At our annual business meeting my salary is discussed and approved. From history to HTML, Firebase to fossils, my passion drives me to learn as much as I can. James MacDonald, founder of Harvest Bible Chapel, called on the megachurch Thursday to end its “false narrative in financial matters” against him, a day after elders disclosed details of an arbitration settlement awarding him at least $1.45 million in cash, an undisclosed amount in deferred compensation, and assets of his Walk in the Word broadcast ministry, including real estate. He also asserts that the use of church funds for apparel and gifts were not “outside the norms” for a ministry of Harvest’s size. I see churches buy pastors cars, trips, and gifts all the time. Now that’s transparency! And if you find yourself facing a difficult task, with God’s help you will find a way forward. When verbal opposition grows personal and harmful, tell God what you need and why. He served as a house church shepherd for 7 years and elder for over 2 years at Apex community Church in Kettering Ohio. My entire salary is included in the report. But MacDonald likes to prance around in his Army field jacket and pretend he is a soldier. There’s also a form on the site for pastors who want to be trained in “better biblical preaching.” And there’s a form to fill out to invite MacDonald to speak at your church or ministry event. Apparently there are beta-groups in four states that have already started and whose leaders will complete training this month. Big things can happen when we work together. After I left harvest my wife and I found a nice church out in the country. JAMES MACDONALD. "Dr. Jim" was a professor of Speech and Language pathology and Developmental disabilities at the Ohio State University from 1971 -1995. Jane McDonald will be on touring the UK in 2021. Check back for the latest teaching posts and answers to your Bible questions. I left HBC in 2012, in my mind I was not a member, I was a customer who brought money every week. Not all applicants will be accepted for the training, though, and the website claims the application process is rigorous. Sign Up. The Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald Homepage Featuring sample chapters from most of our novels, tables of contents from most of the anthologies we've appeared in, ways to get in touch with us (if that's what you want to do), a list of bookstores where you can buy our books (which we hope you will), and opinions about books and writing. The site alleges that HBC twisted the accusations for their own gain. However, in the “controversy” section of his new website, MacDonald asserts that the “financial accusations are simply false” and denies having had any secret account. I am a marketer turned information technology recruiter. Did Luke or Landon ever serve? Brother, Our congregation receives quarterly finance reports. There is a section on MacDonald’s new site that addresses the financial controversies linked to his legacy at HBC. I’m not sticking up for James (I’m a former member) but I have no doubt he will rise up again. Your tax-deductible gift helps our journalists report the truth and hold Christian leaders and organizations accountable. He also makes disparaging and incredibly inappropriate remarks about freelance journalist. The character of the men and women who served with me is revealed by their long suffering and silence. Honest: I hated God until reconciled that because of a Pastor and no one is worth going to hell over, you can do something about it though. He strives to create beautiful, intuitive and highly crafted work that solves problems and combines a considered approach and emerging technologies. I would have big red flags if a church can’t disclose every cent of a pastors salary after the jmac scandal. HcN asks those up to the “challenge” to follow a seven step process that includes a phone and an in-person interview. Google: all emails and all mailing addresses for Media (note the comments on how to). Hi Everyone: I’m sorry you all had to go through and learned this, as went through it in the 70-80’s and it almost cost me my life.

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