Awards and Honors: Member of the Grand Ole Opry for 55 years. Among thos songs was a song that was officially released, December 25th, 1967; (yes Christmas Day, I’ve never seen a releases date of Christmas before or since), that has since gone on to be one of the most famous songs ever recorded in the history of Country and BlueGrass Music: Rocky Top. Osborne was picking guitar in that period and the other members were Larry Richardson on banjo, Ezra Cline on bass, and Ray Morgan on fiddle. His Dad said he would, and that he like to see them himself. Osborne's mandolin picking, influenced heavily by the sounds of fiddles in the early days, continues to thrill musicians, especially mandolinists who have honored him with awards.

It would be amusing to report that many a roadhouse ran out of plastic sign letters trying to promote this outfit, but it would also be a lie since the band imploded almost immediately, although it did manage to broadcast over the Bristol radio station WCYB, known for its ample bluegrass programming of performers such as Mac Wiseman, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, Jim & Jesse, and the Stanley Brothers. How long will the footprints on the moon last?

All Rights Reserved. -Music City News “Number One Bluegrass Group” (Osborne Brothers): 1971-1978 He just happened to have been blessed with a one of a kind vocal range. The mandolinist for the legendary bluegrass group the Osborne Brothers. The pedal steel guitar, the only really required instrument in a country & western band and definitely appreciated in Western swing, was not present on-stage in a bluegrass band until the Osbornes broke the ice. Read Full Biography. As this writer can attest, it was a magical time to be at The Grand Ole Opry. The scene backstage was electric with energy. Bobby’s mandolin style reflected his love of the fiddle, and electric guitar playing of Hank Garland and Grady Martin. Bobby met Larry Richardson, one of the early Scruggs devotees on the banjo, and the two of them started a partnership in 1949. !, on radio and television stations ever since Bobby Osborne first burst on the scene in 1949. Bobby started singing in radio stations and in less than 15 years made it to The Grand Ole Opry, where he’s been a member since 1964. The same Lester Flatt who sang and recorded, “With A Pain In My Heart”, the same Lester Flatt who stood on the stage of Memorial Hall in Dayton,Ohio and sang, “Mother’s Not Dead”, and “Mansions For Me”, with Bill Monroe while Earl, Howard and Chubby roamed through the crowd selling song books. Van Winkle, which he probably didn't use because bandleaders would be afraid of him falling asleep during the set. The same Bill Monroe that Bobby would later record with in 1985 for Bill’s, “Stars Of The BlueGrass Hall Of Fame”, an album that was just re-released October 2nd of 2010.
When the song was over The Solumn Old Judge said, “friends that was Earl Scruggs with his fancy banjo with Bill Monroe and his BlueGrass Boys.” Bobby knew that some way, some how, he had to see this Scruggs guy and see how did that.

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