Heat chocolate and 2 tbsp. In the late 70s I wrote Keebler asking if they would please make them again. Flatten balls to about 1/4” with the bottom of a drinking glass dipped in flour. They were delicious. Like so many of you, my friends do not remember them. I have one more package of the original Chocolate Lovers Chips Deluxe in the cabinet and after that I suppose I’ll be looking for a new favorite mass-produced cookie. Heat chocolate and 2 tbsp. My Gram and I would eat these all the time! And why they did that is a mystery to me. Well, I finally found confirmation of my childhood memory! My brother turned me on to these when we were kids. I've noticed recently that Nabisco has reintroduced some "classic" cookies (like the ones you used to find in their "assortment" boxes). I would just like to know why they just cant tell us,why they wont bring back this cookie. Keebler is foolish not to bring this cookie back...I remember the package didn't even have sleeves to hold the cookies they were just in the bag just so cool and so different gosh I miss them! My husband does not remember them. If anyone finds them let me know. my grandmother but them all the time for us and can and one of the very few cookies I could have without milk! Oh, how I miss these yummy cookies.

I have never found a cookie to replace them KEEBLER PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!! Take care and for those of us in the Midwest in particular, stay warm! Bake at 375oF. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheets. Of course, they are no longer available (!) These were my absolute favorite as well and I honestly still find myself hopefully casting an eye down the cookie aisle at every grocery store I go to...esp. They keep making the worst cookies. This is the oddest thing. google_color_url = "1F2B9E";

These German Chocolate Cake cookies … Thank goodness I'm not the only one who remembers this cookie. We always got to take them on vacation. and rests. Freeze until firm, about 4 hours. I craved them when I was pregnant with my daughter in 1974. I am so glad I'm not going crazy. Current Price $2.70 $ 2. [:p] Way back in the early 1970s, my mother used to buy a kind of German chocolate cookie (I think that was part of the brand name). Wish they would bring them back, asked my siblings if they remember.

I have tried for an answer from them before without response. Keebler Cookie Fabric PRE-CUT Fat Quarter From Springs Creative CuttingEdgeFabrics.

We would buy and bag on Sunday's ride around and eat the whole bag! I plan on emailing Keebler and telling them people from many places would love to see them make a comeback, or at least see if they would give out the recipe (yes I will post it if they do give it to me!). Does anyone have the recipe? They were the best. We’ve got seasonal treats, savory bites and unique creations you can’t find anywhere else. It’s past time that they come back with them!!! If Kebbler will not bring back the should release the recipe..I miss them so much. for 6 to 8 minutes or until edges are just beginning to brown. I loved these cookies wished they would market it again. wow i really thought i was the only person on the planet who remembered these i dont think they were around long the first time either. He would bring them to me all the time freshly made. [;)], I don’t remember them, but this website does: http://www.inthe70s.com/food/keeblersgermanchocolatecookies0.shtml.

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