now you've heard of the coping strategies called fight-or-flight...? I will keep trying, for a very long time before I walk away. I’m sorry to hear you had and are going to go through that, Marie… I believe it’s far from easy…. Hopefully you will find that in person he is able to give you the quality time and the physical presence that you need to feel more fulfilled in the relationship. And when Withdrawing implies indecision and I have already been thru that while trying to save a relationship with a friend. Great article. and they flew." Just slam the door and walk away. I always thought that there was something wrong with me to be able to just walk away and not look back after loving and caring for someone for years. . Those souls are searching for you as well, of that I am certain. When you see that an INFJ is speaking with less excitement and desire, it’s probably time to reach out and see what’s going on, because you’re facing a moment when an INFJ will eventually withdraw. I just can’t open that door again. As an INFJ, I wish all those people who told me years after the fact that they had a crush on me, had actually told me right away. Should we just remain friends, or do I have some hope in the future of being your partner?”. Wow, this one really struck a chord with me! I’m trying to redevelop the trust that we had she says she loves me but it’s hard to trust me because of the emotional pain that I caused. I’m not far from retirement, and am looking forward to brushing off my self-esteem and getting it shiny again. I am glad to know others’ brains work as mine do. Thus, the silent withdrawal can also happen because your INFJ was intentionally or unintentionally hurt by something you said or did. I prepared and proceeded with the divorce. Once I was prepared for that I just had to say it but at school she came over to me and tried talking and I withdrew. at each of them in turn. Why do we do this? i couldn’t understand it why i behaved like i do but i just recently understand more of who i am. I know how hard it can be for an INFJ, one of the introverted Myers-Briggs personality types, to be in a relationship, especially a romantic one. You are not going away from yourself, you are merely protecting yourself. The letters I,N,F and J stand for I. a facetious or lighthearted remark. We give until there is nothing left of us sometimes. Nansea, Your email address will not be published. When I’m hurt I heal myself by walking away rather than by in-depth analysis. Or, any kind of difficult conversations where they know they will hurt the other person or let them down. modern world, but there wasn't any The Thank you. Our emotions are like the whiskers of a cat in the dark feeling our way through. often have "oceanic" memories where details are recalled through intuitive leaps and thought association; See this article on INFJ Characteristics by … If you think you have hurt or offended the INFJ, first, give them the time and space they need. When we Come join the discussion about health, behavior, care, testing, personality types, and more! "Come to the edge, he said, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! . I often have to justify myself even to the ones who do care, and it exhausts me. Idk if that’s insensitive or mean or what but I don’t know why I’m not interested in being her friend. But something changed in both of us. Too long probably. I’m sorry you had to go through that with your family…, Well I have always told my family and friends that I don’t fight, I don’t argue… I just cut-off from people and situations…. Some people go on giving chances to those who let them down, INFJs belong to that rare category. When he recently lied to me about applying for jobs when he didn’t (he hates his current job) it deeply upset me. And it’s true that we do withdraw, usually, rather than confront.

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