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<> Children will learn about the world and the differences in weather. Gathering information grid to find out more about Main Character- Sunny. With seven giant glossy postcards attached to the pages, this beautiful book is rich with comic detail and will keep any child entertained for hours. Sunny the meerkat lives … x��k�۸�������"��E�E�yܵ�z��P������dmr���>$Y��袸��]K|��!��4���D�S�gI�$��(�I]�����=?#�"/^_\�W�/�o����|]_}{����|\��Q˿�d�GEN>ޜ���3|�;?���o�d�r��~��l�~�Hg�r��fk��a���y2#�Z��_���:��k�����gxNȜ����cŸ��=��9�3�AB���O€P�V8ʹ�j����2�7����7��8?�� cQ"|���l]���0����'x�cvüç��>���תi.d3N}���L�?���%�0���$� q���`X}w�[X��K�/���E���'|�b�;�m�C�� ~kY=�$��DRA��t6�t�bO��ݮj����i Original activities that include creating your own missing persons (meerkat) report, your very own travel identit, Meerkat Mail English Language Arts Activities (ELA)Meerkat Mail Letter Writing Activities This packet includes ready to go story companion activities for a variety of levels from Pre-K to grade 3 so you can use one wonderful storybook across many classes! stream Home; Emily Gravett; Meerkat Mail; Age Range: 5 - 11. %PDF-1.5 Preview and details Files included (1) pptx, 3 MB. Preview. GREAT FUN! 5 Tell me a story. Each card has a Design, Build, Create and Make open task for students to choose between. They are all very close . Sunny the meerkat lives with his enormous family in the Kalahari desert. endobj <>/Metadata 124 0 R/ViewerPreferences 125 0 R>> After that, Eventually, etc. x���[��@PQ@�(rtv�����q4�L6�t*�C�ݧ��l�q%ɋ��~�f��^�ͬ�4Ͳ4ϳ��f�ny�M��(�uU�2r:V��:6���. 1 0 obj ��T��#Ǎe6Ў��G�E�a��.

$"�R/$#RgʜYe^��X]]�S�^���eH-`qq/uȔ��.ɞn�$�� mR㴙���}[p�X$"b^��^�ﶹ����@�Rf���~6@�xrv8��N���;�3*c�JTVǽ��5�e�vd���¦��-�>h#� %���� endobj 4��֪4�ڋRP��&U� �[��W8������RM���P�*\�\�Rv���p����� Templates for postcards are included (with lines and no lines). Read more. For Y2 and more able Y1. London WC1R 4HQ. }]���m�?c+�&7���[c�I��R���ɘo���P������!|�?�O�n� �w�y��z�����o�����S�V��2����>��J��*�Q���υ�x�Z��4_bU�Vd]�g�_^^R������``��������K��K��aX_���M�J����e�YA�s���{�C2o�ڻ�q��zUϒ#�q�ӂ�ssw���0�N�f�Q���'*�)�g��8}M�`�]�d|��~�Si쀧����$F&L�ʌ���~uu���8�G�:����)��� 37�{��V��>

48 AFRICA CARDSCARDS, This bundle includes questions for 1st Grade Reading Wonders Unit 2 leveled readers! <> He's off to visit his mongoose cousins. How many syllables can the child identify in each word eg Meer/kat. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Includes questions for approaching level, on level, and beyond level! endobj Templates for postcards are included (with lines and no lines). These cards have been created to develop student efficacy and get learners hands on creating and making. The tasks do not involve technology.Pack 5:What, These Animals Report Pennant Banners come with over 100 amazing pennants for displaying your animal research project on the amazing animals of our world. It has wonderfully detailed, witty artwork and a giant, glossy postcard flap to lift on every spread. �4��S_ߺT�S��L�R!����I��E�=:Y')R�=��� ��|ڦm��U��r���# s

endobj As a core story for a half term it is perfect for KS1 – with plenty of text types to focus on, captivating illustrations, quirky characters and lots of humour. English - Meerkat Mail Lesson 2: The Kalahari Desert Your task today is to find out about the Kalahari desert and create a poster/fact file Also included in: Alphabet Bundle (A to M), Also included in: First Grade Leveled Reader Response Bundle: Wonders Units 1-6 -Distance Learning, Also included in: Picture Book Maker Cards Bundle - Packs 1 to 9 & more, Also included in: Pennant Activity Bundle. Meerkat Mail. Macmillan Code of Ethics for Business Partners. endobj the story (verbally or written). . 1.

Meerkat Mail | Talk for Writing|Activity Pack, The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch Activity and Song Pack, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Song and Activity Pack, The Firework Maker's Daughter planning- character description of Chulak, The Firework Maker's Daughter planning- character description of Lila. <> Tes Global Ltd is 2 0 obj And who's that shadowy figure who seems to be following him around?There's so much to enjoy, from the newspaper cuttings on the endpapers to the wittily accurate information about each mongoose species Sunny visits on his journey. ���O�i%�u����x(�v8���,M��C��X�E^I��p�o���le�x��!����p6��/R�I��K%�%�[��P�A�(�Y�IbF�i�� Q� ��"J���OB��:��|���sݾ���7aI�y��-`M�?i��� �h Square Perfect for fans of The Jolly Postman – and meerkats!

This resource is great to put in centers wi, Alphabet Letter of the Week Letter “M” and words with its beginning sound on no prep worksheets. Author: Created by ClassBerry. i$h�P�S)rƾ-=j�iːT\;8\�^�w�O��:8���1��,b���������� \���Z��zMm������rb�@7��8�H�QmOOxp8LrKхpt�����j�=�s�t뱩�pJ�/�c4�AG`i������3Ҫɻ��]�hꞜb�Z����U����bϑ�W�o*��;�J�a���o���L�'�?�S��$�Up&�gB���"����!��ض�B��DTv��?�o�rd�L��l�R.O���3�����-9$�9v��|�z)LJ�>d%]h\�g�P��×�t���Ӝ��_�YO�\��3j�Nؓ���q��/���7ִ̪�8}_O��9�Ő�����ۓ�t`�������$����een'w+S5^5�ת#(D%�}���wu�Pf����~s���|b���0���G��N8d�ͱoі!T���[����� �4'�D��A�{����g�uU�Y�]#��P�{�{

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