Kagami did not appear in the opening of the Winter Cup, as apparently he had forgotten about the time difference between California and Japan. Kuroko immediately passes Tsugawa's defense, and the seniors infiltrate Seiho's defense by predicting their habitual movements. Suddenly, Kuroko yells out to Kise that he believes in him and Kise returns back from his numb state, claiming that he will win. Suddenly, Kuroko's friend, Ogiwara, cheers from the audience, bringing Kuroko to tears. With Midorima shut down, the rest of Shutoku pick up the pace. As Touou gets more points and are not affected by the Ignite Pass Kai, Hyuga volunteers to start his attack on the outside. But Riko refused, saying she hated that everyone who played in the same league as the Teiko team had given up on winning, and they would need to convince her that they're serious. However, Kuroko knows that only Kagami can win this battle, and fires an Ignite Pass, to which both Aomine and Kagami react by jumping for the ball. Later, standing out in the rain, Midorima gets a call from another Member of the Generation of Miracles, Aomine, and warns him to be careful in the Championship game. 3. However, despite calling themselves "the opening act", Touou start strong and quickly take the first goal. Akashi misses a goal, and has fallen out of the Zone. Fourth quarter begins with Touou 31 points in the lead, 82-51. Aomine asks for all the balls in the last quarter, and he and Kise alternate goaling. The tournament regulations prohibit overtime, so the match ends in a tie. The third season's first episode premiered January 10th. Haizaki mocks his words and is about to punch him, but Aomine manages to punch him in the face first, temporarily knocking Haizaki out. Aomine goes one-on-one against Kagami– each blocking the other's shot at the goal. Kagami catches the pass and ferociously slams the ball in over Aomine's outstretched arm right as time expires, giving Seirin the 101-100 victory. He tells Riko that if she subs him out now, he'll hate her for the rest of his life. [2] The final episode of season 1 aired on September 22, 2012 and it was announced in the seasonally published Jump NEXT! She also explains why Akashi and Murasakibara did not play. Even without Aomine, Touou takes an early lead using Momoi's scouting information and predictions. Kuroko wants Kagami to give Aomine a chance to play with a smile again, with the feeling of loving basketball. The revelation of Misdirection Overflow has pulled Seirin to within single digit difference. Having heard Kiyoshi's story, the first years are determined to support their seniors. However, after practicing everyday after school with Aomine, Akashi realised Kuroko talent as the "Phantom 6th Man."

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