear obstacles to spiritual growth.... How to Invoke Elegua: Rituals, Prayers & More. Occultist.net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Close your eyes, visualize the sigil in your mind’s eye. The retention of sexual energy will really come in handy here as you’ll discover. Ogun is a powerful spirit in Yoruba, Santeria, Voodoo and many other sister religions and mystical paths. Some rituals were unsuccessful but I was determined to make the connection. QiGong, Yoga and NoFap practitioners are all aware that retaining this energy can have amazing mental and physical benefits. You shouldn’t say: “I want her to be alone in a dark corner of the club and just waiting for me to take her home.” or anything like that. Occultist.net shares information on magic, witchcraft and alternative spirituality. If you want to do love magick, do it during the waxing moon and also during the full moon. He then assumes the shape of a beautiful human. Sitri manifested to S. Conolly as female. Imagine the Tree of Sephiroth standing in front of the Qliphotic Tree. He governeth 60 Legions of Spirits. Both places are ruled by planet Jupiter. Check out my book "The Warrior-Magician Manual", available on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2DntMw5 Huic sexaginta legiones obsequuntur. After all, who doesn’t want to “enflameth men with women’s love, and women with men’s love”? Sitri is a great prince who appears first with a leopard’s face and griffin wings. I’ve found that stating desires precisely improves the effectiveness of any spiritual work, including evocations. If you say: “I want to attract the hottest woman in the club, take her home and have her cheerfully leave my apartment in the morning” that’s all fine and dandy. Readers will also find plenty of valuable book reviews and courses which may prove to be helpful for obtaining greater knowledge. hi i m new to magic, can someone tell me how to summon sitri, i have never used sigils before. You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account). You’ll notice women (or men, depending on your preference) becoming more interested in you. Here is my list of the best magick courses from experienced contemporary magicians available online. This energy is part of our subconscious mind. Once you’ve stated your desire while in a trance-state, Sitri may or may not speak to you. Use the target’s blood and hair, or pieces of personal items (that belong to the target). But I will share with you the ritual itself so that you can get all the benefits that I have gained. You’ll only need a piece of paper and a pen. Simply visualize all of your pent up desires by using your imagination. It’s important to be tense, ready to jump at anything at the first sign of interest (metaphorically and actually). When I have learned about your situation and if you want to book a ritual (magic), we can do it. From the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” ( 1583 ) Written by Johann Weyer (Johann Wier). Above: Channeled Aspect of Sitri’s Bat Aspect. This, from the Lesser Key of Solomon, may help with that, "The Twelfth Spirit is Sitri. Sitri is a demon most concerned with sexuality. Il découvre, quand on le lui commande, les secrets des femmes, qu’il, tourne; volontiers en ridicule. MacGregor Mathers. Step by Step Instructions on How to Summon Sitri: From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by S.L. I recommend continuing to retain the sexual energy if you’ve come this far. Use 2 red candles or 2 pink candles to represent a pair of lovers: you and the one you love. The best time to summon Sitri is at midnight. We also participate in becomealivinggod.com affiliate program. A demon sitting atop a man's spirit is a sad sight to see. Quando autem humanam assumit formam, mire pulcher videtur. Either way, you’ll have a general feeling if you’ve manged to summon him or not. I recommend one week for everyone, and perhaps longer if you’re able to do it.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'occultist_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',107,'0','0'])); To conduct this ritual you won’t be needing any special ritual items. I use the correspondences of Chesed even for Gamchicoth when I do magick with Sitri, because Sitri belongs to the Princes and Prelates group of Goetia spirits. I’m happy to say that it worked! All of this can be helpful to Sitri in order to avoid any confusion. If you need financial assistance or simply want to get filthy rich, these are the demons you should work with. There is another Tree, the Tree of Qliphoth. He then assumes the shape of a beautiful human. Consider your sexual energy as a chain that is holding Sitri, the sexual demon aid closer to you. The Divine powers are in us too. Well, the truth is that demons come from Hell. Do you want to discover the full potential of demonic magic? The best day to summon Sitri is Thursday. Sitri will move further and further away and with him also the extra influence and power you could have in the sexual arena. He inflames men and women to fall in love with each other and take off all their clothes. My consultations via e-mail and via Facebook chat cost 50 USD. Once it’s drawn meditate on the sigil. I recommend checking out this incredible course by E.A. This article will help you invoke Elegua, a powerful ancient spirit that can procure many favors. I had to consult an experienced magician friend to get this step-by-step guide.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'occultist_net-banner-1','ezslot_5',110,'0','0'])); Having adequate reserves of sexual energy is everything when you’re dealing with demons that are specialized in this area. Use 2 dolls in your spells, and attach the seal of Sitri to the bewitched dolls. It does not matter which model of the Tree you use. Ask me to give you a payment link. I’ve worked with Sitri in the past. It is strictly prohibited to duplicate it and to use it without a written permission from Bonnie Berzova. To know more about my services, please follow this link to my prices. Make it simple and powerful . Follow these ritual steps and you’re most likely to succeed: To summon Sitri successfully you have to be in the right frame of mind. At the same time, you don’t want to do is tell the spirit how to exactly go about it. To summon Sitri successfully you have to be in the right frame of mind. You can fine tune your magick by doing the ritual during the astrological hour of Jupiter. You can make your love spells even more powerful by using the blood of the target. You can spend it on worthwhile encounters of course, but don’t spill the beans by yourself. Original Text: Sytry ou Bitru, grand prince aux enfers ; il apparaît sous la forme d’un léopard, avec des ailes de griffon. These can be any relevant specifics: the type of women/men you want to attract, under what conditions, how you want the relationships to start, develop and end. Below you will find information about Sitri. Sitri will guide you in these situations to a favorable outcome. The waning moon is suitable to repel people away from us or for ending relationships. Use binaural beats theta frequency if it helps you reach a trance.

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