However, she was not able to handle it for long, quickly fainting every time she activated it as she lacked the necessary chakra levels. Tenma comes to pick Itachi up for a mission and tells them to stop flirting, and Izumi retorts they were not. Izumi then tells Itachi she believes he will awaken his Sharingan and she will pray for him. She replied that her father was a ninja, and furthermore that she would naturally want to have the same career as the person she liked. [6] Like all Mangekyō Sharingan abilities, Tsukuyomi also places strain on Itachi's eyes when performed, blurring his vision. Itachi, however, shows no interest in her feelings and maintains an aloof exterior around her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Izumi was described as a kind and considerate girl for an Uchiha. Like Itachi, Izumi disapproved of the clan's growing anger towards Konoha and its leadership. Gotta See! In the anime, Izumi first met Itachi several years earlier than in the novel, when she invited him to play with her and other children their age. [7] However, victims of Tsukuyomi have it far worse, as they are ordinarily rendered comatose as soon as Tsukuyomi's illusion is completed. Afterwards, Izumi and her mother returned to the Uchiha clan as it was being forced to relocate to the outskirts of Konoha. Izumi congratulated Itachi on his recent admission into the Anbu, but shared her concern that he was taking on too much for someone their age. When this didn't cheer her up, he asked why she wanted to be a ninja in the first place, as a ninja's life was fraught with hardships. The Uchiha clan eventually decided to try and overthrow Konoha's government. Sasuke immediately stopped crying upon being returned to Itachi, annoying Izumi. However is a combination of factors and Izumi's naturally kindness good heartedness and optimism made her easy for Toruma to exploit and ultimately corrupt her such as he took advantage of Izumi's love for Itachi and had her witness Itachi's Death which results her to awaken her Mangekyo Sharingan. Izumi continued seeing Itachi at the Uchiha's nighttime meetings, which she was now allowed to attend. she had the ability to extinguish Amaterasu. When she dies of old age within the illusion, her actual body dies as well. After the death of Itachi's friend, Shisui, Izumi attempted to visit Itachi at his home, but was informed by Fugaku that Itachi was out. Her attacks against the masked man failed and she was killed by him.[1]. He declined, prompting the other children to start bullying him. Even though she appeared to distrust the rest of her clan like Itachi and Shisui Uchiha, she still had great pride and faith in her clan as she refused to believe an Uchiha would’ve summoned Kurama to cause such death and destruction that took her father’s life. Izumi alone stood up for him. After Itachi graduates early and becomes a genin, he meets Izumi and they sit by a lake while she offers him some of her dumplings. Itachi asked about her recent missions, which Izumi reported to be menial and easy. In the anime, Izumi meets Itachi prior to them enrolling in the academy, where she asks him to join her and her playmates in a game, but he declines. A few months after Itachi was promoted to chūnin, his father, Fugaku, encouraged him to spend more time with people his own age. This did not get better as she still fainted even when she was getting closer to her graduation into genin. During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, her father died while protecting her. He decided to make Izumi his first victim. The lush, green trees blew in the gentle breeze, surrounding the training field of the Uchiha compound. Because of Sasuke involvement in Itachi's death she bore a strong hatred for Sasuke consider him Responsible for his Death. Izumi Uchiha (うちはイズミ, Uchiha Izumi) was a kunoichi from Konohagakure and a member of the Uchiha Clan.She was a friend of Itachi Uchiha since their childhood and was infatuated with him. With its simplest manifestations, she could produce extra arms or bones to improve her options in a fight. As the planning for their coup entered it finals stages, Itachi attended another of the clan's nighttime meetings, his first after a yearlong absence. Because of this, Izumi never fell into the Curse of Hatred, unlike the vast majority of her fellow clansmen. As such, he had lunch with Izumi. Izumi followed after him as he left. Itachi agreed on the condition that she not make Sasuke cry, which she promised to do. Even though she appeared to distrust the rest of her clan like Itachi and Shisui Uchiha, she still had great pride and faith in her clan as she refused to believe an Uchiha would've summoned Kurama to cause such death and destruction that took her father's life. As an Adult Izumi hair grown longer she wore a high collar shirt with the Uchiha symbol behind her back, Izumi was implied to be skilled as a kunoichi for graduating a year earlier than others.however she lacked any particular combat skill which often a problem for her however after Being train by Toruma and dramatically improved her abilities as a late bloomer and became an extremely dangerous opponent by Sasuke, When her father died during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack on Konoha, she awakened her Sharingan, even earlier than Itachi himself. Izumi had long brown hair (in a ponytail in her youth) with bangs framing her face and onyx eyes, with a mole under her right eye. Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2. Itachi has started to eliminate the Uchiha clan to prevent the coup d'etat. After her father's sacrifice, Izumi was traumatised and blamed herself. As such, she tried to talk with him during school breaks, walk home with him after lessons, and defend him from their peers' criticism. Afterwards, she thanks Itachi for saving her and asks if she can hold Sasuke, to which Itachi refuses because she will make Sasuke cry. Through his unprecedented ability to alter targets' perception of time,[3] he uses Tsukuyomi to subject victims to days' worth of torture in a matter of seconds; examples include continual stabbing or reliving traumatic events over and over. He pleaded with the clan's members not to go through with the coup and attempted to offer alternative ways of sorting things out with Konoha, but was promptly marked as a traitor and expelled from the meeting. She was saved from falling debris by Itachi, and he then led her to a safe shelter. She asks him if there is anything he would like and she correctly guesses he wants to awaken his Sharingan as he stares into her eyes, implying she already awakened hers. Her desire to help others weighed heavily on her, as she was deeply distressed she wasn't progressing as quickly as Itachi, who she used to measure her abilities against. Izumi had long brown hair (in a ponytail in her youth) with bangs framing her face and onyx eyes, with a mole under her right eye. Izumi was awed by recent news of Itachi's exploits, and worried that she would never match up to him. On the day of the Academy Entrance Ceremony, Izumi happily waves to Itachi and she, along with a majority of the girls at the Academy, watches Itachi from afar and develops a crush on him. She then died, the death she experienced within the illusion tricking her body into expiring as well. Like other girls her age, Izumi developed a crush on Itachi Uchiha, a boy in the class next to hers. [4][5] Tsukuyomi's illusions are usually represented as an inverted grey scale; in the anime, there is usually also a red moon in a red sky. However, there are few things in Itachi’s life more upsetting than the death of Izumi Uchiha. Izumi felt slender fingers wrap around her own. They both apologised to the other for their behaviour during their previous lunch. Izumi asked about his new life as an official ninja, and Itachi asked if she'd improved with her Sharingan. Izumi was born into the Uchiha clan, as her mother was a member but her father was not. Birds chirped, and the sun shone brightly overhead. Izumi was the daughter of Hazuki Uchiha.

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