Ringmaster: Iggie Wolfington. Goober learns about teenagers from his niece (Erica Chandler). While there, he sees a synthetic diamond that looks exactly like the diamond in his wife's ring. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Flora: Dorothy Konrad. A boy she meets at the gas station wants to ask her for a date to the school dance, but Goober refuses to allow her to see him. Andy and Helen come to Mayberry for a visit (they now live in Charlotte) to Christen their three-month baby boy, Andy Jr. Goober, Emmett, and Howard are upset that Andy and Helen have chosen Sam to be the boy's Godfather. To prove Goober's ineffectiveness, Howard robs the bank. Aunt Bea keeps pushing Sam to use an itinerant hobo who is also a dowser. Sam: Ken Berry.

Millie doesn't know her new employers are bookies. Suddenly, however, Mike begins having trouble in arithmetic when fractions are introduced. Goober: George Lindsey. 1. Millie is enrolled in the Bradbury Business College to hone her secretarial skills and get a better job.

To save Morelli's restaurant from closing due to poor business, Millie and Howard book a music act in an attempt to compete with another restaurant in Mount Pilot. Howard: Jack Dodson. Add Image.

Goober determines to become as renowned as his engineer brother.

29 Sep. 1969 Saving Morelli's. Sam: Ken Berry.

Goober initially thinks his brother will be impressed that he owns his own service station but finds out that his brother is an aviation engineer for NASA. Mike really takes to Sam's new hired hand, and Sam begins to become jealous.
Goober begins dating a girl from the telephone company after going there to contest an erroneous bill. This hurts the feelings of Howard, Goober, and Emmett whom all feel they are more qualified. Emmett becomes worried that the kid may know more and do things better than he does.

Clerk: Pitt Herbert. to be removed from school.

In three years, however, despite still-strong ratings, CBS pulled the plug in a cutback of rural-oriented programming. Emmett: Paul Hartman. Emmett brings his wife's engagement ring to a jeweler to be cleaned.

Harris: Hal Lynch. Howard: Jack Dodson. Judson: Douglas V. Fowley. Goober goes all out and doubles his sales only to discover that the contest starts the following month. 6.4 (13) 0. Bee: Frances Bavier. Emmett: Paul Hartman. With the impending closure of their favorite restaurant, Sam and Howard try to figure out some way to save it by attracting more customers.

Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Writer's block spoils his happiness and frustration soon takes over. Goober: George Lindsey. Howard is commissioned to write a poem for a literary magazine. Emmett pawns his wife's ring to invest in stocks. A famous sculptor comes to Mayberry for a vacation and decides to give the town his newest work. Sam bumps into an old friend of his who is the golf pro at a local club. She is taking judo lessons so that she can protect herself while walking home late at night. Filmed on location. Sam doesn't realize it but he'll end up hosting his own Ninotchka.

Sam: Ken Berry.
Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Mayberry decides to enter a float into a parade which requires Clara's help. He decides to pawn Martha's engagement ring and use the proceeds to invest in what he thinks is a can't miss deal. Sam: Ken Berry. Bee: Frances Bavier. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date; 27: 1 "Andy's Baby" Hal Cooper: Roswell Rogers: September 22, 1969 () Andy and Helen return to Mayberry to show everyone their new baby. Mike: Buddy Foster. Millie: Arlene Golonka. Little does she realize however that she is actually working for two bookies and the magazine subscription business is a front for their illegal gambling. A sculptor Millie met while modeling in New York comes to visit Mayberry to get away from the city. Howard tries to put a has-been star back in the limelight. The Acme Oil Co. is offering its dealers a prize of a vacation in Hawaii if their dealers double their sales in a month. Emmett: Paul Hartman. A trip to Palm Springs, Cal., is promised---if Mike passes math.

He takes on Ernie to help but soon realizes Ernie is better at fixing things than he is and wonders if he should quit.

Deputy sheriff Goober Pyle catches Howard and puts him in jail. Bee: Frances Bavier. Ralph: Charles Lampkin. Milie is given the opportunity to travel to New York City and be a model. Howard: Jack Dodson.

She seems to be an all-work-and-no-play type of person, so Millie thinks it would be a good idea if one of Sam's friends would ask the expert to an upcomming dance. Unfortunately, the act cancels at the last minute. Mike begins to worry that his friends will choose the girl's party over his because of the prizes that will be given. Rate. Miss Rogers: June Austin. Harold: Richard Steele. idea, but, despite this, agrees to help Bee get her voice heard. Millie: Arlene Golonka. The boys are all set to go to Mike's until Sally starts bribing them with great prizes.

Millie: Arlene Golonka. Howard: Jack Dodson. His fellow lodge members suspect he's only having the operation to take unnecessary.

Howard: Jack Dodson. Violet: Luana Anders. Howard: Jack Dodson. Sam tells Bee that she and the others can go to Palm Springs without him and Mike, but she won't hear of it. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Watch all 26 Mayberry R.F.D. Sam returns, he decides to go with the geologist's recommendation. She finally lands a job with two men in the magazine subscription business. Everyone is ready to go but Mike's failing grade in math may ruin the trip. The list is mostly unchanged from yesterday, Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. However, it is actually a front for a bookmaking operation. Sam: Ken Berry.

Herb: Herb Vigran. All is well until Mike's friend Harold lets the bird get loose and it flies away. Goober: George Lindsey. S2, Ep2. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Sam: Ken Berry. Emmett breaks his arm and realizes that he can't work with his arm in a cast. Charlie is a golf pro at one of the clubs and agrees to give Millie a few lessons. Howard is commissioned to write a poem for a regional magazine but finds that he can't come up with anything to write about. When Millie's away, Sam wants to follow her to New York.

Howard's operation sends his lodge into a furor: they're afraid to deplete the health fund.

Howard: Jack Dodson. Sam: Ken Berry. A sculptor creates a statue for Mayberry---but it's too bizarre for the townsfolk to fathom. Related Items. Frank: Lewis Charles. Goober meets that mark but finds out that the contest is not for the current month but for the following month. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mike: Buddy Foster. Still vacationing in Palm Springs Sam bumps into an old war buddy named Charlie Harris. Bee: Frances Bavier. Aunt Bea gets upset when she finds out the county is planning to build a new road through her favorite part of the woods and launches a campaign to stop it. She's willing to cooperate if she can be the rider on the float, but Howard and Sam think Millie should be the star of the show. Andy Griffith and Aneta Corsaut portray parents of a baby---with three prospective godfathers.

Sam: Ken Berry. Bee's wealthy friend offers the entire gang her home in Palm Springs for two weeks. When their Lodge offers its members a health plan, Howard decides to get sinus surgery.

Howard: Jack Dodson. Unfortunately, an expected merger of the company he invested in does not go through. An incident at the restaurant makes her the hero, and not him, which wounds his pride. Meanwhile, Howard has a chance to go on a television show for children to display his bird.

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