Although Shizuo would think of it as a relief, he couldn't. When? Despite his excellent ability, his personality is rather unpleasant. We could use help adding info to pages and cleaning up articles, so if you want to point out problems and help solve them, it would be useful. Deals P.Dmg equal to 600.00% ATK to middle row enemy. Japanese I'm actually thinking that we could use those for adding more images to character pages in general. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He takes their actions to heart and worries over them. Because the way the whole thing is worded sort of sounds like someone's made up loophole to make Izaya seem gay.Sol420 03:58, April 25, 2012 (UTC)Sol420 4/24/12. I don't know myself for sure. Lightening a new cigarette with his right and the left hand running through his hair, leaning backwards and letting out a sigh, he continued: "The 'me' last week thought of throwing a 6 months salary worth party. For Shizuo, the short way from the reception to the room seemed to be long like an eternity and short like a second at the same time. Online name ", "Keep quiet. yet.". It took Shizuo a while to realize that he stopped running, he was in a small dark street and that the small being with the most beautiful crimson eyes in his arms was no longer alive. If he really would do what the informant wanted, it must be really hard for the younger to even face older brother. The Orihara twins' childhood is—for the most part—a fairly normal one, though Izaya claims to have 'practically raised' them due to their parents frequently working overseas. So he tried to think of ways to kill this plague called Orihara Izaya and with that he came to the only conclusion left: If he wanted to kill the pest inside him, he had to kill himself. Finally the flea couldn't dodge. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Eijirou suspiciously asks if Mikage still has feelings for Izaya despite what Izaya 'did to her' in high school; Mairu and Kururi eagerly await the answer, but Mikage's answer ultimately consists of a relentless hours-long attack against her brother for asking such a question in the first place. Not only that, but even when the novels said he gave words of comfort, it still ended up hurting them and making them mad at him. And what goes, is not your pain, but your existence itself. Shizuo decided that he should at least take a look at the one lying on the ground. ", "You're the one who puts me in that mood…", "That's not a nice thing to say, Shizu-chan. He put some kind of drug in the beer. ", "Y-y-you met Kasuka? But hey it's all good, it really does make more sense to just remove their birth years until an actual chart comes out or something. But given Izaya's God-like behavior, an intimate relationship would be out of place. "What the hell are you doing now? Mairu and Kururi join Aoba, Akane, and two Raira freshmen—Yahiro Mizuchi and Kuon Kotonami—on a hunt for the Headless Rider, the hunt's purpose being to prove whether or not Celty is truly responsible for the abrupt spike in human disappearances. I'm just saying, that could be the reason. It says here in wikia that Izaya was 23 in the anime, 24 in the manga and 25 in the novel. Yeah that peasant was dead. Why not try it?--Kajune (talk) 14:47, March 30, 2015 (UTC), You mean like those image tab hings? I think the whole "I love humans" is eeriely close to Saika's motto... Wow, is that actually how eeriely is spelled? Of course Izaya could directly see (maybe even feel) the effects their earlier conversation had resulted in. He seems to care deeply for his children despite rarely being around. He takes their actions to heart and worries over them. We have no reason to believe he was 13 because that's silly. Shizuo sunk to his knees, hands full of blood as he let go of the body whom was once Izaya. Several of her female classmates take umbrage with her behavior; on the morning of her third day at school, Mairu arrives to find her desk vandalized with graffiti and scratches. Alarmed by that, Shizuo tensed up quite a bit. The ages are supposed to be going from the novel/anime/manga start or variations. He became concerned over Izaya's antisocial behaviour when he was younger and wished that Izaya would come to love humans. ", "I really would like to do that, but then I would have to do other things to keep myself from being bored…". Even the narrator hints at the fact that Izaya may not even love himself, and Anri pointed that even Saika(who is much like Izaya) is actually really lonely, and Izaya said himself once said in the chatroom that "I think he's lonely, but satisfied", much like Saika supposedly was. He also pointed out that he could have told them to go die and they probably would have, but he didn't. Her 'online personality', meanwhile, ec… Despite his excellent ability, his personality is rather unpleasant. Izaya stood at (Y/N)'s grave. Increases the damage of ally group by % when at least 1 character suffers debuffs. And he is certainly NOT a psychopath or a sociopath and the results of the MRI scan also hinted at that fact. --- Unresgistered User June 20, 2010, there are parts of the background that should actually be in characteristics (since background refers to the time before vol1) and some parts of characteristics seem like they would be part of personality superlinna 02:32, July 19, 2011 (UTC), I've had to delete this twice now but just to be safe...Concerning this post: "However, the voice actors of both characters have said they both voice them as two people who are sexually attracted to each other.". It seems like you were made for me.". I have the novels in front of me, and I just flipped the 9th volume open and re-read a few scenes involving Mikage (mostly the meeting infront of the Dojo and the Earthworm interrogation.). And even if you were, you wouldn't succeed. Even though Kasuka seemed to be fine and like him, the older brother couldn't relax yet. Mikage refuses to comment when asked about her romantic experience, but again, this is why there is nothing but speculation on the Wiki going based off an interview Narita did previously. How he hated him, when he did that…, "Would you be so kind to shut the fuck up, Izaya? Izaya is 25 currently in the anime as he had recently turned 25 in that part of Volume 9.. Do you really want me to live inside of Kasuka? Not to accept it, not to face it. So why was it so easy this time? His enemy did something to his brother. He is available only as a main character in Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void. As if to underline the last words that no one but Shizuo could hear, Kasuka's mouth left Shizuo's member with a sweet plop. I'm curious what other things on the wiki you think are misleading? Where is the problem? I don't care about how much it will cost me.". Name Although there are many times I cannot stop myself and lead myself into terrible situations." Shizuo had problems looking straight. Recoil applied on allies or enemies may also trigger the exclusive talent. They're Othello pieces; some people also know that game as Reversi. He knows a bunch of fangirls are interested in this kind of stuff and he most likely was baiting them in order to arouse the curiosity of a hypothetic love relationship. To avoid it. Assuming that the story spans about a year and a half, shizuo would be 26 by then. Imagine me sucking you dry. The only canon facts about them are that Mikage had feeling for him back in high school but now those feelings are long gone because he involved her in a certain incident that forced her to drop out of school. Ah and because others can't hear me as long as I don't take over your body, they might start thinking that you are insane…". They're the only two characters with birth year's in their infoboxes despite not having any canon information to confirm or deny it. The informant couldn't keep himself from laughing and the bartender – impatient to know what happened and fearing of what it might have, he went to the hotel his brother was at. Izaya Orihara (折原 臨也, Orihara Izaya) is one of the main antagonists in Durarara!! How long it took Shizuo to get to Shinra – he was not able to recall it anymore. You wanna hurt those sweet, cute little devi- ehm… girls? Deals P.Dmg of 222.75% ATK and Sp.Dmg of 222.75% ATK to all enemies. So, while I  agree Izaya is likely not a psychopath/sociopath, I don't understand why you made this giant contextless rant or why you put it in a section asking about his relationship with Mikage, and didn't bother to put in your signature in. Aren't you at least a bit glad that I am still here? "Oh, is Shizu-chan in a bad mood today?" ShikiAwakusu (talk) 20:55, June 17, 2016 (UTC), The trivia includes facts, suspecting that he loved mikage isn't a fact waiting for a confirmation is smarter then writing a theory. Reader 1.5K 27 3. by MayWattson. I feel rea~lly honoured, you know… And because of that I decided to give this little pervert a special service.". Even though the possessed man looked like he could care less about what others think, he lowered his voice quite a bit in his next sentences. Based on the excerpt from his journal, it appears that he is a fairly normal man who only wants the best for his family. Deals P.Dmg equal to 217.49% ATK to all enemies, with Recoil effect that lasts for 2 rounds. Nationality It is night right now and weekend at that. the bartender shouted. The episode opens with Masaomi Kida standing at a hospital window talking to Saki Mikajima. Mairu is the first person to be censored on the chat room for mature content. 16:49, April 9, 2012 (UTC)V. Concerning the recent change in the personality section about izaya showing "physical Love" to an individual who peaked his interest...Could someone provide a source? Thanks, bye. "Ha? Durarara!! Like the real person in front of him now, that sly demons tongue would glide over his length as if licking a Popsicle and when he reached the tip he would look up as if to ask if it was alright to dig in and without waiting for the answer, together with a sneaky smile start taking in Shizuos member in whole. At some point, the twins receive a invite link to the Chat Room from Namie Yagiri. You're talking about this bulletpoint right? He does not know about Kururi and Mairu's love for each other, and knows little about their relationship with Izaya. Izaya Your growling stomach gets on my nerves.". When he got to the doctor's house again, Shinra told him that he took care of Izaya as Shizuo instructed. Shirou also appears to have no knowledge of the extent of Izaya's love for humans or his experiments to gouge their reactions. "Shut the fuck up, you worm! Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Until then he could control himself to a certain degree and thought of it as nothing but disgusting. ", "Y-you try to threaten me with Kasuka, I can always do the same with your sisters. Dec 22, 2016 - Izaya getting sick from spinning so much.

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