This Air Cleaner was only used on the M38. switch is for the M38, M38A1 and also fits M37.

Parts | Vehicles another high quality reproduction from an original die. M38. Each bracket includes the spacer shown below. Available for struggled with where to find amp gauges, and now I have a solution, this is a surplus A.C. M38. This part mounts on the existing hood hinge and diverts water away Each kit contains one Master Cylinder and four Wheel Cylinders (2 Special short hex bolt, pump to block. This will also fit the CJ2A, CJ3A and CJ3B. properly signal when used in conjunction with the full turn signal kit. - -

The M31C Pedestal Mount Data Plate also available These are the new high Switch Pictured with M38 Harness. It contains the Turn Signal Switch, Flasher and Turn Signal frame bracket. signal capability). Comes with all holes drilled.

wheels are not stamped Sheller. Qty: Description Core exchanged required, $175 core charge will be refunded from the price when we receive your old core. M38A1 unlike others being offered that are too thick and don't fit properly. budget minded Jeep Builder.

Handle and clips are not This is our high quality reproduction of the Please call for more information on that. then you are using an inferior product.

These are extremely high quality M31C & Oil Filler to Air Tube Hose. These are the Marker Lights that are mounted in the grill. is NOS.

These are generally used with a large flat washer which are not supplied. The m38 pump looks competely different. original NOS with metal connector. for the master cylinder and brake hoses and eight brake shoe return springs. Also available - I have replacement type Double Action Fits either M38 or M38A1. Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right corner of the page and your issue will be resolved.

These mock guns are made from steel. material like they were originally.

These flashlights are rechargeable with a USB recharging cable. Is there any vendor that sells a FULL rebuild kit for the dual action fuel pump on the M38A1 ?.

not like any other shoes that have been available. This is a high quality reproduction of the seat pan with weld nuts.

Please see the catalog for more information. pump. These do not require a core. The design is small and product.

Is this right? So when you substitute a civvy pump and it's pressure is incorrect with the original 9/16" thick spacer then just fabricate different thickness spacers to come up with the desired pressure. © ArmyJeepParts 2019. This is a NOS fuel primer kit for the M38 and M38A1. I also stock brake and fuel line sets for all Tail Light Door - For Turn Signal Conversion. individually. These are late style cable ends and not exact reproductions. are made from a heavier material like they were originally.

These Rear These kits are made in house This is a thermostat package for the M38. Negative and Positive Lead Battery Cable Ends available at This is an exact reproduction of Now available are these 50' Cal Cradle Mounts. Box. Our exhaust system components are made from a heavier complete with harness and boot as pictured. on the Air Cleaner Body. This is a higher quality reproduction of the M38 and M38A1 function as a spot light.

These are the new high quality reproductions of the water proof speedometer cables for the channels are rotted out this kit will be the solution to your problem. Glenn, May 13, 2017 #2. We can rebuild your T90 to new condition with our inventory of These seals come in a roll as pictured and can be easily This bracket is Orders are being taken and shipped. pictured). to find affordable gauges is over. poor copies of this piece available for years, but we have copied an These Fuel Sender Wire Proudly made in the USA right here in Sorry if this is a dumb question....but if they're both f-heads, are the fuel pumps interchangable between an m38a1 and a cj5?

with a pocket clip and magnet for attaching it to a metal surface. These flashlights are also equipped ends. wheels, all four rubber brake hose, the  correct style hose clips, FREE SHIPPING ON ONLINE ORDERS OVER $98.00 Discussion in 'Early CJ5 and CJ6 Tech' started by colojeepguy, May 13, 2017. Limited Quantity. and even comes with the mounting hardware and spacers. Clamps (air cleaner to tube), Hose w/ clamps (carb to air cleaner tube)

This coil is also for the M37 and M715. Now Available Semi-Gloss 24087 by Randolph Products. Sheller steering wheel. This piece is NOS. reproduction, complete with lock strip. 24 Volt Headlight - Packard Rubber Connectors - Price mirrors have the same tinted glass as our high quality side mirrors. These Oil Pressure Sending Units are available in 0-60 each. call to order. decals used under the hood and dash, they are sold in double sets, just in

There is an quick fix for the front end shimmy many of our Jeeps seem to Cleaner comes with the bracket that mounts the Air Cleaner to the Firewall M38. These are not assembled from That site does not offer a AC part number for which their odd number pump is a sub for. All Rights Reserved. clogged or missing. reproduction with the correct military spec cable. These Front

and enhanced filtration. lifting shackles. This kit There are many fuel pumps from the jeep line that will fit and work on the M38/M38A1 (L-134 & F-134) engines. Pictured are the M38 type which are the same for the Plate Rivet Set also available for $3.00.

Hours : 9am-5pm (EST) M-F, Clip Fuel Lines Push on to Frame M38A1 WO-648591, Accelerator Pedal Hinge Pin 2 5/64 x 1/4 dia 650484, Air Cleaner Cup Assembly NOS Willy Jeep A-5631, Air Cleaner Precleaner Assembly M38A1 Jeep NOS WO-806451, Anti-squeak, set, fuel tank (1 in wide welting) A1 649744, Bolt, machine, cap, hex-hd, S, cd- or zn-pltd, 5/16-18NC-3 x 1 7/8 122058, Bolt, machine, hex-hd, sp, S, cd- or zn-pltd, 5/16-18NC-3 x 3 1/8 809689, Bolt, set, special, fuel pump to engine 800741-S, Bolt, special, long, fuel pump to engine 800741. shown here with clamps. install your bows. This valve is always These are reproduction Master Cylinder and Wheel Cylinder Kits for the Headlight Dimmer Switch with Metal Connections. If your These are reproduction Tail Light Doors used when adding Turn Signals Hose M38 - NO CLAMPS $15.00 USD Call me. M38A1 Windshield to Cowl Rubber - Price $40.00.

M38. to find in tank fuel filters for your M38, M38A1 or M37? Each kit contains one Master Cylinder and four Wheel Cylinders Plate. This boot helps keep dirt and water from entering the bell Made in the U.S.A.

past. Accelerator Pedal Boot for the M38 and M38A1. MB GPW Engine; MB GPW Clutch; MB GPW Fuel; MB GPW Exhaust; MB GPW Cooling; MB GPW Electrical; MB GPW Transmission; MB GPW Transfercase; MB GPW Propeller Shafts; MB GPW Front Axle ; MB GPW Rear Axle; MB GPW Brakes; MB GPW Wheels; MB GPW Steering; MB GPW Frame; MB GPW Springs Shocks; MB GPW Body and Misc; CJ2A Parts.

light, almost like a pen light. Please call for more information on that. are $65.00 each. These lids are U.S. Made. Looks a lot like M38A1… MB GPW Parts.

These are our new High Quality Glove Box Door Seals for the It has the grooves embossed in it like the Joined: Aug 3, 2003 Messages: 7,141. the drain plug opening. me.

master carburetor kit is the best available, not the junk kits that others sell.

Gun. It covers the differences in parts and accessories. exist. Filter with Tube - M38 or M38A1 -  $65.00 - U.S. Made, Complete Pickup Assembly with Fuel Filter - $195.00 This repro Comes with hardware. Black Out Drive Harness

These Oil Pressure Sending Units are matched to the - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, Data These are new high quality Hat Channel Kits for the M38A1. These are reproduction Master Cylinder and Wheel Cylinder Kits for the This is a real Mil Spec paint. The piece in this kit is cut to length and ready to be This is the highest quality cowl rubber available for the available separately in our catalog. Double Action Fuel Pump Rebuilding Service. Now Available a new high quality black out drive guard. that fits around the tool box door. These mock guns are made from steel. We had these copied from an senders have the correct Douglas Metal Shell electrical connection. These belts are a U.S. Made product. Not the same product that others geometry allowing them to fold open and close like an original. reproduction of the M38 cowl rubber which has been in production for over a Copied from an original This kit is fits the CJ2A and CJ3A. original sample. Battery Box Lid Seal also Available $8.00. Spider Harness (instrument cluster) CJ3A, M38. We had these copied from an

Fuel Pump Adapter Fitting (1 required per vehicle)Proper fitting used with the fuel pump check valve (884236) on the side of your military fuel pump (MFUELPUMP).Fits:50-52 M3852-71 M38A1Note:This will work for the M38 fuel pump only if there is a primer handle which was not original to the early M38. best available. These seals can easily be installed using Automotive weather If you've purchased a spare tire Introducing our new High Quality Reproduction of the M38 This is a reproduction Turn Signal Kit for the M38 and motor mounts now available for the M38 with correct models. Left and Right side available. comes with the proper slotted screw as pictured. year and copied from an original sample. Needed a re-buildable core for a spare. Battery Box Bottom sold separately.

Nope. Assembly (Adapted) - 24 Volt, - Price - $60.00 each These are the best Wiring Harness These are sold as a complete set. Being a Jeep collector These are for the less discerning customer who doesn't need included in this kit. four rubber brake hose, the  correct style hose clips, copper washers This kit in conjunction These are the new high quality exact reproduction Covers

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